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Kai Greene REDEMPTION DVD Review by Gerry Triano


Kai Greene: Vol. 2 Redemption
Producer: Muscle Meds DVD
Running time: about 2 hours, incuding bonus footage
Filmed and narrated by Mike Pulcinella
This documentary video picks up where Overkill left off. Kai Greene expressed disappointment at his 4th place finish at the '09 Olympia. For just about anyone else, a top 6 finish in an Olympia debut would be cause for elation. The disappointment here underscores Kai's determination to win and the demands he places on himself.
Kai returns to Brooklyn to regroup and train to defend his 2009 title at the 2010 Arnold Classic.
Kai is shown as a philosophical and spiritual person, shattering the mainstream stereotype of a "musclehead bodybuilder". As he states, "Thinking is an action". Kai shows an aptitude for teaching and coaching at a seminar hosted by Shawn Ray, and also in his assistance to a bodybuilder training at his gym. Kai becomes proactive in the young man's training and posing practice. There is no question that Kai is multi dimensional, with a lot more to him than meets the eye.
The viewer can feel the intensity of the last leg workout done under the watchful eye of trainer Oscar Ardon. This session is two weeks out from the Arnold Classic and a steppingstone to competing. The day before the show, Kai is incommunicado and focusing on the effort ahead. There is footage of Kai on stage at the Arnold Classic performing his posing routine. Many consider his routine unorthodox and many others consider it entertaining. But no doubt that Kai is a unique presence on stage. And this time he is victorious, successfully defending his 2009 title.
The bonus feature consists of raw footage from the Arnold and from Kai's leg training. This is a highly recommended DVD, and fascinating viewing for any fan of Kai Greene and/or the sport. Once again, Mike Pulcinella has produced a film of great depth, texture and interest.

Review by Gerry Triano

Kai Greene – A New Breed – Vol. 2 REDEMPTION (Dual Price: US$34.95 and A$49.95 in Australia) Kai Greene – A New Breed – Vol. 2 REDEMPTION (Dual Price: US$34.95 or A$49.95 in Australia)  
REDEMPTION chronicles Kai's preparation for the 2010 Arnold Classic, incorporating some of the most highly intense weight training ever captured on video tape. But there's so much more, including Kai's philosophical insight into his motivations to be the greatest bodybuilder in the world, his personal interaction with up-and-coming bodybuilders as a trainer, instructor and inspiration... and his positive message to anyone who, like him, dares to dream about achieving success and being their absolute best.

Kai Greene – A New Breed – Vol. 1 Overkill (Dual price: US$34.95 or A$49.95 in Australia) Kai Greene – A New Breed – Vol. 1 Overkill (Dual price: US$34.95 or A$49.95 in Australia)  
Become an inside participant of Kai’s day-to-day struggle to be the best in the world. Witness his epic hardcore workouts and mental strength. Dig deep into his psyche to capture the essence of this powerful man’s spiritual commitment to bodybuilding – and his quest to be the world’s best muscleman. Yet after 7 weeks of total isolation in the desert, total unwavering commitment and the most grueling workouts imaginable, the outcome was not what was expected.

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