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Produced by GMV Productions  GMV-600DVD
By Matt Canning

The DVD begin with some contest posing footage of Eryk. He always comes in shredded as was seen in the footage. Darryl Gee was listed as a special guest - another bodybuilder in excellent shape.

Eryk talked about his upcoming plans and his plans to compete as a light heavyweight. He came across very well in the interview and appears to be a good speaker and spokesman for bodybuilding. You could tell that Eryk was in great condition during the interview as you could see the striations in his chest.  Next Eryk oiled up by the Mandal Bay Hotel Resort pool. After he finished putting on his oil he pumped up with rope pulls. Eryk has great lines and symmetry, but at 5'5 it is difficult to do damage in the pro ranks. However, some bodybuilders such as Lee Priest and Dexter Jackson have found great success despite their height limitation.

After the pool posing we found Eryk in the gym. He talked a little about his contest history and at the time of the shoot he was the two weeks out from the 2004 Nationals. He pumped up with 225 pounds which he handled with ease. He talked about technique and upped the weight to 315 pounds. He did 10 reps and said "If you aren't dizzy, it isn't heavy enough." Eryk is obviously hardcore, but this is pretty bad advice - I know of one person who had the same mentality and ended up getting an aneurysm during a set of heavy leg presses. But the hardcore mentality is one that drives many pros. Eryk hit 405 for one rep on the flat bench which is pretty good for a smaller bodybuilder. The only thing to note is that he is short and as a result has short arms which makes the range of motion smaller for the bench press, and usually this results in a higher total. In any case, Eryk is damn strong. He explained some things before he took off his shirt and hit a set with 315. He followed this up with some posing.

Eryk then started by training his biceps. He used 50 pound dumbbells for seated alternate curls, explaining the technique along the way. The instructional nature of this DVD makes it a perfect choice for beginners. Eryk moved up to 75 pound dumbbells for reps - his arms were quite strong just like the rest of him. Eryk did a set with 45s and explained the concept of "powerbuilding" - to me I always thought that to be a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding. Something other bodybuilders like Branch Warren and Johnnie O. Jackson also utilize.

Eryk once again posed at the pool. He looked excellent. He was definitely in condition and on point to show up looking great in contest.

He went back to the gym and did power cleans with presses and explained the technique along the way. He used 135 pounds for the demonstration but moved up to 225. He did four reps with that weight which is a pretty good lift. He explained that very heavy weights equal density. Eryk went on to do heavy squats and went up to 605. He did three reps and said that he had never did that much weight this close to a contest before. Eryk proved again and again throughout the DVD that he was a great public speaker. This is definitely a DVD to get for those looking to learn techniques and tips to help you in the gym.

Next he was back by the poolside posing. Eryk was shredded all over and looked to be an obvious top Nationals competitor.

Back at the gym, Eryk performed regular grip bent over rows and followed it up with dumbbell rows. He explained the range of motion as he performed the reps. Eryk then did reverse grip rows with an olympic bar and explained the range of motion and exercise technique along the way. The DVD continued to prove to be an excellent asset for those looking for an instructional video. It reminded me of Mike Quinn's DVD, as well as Vince Taylor's and Lee Haney's. Another great DVD shot by Wayne of GMV.

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