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The Casey Viator Supertape DVD reviewed by Steve Buccilli


  I became interested in the sport of bodybuilding in the mid 80’s. At that time the only pictures I had seen of Casey Viator were from the 1982 Mr. Olympia. In that contest I had the opinion that Casey should have won. He was massive, with a ripped physique from head to toe and from front to back. His back was an amazing display of muscularity and separation. Unfortunately I never was able to read much about Casey and his career  seemed to have come to an end after that show. Casey, due to his reputation, would hide out for awhile and then unexpectedly come back and tear up the scene. But this was not to be. Other than a few training shots of Casey (using incredible amounts of weight), that was the last I had ever seen of him in print.

  When I had the chance to see Casey live on video which is now on DVD, I jumped at the chance. Seeing a person in print is one thing, seeing them on video is another.

  The DVD opens up with some very old footage of Casey winning the Jr. Mr. America and Mr. America at the very tender age of 19!!!! The footage, albeit old, shows you why Casey was a true freak of nature. He more then held his own against men 10 years older than him. Being the youngest ever winner of the Mr. America he was truly amazing. Thick, with big legs and calves, granite like forearms, peaked biceps and ungodly triceps. He was very impressive, never mind the fact he was only 19!

  The other segments are filmed at various locations. In 1978, he was shot on the beach, both pumping up, and flexing, in and out of a tank top. This footage is primarily close up footage, which is a real treat. What I mean by that is, you get a great look at this cross striations in his chest and triceps. Not to mention, those freaky biceps and forearms. Casey also showcases his abs, which were some of the best in his day, but are equal if not better then anyone competing today. The next segment is a posing display at the Nautilus studios in Florida in 1978. I liked this footage the best. His physique is so complete, so thick, and so ripped, so relaxed that I was shocked that this level of development could be attained by anyone.

  The last part of the DVD, is a very nice photo gallery of all the photos taken of Casey by Wayne Gallasch over the years. In fact it’s a great addition to this video presentation. Some of the photos, most unpublished and being seen for the first time, show Casey off to tremendous effect.

  As usual, this GMV production was made with excellent quality and features. Camera angles, and close ups, all of which are professionally done. But the nicest thing about it is that anyone who is a fan of bodybuilding will enjoy this DVD. Casey’s physique is timeless. What I mean about that is that Casey is every bit as impressive as any bodybuilder competing today. His density, his proportions, his muscularity, everything is developed to the max. Casey was truly ahead of his time, and from a historical perspective, I’m glad I had the opportunity to see this unique DVD. So do yourself a favor, get this DVD, whether you’re an old time fan, or new fan, you’ll enjoy and appreciate it as much as I did!.

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