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2014 ANB Victoria State Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
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Duration: 296 mins
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2014 ANB Victoria State Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

Held at Union Hall, Latrobe University, Melbourne on Saturday, 4th October, 2014.

This event was an ANB Nationals and UFE qualifier. The Platinum Sponsor was Bulk Nutrients and the Promoter was Maria McCarter of ANB Victoria.

This massive DVD presentation brings you all of the action from Judging through to the Awards and Overalls for the following categories:

Novice & Intermediate Men’s Bodybuilding
Novice & Intermediate Women’s Figure
Women’s Physique
Masters Women’s Figure
Masters Men’s Bodybuilding
Men’s Bodybuilding - Open
Teenage & Junior Men’s Bodybuilding
Women’s Figure

See the COMPLETE RESULTS BELOW for these classes.


Overall Women's Figure Champion was SARAH TAYLOR.
Overall Men's Bodybuilding Champion was ERIK KYDD.
Best Posing Routine in the competition went to LISA KING.

The Most Inspirational Awards went to Sara Murch for the Women and to Jason Nakhla for the Men. Both had their stories told on-stage and were interviewed by the MC Eve John.

Almost five hours of bodybuilding and figure over 2 discs.

Disc 1 - 177 mins
Disc 2 - 119 mins

Total Running Time - 296 mins

Extra Scenes:
Photo Gallery
Photography by Paul France -

2014 ANB Victoria State Championships Fitness & Swimwear Models

2014 ANB Victoria State Championships Fitness & Swimwear Models  

This massive DVD presentation brings you all of the contest from Judging Rounds through to the Awards and Overall for the following categories: Swimwear Female Models, Open & Novice Female Fitness Models and Open & Novice Male Fitness Models.


2014 ANB Victoria State Championships Bodybuilding & Figure Results.

Novice Men's Bodybuilding   
1. Leigh Thorton
2. Jared Maloney
3. Mitchell Emmett
4. Jason Galea
5. Vadim
Colin McCallum
Anthony Leveque
Garry Byrne
Lachlan Clydesdale
Abner Del Castillo
Tannes Zerbst
Patrick Farrugio
Luke Verbeek
Campbell Chase
Ali Ahmedi
Elliot Webb
Josh Fich
Phillip Barker
David Burridge
Xilun Zhang
Novice Women's Figure   
1. Sara Murch
2. Shiani Scotford
3. Eva Tsurlis
4. Emily Mordue
5. Georgia Leckie
Rebecca Hocking
Lisa King
Intermediate Men's Bodybuilding   
1. Chris May
2. Josh Braganza
3. Jason Ciarniello
4. Tim Pearson
Intermediate Women's Figure   
1. Melita Augerinos
2. Georgia Tsioukis
3. Jamile Selaidinakos
4. Anita Moricz
5. Marianna Macek
Jenette Serra
Fiona Thornley
Physique Open Women   
1. Wendy Chirgin
Masters Women's Figure O35   
1. Sarah Taylor
2. Kim Nohe
3. Anita Hynes
4. Anita Moricz
5. Jenette Serra
Lisa King
Fiona Thornley
Masters Women's Figure O45   
1. Tania Walter
2. Doreen Nicolaou
3. Jamile Selaidinakos
Masters Women's Figure O50   
1. Joanna Skrodzka
2. Janet McIntosh
Masters Men's Bodybuilding 040   
1. Aaron Braithwaite
2. Mick Lawrie
3. John Gusman
4. Royden Purvey
5. Campbell Chase
Garry Byrne
Adrian Hunt
Masters Men's Bodybuilding 050   
1. Bruce Hatfield
2. John Haralambous
3. Duncan McLean
4. Warwick Williams
5. Anthony Antoniou
U65kg Men   
1. Youssef Marinelli
2. Michael Corral
3. Jason Nakhla
4. Peter Roumeliotis
5. Royden Purvey
Adrian Alaoui
U70kg Men   
1. Aydan Turco
2. Brett Read
3. Wallis Shi
4. Anthony Zreikat
5. Warwick Williams
U80kg Men   
1. Tiaki Hammond
2. Chris Ismail
3. Salim Ziberoski
4. Alex Tatterson
5. Bruce Hatfield
John Gusman
Cameron Pinto
Jake Youle
Teenager U19   
1. Philipson Sillah
2. Mitchell Emmett
3. Peter Roumeliotis
4. Aaron Mezzacappa
5. Edward Von Moger
Brad Walters
Ethan Harkins
Frankie D'Abate
Joshua Cogoi
Joshua Tatnel
Joshua Balia
Junior Men U22   
1. Aydan Turco
2. Youssef Marinelli
3. Bojan Stakic
4. Salim Ziberoski
5. Ajmal Ashna
Anthony Zreikat
Jake Youle
Alex Tatterson
Raffaele Porcaro
Tom Jenkins
Adrian Alaoui
David Burridge
Nathan Wright
Women's Figure Short   
1. Sarah Taylor
2. Doreen Nicolaou
3. Trish Veugelaers
4. Heidi Eldridge
Women's Figure Tall   
1. Kim Nohe
2. Anita Hynes
3. Lisa King
U90kg Men   
1. Eric Kydd
2. Philip Babitsky
3. Aaron Braithwaite
4. Dave Pate
090kg Men   
1. David Keen
Overall Women's Figure Champion: Sarah Taylor
Overall Men's Bodybuilding Champion: Eric Kydd

Best Posing Routine in the event: Lisa King

Platinum Sponsor:
Bulk Nutrients

Oxygen Magazine
Black & Blue
Natural Bodz
Men's Muscle & Health

Event Promoter:
Maria McCarter

Cliff Reeve
Eve John

Head Judge:
Nancy Taylor

Call Outs:
Gina Capasso

Nancy Taylor
Bridget Freeman
David Salamon
Laynie Kelly
Fiona Wallace

Test Judges:
Joy Flint
Miguel Valenzuela
Ellie May
Antonia Stipic
Anne Billing
Kelly Jones

Special Thanks:
ANB Victoria Team Captain Aaron Braithwaite and to the ANB National Team.

Back Stage:
Jo Collopy
Ben Raso

Front Stage Photography:
Paul France


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