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DVD Review by Gerry Triano

Jay Cutler - The Ultimate Beef

Produced by GMV Productions  
2 Disc Package - 7 hours total coverage
Photography by Clive Jacques, Gary Phillips and Richard Rossan
DVD Cover by Ollie Parke, GMV
The back cover describes this release as "GMV's personal tribute" to Jay Cutler. And indeed it is. This is a must have for any fan of Jay and the sport of bodybuilding, and is highly recommended.
Much of the footage captured here comes from the private archive of Wayne Gallasch which he has shot over the last 16 years or so. Most has not been previously released. The first disc is basically devoted to seminars Jay has given for FitExpo, in 2004, 2007 (after his first Olympia win) and 2008 (after his second Olympia victory). The viewer can see an evolution and emergence of a champion over those few years. In each presentation, Jay is an excellent public speaker - is down to earth and shows a good sense of humor about his life. He is very candid with answering questions about a variety of subjects. For the viewer seeing this for the first time, it gives a "wish I were there" feeling. Very much worth seeing.
The second disc shows footage from Jay's workouts, from interviews, and from the shows in which he has competed over the years. Amazing seeing Jay at the 1993 Teen Nationals, then in North Carolina, where he won the heavyweight class at 215 lb. This was a month before he turned 20. Even then, Jay displayed incredible potential. He earned his pro card in 1996 at the Nationals, and of course went on to become a top pro. Jay's first win as an IFBB pro came at the 2000 Night of Champions. The disc pictorial concudes with Jay's third Olympia win in 2009, where he became the first man to lose the title in 2008 and regain it the following year.
There are some terrific photos of Jay, as well as a contest history which spans 17 years (as of 2010). This is a beautifully produced and edited history of an amazing champion.

Jay Cutler - The Ultimate Beef: A Massive Life in Bodybuilding - 2 DVD set
Jay Cutler -
The Ultimate Beef:
2 DVD set

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