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1974 NABBA Mr. Universe Results
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1974 NABBA Mr. Universe Results

New Victoria Theatre, London, England.   21st September, 1974.

Overall Amateur Winner:
Roy Duval  UK

Tall Class 1
1   Chen Wint Jamaica
2   Walter O'Malley NI/UK
3   Francois Labrador France
4   Tony Camilleri Malta
5   Bill Richardson Aruba/UK
6   Josef Laufer Germany
Doug Thomalla UK
Bill Trotter UK
Antonio Mascelli Italy
Albert Rabess Barbados
Dennis Wilkins UK
Clement Wisdom Jamaica
Medium Class 2
1   Roy Duval UK
2   Ron Thompson USA
3   Warren Frederick USA
4   Eddie McDonough UK
5   Peter Caputo USA
6   Ehrling Wahlgren Sweden
Johnny Fuller Jamaica/UK
Robert Hendrikx Belgium
Wesley Immundi UK
Ruggero Mantelli Italy
Short Class 3
1   Ian Lawrence Scotland/UK
2   Antonio Trovato Italy/Germany
3   Shinichi Udo Japan
4   Ferrucio Viola Argentina
5   Graham Brogden UK
6   Peter Vickery UK
7   Michael Duffy Scotland/UK
8   Moktari Abdelsallem Algeria (possibly competed in the Pro Class only)

Miss Bikini Class
1   Linda Cheeseman - UK
2   Anne Arthur - UK
3   Sheree Boyland - UK
4   Judith Sales - UK
5   Kellie Everts - USA
6   Charlotte Lotter - South Africa
Lindsay Courtnay - England
Pamela Prior - England
Avril Pyman - England
1974 NABBA Pro Universe

Overall Pro Winner: Chris Dickerson USA 

Tall Class 1
1   Helmut Riedmeier Germany
2   Don Ross USA
3   Ray McCauley South Africa
4   Sjur Hall Norway
5   Herbert Gibbon Rhodesia
6   Moktari Abdelsallem Algeria
Short Class 2
1   Chris Dickerson USA
2   Boyer Coe USA
3   Tony Emmott UK
4   Elias Petsas South Africa
5   John Isaacs USA
6   Basil Grant Barbados
Roy Perrott UK
Roger Beringuer France

Special Award - a Silver trophy from F.F.C.P.A.S  Roy Duval  England  Class 2
Most Improved British Bodybuilder award:              Ian Lawrence Scotland/UK  Class 3
Best Newcomer award:                                          Ron Thompson  U.S.A  Class 2

PROFESSIONAL Overall placings:
1st  Chris  Dickerson  U.S.A.        Class 2
2nd  Boyer  Coe   U.S.A.              Class 2
3rd  Tony  Emmott  UK                  Class 2
4th  Helmut Riedmeier Germany   Class 1

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