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2015 MAX's INBA Adelaide Classic: Bikini & Fitness Show
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Duration: 260 mins
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2015 MAX's INBA Adelaide Classic: Bikini & Fitness Show

Natural Bikini & Fitness Titles.

The 2015 MAX's INBA Adelaide Classic Bikini & Fitness Show was the second of 2 events held at the Norwood Concert Hall on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015.
There were many wonderful competitors, and once again the depth and standard was outstanding.

The Overall Champions were BEC COPSON in the Bikini Class and PHE GROTH in the Fitness Models Class. Both are pictured front cover.
DAN RISLEY won the Men's Fitness Model Open Class, and CURTIS CRAWFORD won the Mr Physique Open Class.

Enjoy over 4 hours of fabulous Fitness and Bikini competition in this outstanding DVD which covers the complete contest from the opening rounds through to the final comparisons, Overalls and awards.

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The Major Sponsors were MAX'S and Australian Muscle.

Class Winners:
Bikini Momma: Dior Andrews
Bikini 21: Victoria Samson
Bikini 40+: Dinah Hastie
Bikini 30+: Melanie Weaver
Bikini Novice Class 1: Crystal Stocker
Bikini Novice Class 2: Bec Copson
Bikini Novice Class 3: Victoria Samson
Bikini Open Class 1: Crystal Stocker
Bikini Open Class 2: Melanie Weaver
Fitness Model Novice: Roxy Kakoschke
FitnessModel 30+: Roxy Kakoschke
Fitness Model 21: Ashleigh Sharp
Men's Fitness Model Open: Dan Risley (Pictured bottom right)
Fitness Model 40+: Belinda Killey
Mr Physique Open: Curtis Crawford
Fitness Model Open: Phe Groth
Bikini Overall Winner: Bec Copson (Pictured below right)
Fitness Overall Winner: Phe Groth

Running time: 260 mins

Extra Scenes:
Photo Gallery

Photos by Tina Gallasch

2015 MAX’s INBA Adelaide Classic: Bodybuilding Show 2015 MAX’s INBA Adelaide Classic: Bodybuilding Show  

The 2015 MAX's INBA Adelaide Classic Bodybuilding Show was the first of 2 events held at the Norwood Concert Hall on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015. There were many great competitors, and once again the overall standard was amazing.

The Overall Men's Bodybuilding Champion was ELLIOT ESCA, and a superbly conditioned and proportioned NATASHA DOUGLAS was the Overall Women's Figure Class Champion.


2015 INBA Adelaide Classic: Bikini & Fitness Complete Results

Norwood, Sunday May 3rd, 2015

Bikini Momma
1. Dior Andrews
2. Crystal Stocker
3. Claire Le Clercq
4. Renae Ferrante
5. Dinah Hastie
Cherylea Tinsley-Smith
Dakoda Lloyd
Melissa O'Keefe
Amy Robinson

Bikini 21
1. Victoria Samson
2. Bec Copson
3. Marina Sarunic
4. Chan'E Mienie
5. Christie Edwards
Ashleigh Davies
Alana Warwick
Sarah McPharlin
Monique Varricchio
Bikini 40+
1. Dinah Hastie
2. Cherylea Tinsley-Smith
Bikini 30+
1. Melanie Weaver
2. Sarah Stockham
3. Melissa O'Keefe
4. Dakoda Lloyd
5. Joanne Bezzina
6. Amy Robinson

Bikini Novice Class 1
1. Crystal Stocker
2. Marina Sarunic
3. Amanda Morgan
4. Ashleigh Weston
5. Renae Ferrante
Angie Sparrow
Sarah-Jean Brooks
Ashleigh Davies
Hannah Addicott
Sarah Tiller
Monique Varricchio
Bikini Novice Class 2                                                                                          
1. Bec Copson
2. Chan'E Mienie
3. Dior Andrews
4. Rhiannon Disljenkovic
5. Christie Edwards
Joanne Bezzina
Alicia Howe
Marguerita Costa
Courtney Pasfield
Jessica Berry
Dakoda Lloyd
Bikini Novice Class 3
1. Victoria Samson
2. Alanna Hazledine
3. Sara Stockham
4. Alana Warwick
5. Claire Le Clercq
Georgia Brown
Alicia Geyer
Rebecca Gibson
Carly Gooding
Sarah McPharlin
Bikini Open Class 1
1. Crystal Stocker
2. Marina Sarunic
3. Chan'E Mienie
4. Renae Ferrante
5. Amanda Morgan
Monique Varricchio
Marguarita Costa
Rhiannon Disljenkovic
Joanne Bezzina
Dinah Hastie

Bikini Open Class 2
1. Melanie Weaver
2. Bec Copson
3. Christie Edwards
4. Alana Warwick
5. Carly Gooding
Tess Gloede
Claire Easterbrook
Jessica Berry
Courtney Pasfield
Fitness Model Novice
1. Roxy Kakoschke
2. Ashleigh Sharp
3. Monique Shemeikka
4. Chelsea Symons
5. Taylor Eglinton
Katie Wahlheim
Korrin Wardle
Sophie Putland
Ha Navarro
Reneay Villalta
Gianna Paterson
Alexis Bowen
Sharyn Simes
Cindy Itzerott
FitnessModel 30+
1. Roxy Kakoschke
2. Monique Shemeikka
3. Reneay Villalta
4. Lisa Goodings
5. Tammy Howe
Fitness Model 21
1. Ashleigh Sharp
2. Caitlyn Olds
3. Desiree Mitchell
Men's Fitness Model Open
1. Dan Risley
2. Chris Flannery
3. Mingyu Zhang
4. David Wieloch
5. Ke Wang
Alex Tomlinson
Paul Katranis
Saki Ekizoglou
Peter Pan
Kam Hung
Fitness Model 40+
1. Belinda Killey
2. Sharyn Simes
3. Renee Norman
Mr Physique Open
1. Curtis Crawford
2. Jase Cross
Fitness Model Open
1. Phe Groth
2. Meegan Crannaford
3. Monique Shemeikka
4. Chelsea Symons
5. Reneay Villalta
Sophie Putland
Tammy Howe
Cindy Itzerott
Ha Navarro
Caitlyn Olds
Sharyn Simes
Bikini Overall: Bec Copson
Fitness Overall: Phe Groth

This event is sanctioned by INBA Australia






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