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1994 EFBB British Championships Results
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1994 EFBB British Championships Results.

Wembley Conference Centre, London.  October 9th, 1994. 


Special guest poser – DORIAN YATES.


Under 70 KG
1. Dave Ford
2. Jason Carter
3. Craig Wilson
4. Darren Emery
5. Andy Shaw
6. Andy Clark
Philip Dunne,
Mark Deane
Andrew Daniels

Under 80 Kg
1. Paul Thomas
2. Steve Clarke
3. Luke Alandale
4. John Hodgson
5. Kenny Clarke
6. Mike Sheridan
Carlo Bernascone
Simon Fudge
David Gilfillan
Paul George
Bob Kirk
Jay Crowley
Carl Yerrel
Chris Rodaway

Under 90 Kg
1. Rob Wall
2. Peter Spencer
3. Rob Worthington
4. Tayo Coker
5. Steve Lewis
6. Cecil Croasdale
Gary Webb
Gary Brown
Derek Morton
John Whitman
Paul House
La’Mon Amede
Sam White
Jose Antonio

Over 90 Kg
1. Ian Wadley
2. Leonard St Cyr
3. Jamo Nezzar
4. Mark Rhino Smith
5. Eddie Abbew
6. Alex Brooks
Nigel Gaundry
Paul Baxendale
Mark Windle
Ricky Welling


Under 52 Kg
1. Sara Wessendorf
2. Maria Hobson
3. Brenda Bennett

Under 57 Kg
1. Lohani Rochi
2. Jackie Parish
3. Elaine Bell
4. Heather Smith
5. Jayne Cunniffe
6. Karen Deane
7. Heather Smith

Over 57 Kg
1. Colleen Yates
2. Bev Hahn
3. Kathy Knopp
4. Sarah Vaughn
5. Dawn Sutherland
6. Sarah Withers
Christine Collyer
Debbie Vickers

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