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1998 NABBA Victorian Night of Champions
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Duration: 126 mins
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1998 NABBA Victorian Night of Champions
Prejudging & The Show

Melbourne, VIC.  22nd August, 1998

This outstanding contest was held in Melbourne as a lead up contest to the 1998 NABBA Universe in UK. It was a national contest with some competitors coming from various parts of Australia.

In particular it included a top lineup of Victorian bodybuilding champions. PEPPI MERCURI was the winner of the Men's Open in a split decision from the outstanding Robert (Max) Walker; GAYLENE RICHARDS, the Women's Figure Champion, and JODHI ANDERSON took the Women’s Physique title. 

Guest poser at the evening SHOW was World and Universe champion PINA THEODORIDIS.

This DVD brings you the complete event from every round of Prejudging through to the final awards at the evening Show.

Photos by Brendan Breen.

Running time: 126 mins

1998 NABBA Victorian Night of Champions
Complete Results:

Men’s Masters
1. Peppi Mercuri
2. Alan Duffy

Women’s Figure
1. Gaylene Richards
2. Melissa Hasanagic
3. Lucy Medrro

Women’s Physique
1. Jodhi Anderson

Men’s Open
1. Peppi Mercuri
2. Robert (Max) Walker
3. Darren Smith
4. Darren Clements
5. Perry Stewart
6. Alan Duffy
7. Phillip Karlhuber
8. Stephen Liddell

Men’s Novice
1. Jim Cross
2., Perry Stewart
3. Tim Cook
4. Shane Parke
5. John Kelaiditis

Women’s Figure Novice
1. Melisa Hasanagic
2. Lara Clements
3. Donna O’Shannassy


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