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2014 NABBA/WFF Australian Championships: NABBA Australian Titles - On Blu-ray
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Duration: 192 mins
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2014 NABBA/WFF Australian Championships: NABBA Australian Titles - On Blu-ray

Also on Full HD Digital Download - The Men 

Also on Full HD Digital Download - The Women 

The Australian National Championships was held in a world class venue at the Wrest Point Casino in Hobart, Tasmania on Sunday 12th October.
The venue enjoyed outstanding lighting which helped to make this a fantastic, high class event, along with an extremely impressive depth and quality of competitors. The Overall men's lineup was incredible – the best seen in years.

Nick Jones did his usual great job as MC, with Graeme Lancefield doing the prejudging call-outs. Mark Ryan was the head judge with a good mix of judges from across the country.

This contest was shot using full HD technology, hence this BLU-RAY VERSION.  The contest is also available on SD DVD, see GMV-885DVD.

This massive production brings you the COMPLETE NABBA EVENT including all of the comparisons and posing through to the awards and Overall Posedowns.

Ildiko Gaspar - WFF Miss Universe was interviewed on stage by Graeme Lancefield.

Overall NABBA Figure Australia Champion was Figure Class 1 winner SHERRIE GOSSOW from Queensland.
Overall NABBA Mr. Australia was Masters winner MICK DITTMAN from Victoria. He was in the shape of his life.


2014 NABBA/WFF Australian Championships: WFF Australian Titles 2014 NABBA/WFF Australian Championships: WFF Australian Titles  

This massive production brings you the COMPLETE WFF COMPETITION including all of the comparisons and posing through to the awards and Overall Posedowns.Overall WFF Figure Champion was Class 2 winner ANNIKA BARNETT from NSW.

Overall WFF Men's Australian Champion was Masters winner ANG VINCENTI from WA. Includes a great Photo Gallery.


NABBA Men’s Junior: Andy Lewis
NABBA Men’s Novice: Ben Cant
NABBA Men’s Masters: Mick Dittman
NABBA Men’s Grandmasters: Johnny Moore
NABBA Women’s Physique: Shaz Campbell
NABBA Novice Figure: Mandy Allen
NABBA Masters Figure: Felicity Nicol
NABBA Figure Class 2: Serena Larcombe
NABBA Figure Class 1: Sherrie Gossow
NABBA Men’s Class 4: Eugene Teo
NABBA Men’s Class 3: Brendan McClean
NABBA Men’s Class 2: Dave Cutler
NABBA Men’s Class 1: Michael Brown

Photo Gallery
Photos by Adam Cai
(A very special thanks from GMV to new physique photographer Adam Cai for these wonderful photos.)

Running time: 192 mins

Shot in Wide Screen 16:9

NABBA Australian Championships Complete Results

NABBA Men’s Junior
1. Andy Lewis
2. Rhys Evans
3. Chris Cope

NABBA Men’s Novice
1. Ben Cant
2. Chris Cooper
3. Leon Julius
4. Jamie Clark
5. Ian Williams
6. Dave Stratton
7. Richard Hazell

NABBA Men’s Masters
1. Mick Dittman
2. Andrew Pickwell
3. Scott Burgess
4. Martin Sloane
5. Gary Jones
6. Darren Natale
7. Scott Cripps

NABBA Men’s Grandmasters
1. Johnny Moore
2. Aaron Grundy
3. Phyllip Matthews
4. Wayne Wilson
5. David Mills
6. Bruno Starrs
7. Andrew Paton
7. Clint Wills

NABBA Women’s Physique
1. Shaz Campbell
2. Jai Stone
3. Kathy Genitsaris

NABBA Novice Figure
1. Mandy Allen
2. Geraldine Fritz
3. Erika Smith
4. Nicole Burton
5. Jess Karlsson

NABBA Masters Figure
1. Felicity Nicol
2. Sue Mansfield
3. Kirsten Engels
4. Sharon Harmon

NABBA Figure Class 2
1. Serena Larcombe
2. Adrienne Tibballs
3. Judith Minnican

NABBA Figure Class 1
1. Sherrie Gossow
2. Sharon Tonkin
3. Jen Cook
4. Bree Bojdak
5. Sally Le Comte
6. Lisa Tyler

NABBA Men’s Class 4
1. Eugene Teo
2. Ji Cottrill
3. Dave Punshon

NABBA Men’s Class 3
1. Brendan McClean
2. Tyrone Niblett
3. Brett Kiemann

NABBA Men’s Class 2
1. Dave Cutler
2. Andrew Gilley
3. Paul Edwards
4. Luke Feeman

NABBA Men’s Class 1
1. Michael Brown
2. Chris Skogberg
3. Glen Austin
4. Jason Leigh
5. Damiano Gianmatteo
6. Phillip Drysdale
7. Cameron Innes

2014 Overall NABBA Mr. Australia: Mick Dittman - VIC
2014 Overall NABBA Figure Australia: Sherrie Gossow – QLD


Graeme Lancefield
Facebook (search for):
NABBA International
WFF International
NABBA/WFF Australia

Robert (Max) Walker
NABBA/WFF Tasmania President

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Mark Ryan - QLD

Shaun Perrett - NSW
Con Gallanos - NSW
Tom Masi - NSW
Rosa-Marie Romero - NSW
Darren Smith - TAS
Tony Bate - WA
Peta Baker - WA
Oskar Sarkens - QLD
Eyab Molaeb - VIC
Ingrid Barclay - VIC
Tony Griffin - SA
Janelle McLean - SA

Daniel Lancefield

Nick Jones

Graeme Lancefield

Darren Clements
Reece Ackerley
Jarrod Njezic
Will Flockhart
Phil Douglas
Lisa Walker
Tony Oakley
Debbie Gaye
& all the NABBA State Presidents


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