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If you are in USA/Canada please contact us direct in Australia for all orders or queries:

It is with great regret that it has been necessary to discontinue our USA phone number and address in Las Vegas.

GMV Productions, PO Box 413, Belair, South Australia, Australia  5052 
For FEDEX DELIVERIES ONLY, contact us first.

AUSTRALIA PHONE + 61-8-8178 0688 

GMV Productions - Australian Business Registration Number 96007 793 633

Email if you have any question or special request.

We ship to every country in the world.

GMV Productions commenced business in 1965. Now in our 51st year in 2016!


Due to the many different search engines these days, some people are having problems with our SHOPPING CART.

If you experience the slightest problem, or get an error message when you are placing your order, please email Tina immediately at

She will then contact you and send you either a PayPal invoice, or details on how to pay by credit card.

Phone Australia +61-8-8178 0688

Please click here to contact Wayne Gallasch.

Here you can see some images of the owner's of GMV.

Here is our fast YouTube link to take you straight to our GMV Channel:

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Articles and Reviews
Farewell Mishy by Tina and Wayne Gallasch
9 November 2013 - 2 June 2017. Mishy was our much loved GMV team member and our first ever GMV family dog.
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