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2006 San Francisco Grand Prix
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Duration: 140 mins
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2006 San Francisco Grand Prix

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Held is the intimate and perfect for bodybuilding Chabot College Performing Arts Center in Hayward, Northern CA, this venue was superb for our GMV team as well as the many fans.

Witness the incredible battle of GUSTAVO BADELL versus BRANCH WARREN as they slug it out on stage at this year's San Francisco Grand Prix. Pose for pose, comparison by comparison we have never seen such raw aggression, noise and determination on stage as Gustavo reversed his defeat at the hands of Branch from the week before in Columbus, Ohio! This will go down in the record books as a classic confrontation! This takes nothing away from Melvin, Mustafa, Toney and all of the other great competitors in the field of 26. So it was an outstanding victory for GUSTAVO BADELL.

You will see all the key comparisons from prejudging, the top 15 as they perform their solo compulsory poses, plus the complete posing routines of the top 15 competitors.
Includes posing from the non finalists and the dynamic and exciting top 5 posedown and awards. This was Gustavo's second pro victory. Badell and Warren are 2 of the up and coming new Powerhouses of pro bodybuilding!


Gustavo Badell Contest History.

Born November 3, 1972 Venezuela

World Amateur Championships - IFBB, HeavyWeight, 10th

Grand Prix Germany - IFBB, 9th

Grand Prix England - IFBB, 17th
Night of Champions - IFBB, Did not place
World Pro Championships - IFBB, 14th

Iron Man Pro Invitational - IFBB, 18th
Night of Champions - IFBB, Did not place
Toronto Pro - IFBB, Did not place
World Pro Championships - IFBB, 11th

Grand Prix England - IFBB, Did not place
Iron Man Pro Invitational - IFBB, 16th
San Francisco Pro - IFBB, 11th

Iron Man Pro Invitational - IFBB, 13th
Night of Champions - IFBB, 10th
Olympia - IFBB, 24th
Southwest Pro Cup - IFBB, 6th
Toronto Pro - IFBB, 3rd

Night of Champions - IFBB, Did not place

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 7th
Iron Man Pro Invitational - IFBB, 3rd
Olympia - IFBB, 3rd
San Francisco Pro - IFBB, 4th
Show of Strength Pro Championships - IFBB, 3rd

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 3rd
Iron Man Pro Invitational - IFBB, Winner
Olympia - IFBB, 3rd

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 4th
Olympia - IFBB, 6th
San Francisco Pro - IFBB, Winner

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 4th
Olympia - IFBB, 8th

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 6th
Iron Man Pro Invitational - IFBB, 2nd
Olympia - IFBB, 10th

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 11th
Atlantic City Pro - IFBB, Winner
Olympia - IFBB, 13th

Arnold Classic - IFBB, Did not place
European Pro - IFBB, Open, 7th

See our CONTEST REVIEW below by Gerry Triano.

Special Features:

* Gym pumping and posing by Frank Roberson and David Jacobs
* Impromptu posing by Bob Cicherillo
* Huge Photo Gallery

Running time 116 + 24 minutes = 140 mins total
Photos by Tina Gallasch

Full Results:

Fan's Choice winner: Branch Warren

2006 San Francisco Grand Prix
1 Gustavo Badell, Puerto Rico
2 Branch Warren, USA
3 Melvin Anthony, USA
4 Mustafa Mohammad, Austria
5 Toney Freeman, USA
6 Ahmad Haidar, Lebanon
7 Johnnie Jackson, USA
8 Armin Scholz, Germany
9 Roc Shabazz, USA
10 Kris Dim, USA
11 Hidetada Yamagishi, Japan
12 Chris Cook, USA
13 Eddie Abbew, Great Britain 
14 Frank Roberson, USA
15 Ricky Welling, Great Britain
16 Moe El Moussawi, Lebanon 
17 Mohamad Anouti, Lebanon
17 John Armstrong, Great Britain
17 Eryk Bui, USA
17 Alberto Bistocchi, Italy
17 Aiman Faour, Germany
17 Derik Farnsworth, USA
17 Heiko Kallbach, Germany
17 Beat Meschberger, Australia
17 Evgeny Mishin, Russia
17 Heinz Senior, Venezuela


2006  IFBB San Francisco Pro Men's Grand Prix Competition - Review by Gerry Triano.

Producer: Wayne Gallasch, GMV Video (Australia),  
Contest Promoters: Steve O'Brien/Jon Lindsay - Held on March 11, 2006
Masters of Ceremonies: Lonnie Teper, Bob Cicherillo - Head Judge Steve Weinberger
Time of DVD 116 minutes show coverage plus 24 minutes of Extras for a TRT of 140 mins.
This DVD covers the early afternoon prejudge and evening finals with the sharp images and "you are there front row" feel for which the GMV contest videos are acclaimed.
The prejudge begins with the top 15 (out of 26 competitors) each called out to execute the mandatory poses. The DVD cover has a Branch Warren vs Gustavo Badell theme, but there were some other top competitors in the 15 including Melvin Anthony, Armin Scholz, Ahmad Haidar, Johnnie Jackson, Eddie Abbew, Mustafa Mohammad and Toney Freeman.
The next round of the prejudge was the callouts for quarter turn comparisons. First callout consisted of Badell, Warren, Anthony, Haidar and Mohammad. After the quarter turns segment was the callouts for
comparison of mandatory poses. The first callout was almost the same in this round, except that Freeman replaced Haidar. The competition was spirited, and very audible was Badell's grunting during mandatories
(especially when he executes most muscular).
The evening show began with a minute of posing from each of the non finalists. What Derik Farnsworth may lack in mass he compensates with entertaining posing ability. Then each of the 15 finalists presented
his routine. Melvin Anthony is always notable. Branch Warren showed some imagination and Mustafa Mohammad showed theatricality in his deliberate and dramatic posing to Phantom of the Opera. Actually, the overall quality of the posing at this show was at a rather high level that should be expected from this caliber of athlete.
Then came the introduction of the top 5, and a final comparison and then a posedown. There was an audience poll for a People's Choice award, which went to Branch Warren. Then the announcement of the results: 5th, Toney Freeman, 4th Mustafa Mohammad, 3rd Melvin Anthony, 2nd Branch Warren and winner of the gold medal and sword was Gustavo Badell. As always from GMV, well done and recommended.
The DVD Extras include an impromptu posing sequence from Bob Cicherillo, a gym posing sequence from competitor Frank Roberson and training partner David Jacobs, and a huge slide show of photos from the show.
* Available in NTSC (region free)

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