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Steve Davis and Ernie Santiago - Review by Mike Emery

GMV-004DVD: Steve Davis, Ernie Santiago and Torsten Petrowitz.

This is strictly a posing DVD, compiled from video and film shot by Wayne Gallasch in the 80s and transferred to DVD.

Steve Davis is first, to the 18 minute mark.

Steve is not huge, but he's got a well-developed chest and arms, and the camera holds at length on his hottest body parts. He's a good poser. This is set indoors in the old John Balik studio, with a plain background, guitar solo on audio. Steve is fairly blank looking, but he gets into his body and offers a good show for the viewer. He has a moustache and is balding, appears in his 30s. At 11 minutes in, a blond bb helps him pump up with a shared towel and then the blond guy (unidentified) does a short solo as well. The new guy has a great tattoo on his bicep, shown in closeup, and if you ask me is hotter than Steve. (That part lasts 2 minutes, and is my favorite part of the tape.) Both are oiled and shaved.

Ernie Santiago is next, from 18 mins to 50 mins

Ernie has massive arms and traps. The video is shot on the Venice beach against the surf (sailboats and birds in the distance—typical of the Gallasch style), with many shots from the knees up so the entire torso is in view. Ernie looks slightly pained, being the day before a major contest - and isn't into himself - he just hits the poses. He has a tattoo on his right bicep. Exotic music on audio. The last four minutes are the Gold's 1983 contest, which Santiago won and Davis was also in. The start of the contest shows Davis, in excellent shape onstage. (The MC says of him, "He walks funny because he has so many muscles.")  Then Santiago poses onstage, and he's at his best here.

Recommended, esp. for Davis and his buddy. Santiago is worth seeing too. Torsten Petrowitz from Germany is the 10 mins filler to the 60 mins mark for the end of the DVD.

GMV Legends Collection # 17: Santiago, Davis & PetrowitzSee here for more details on this DVD which is GMV-004DVD.

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