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GMV's History at the Olympia from 1971 & Camera Team in USA since 1999.

I have in my archive some rare highlights footage from the first 6 Mr. Olympias, from 1965 to 1970. This was of course shot on film.

This Olympia team list includes all GMV in USA camera teams from 1999 to the present. Camera team means primarily shooting video, along with some photos. The Arnold Classic team history in Columbus will be listed separately at a later date. 

USA events covered by Wayne Gallasch (but not listing team details) include the Arnold Classic, Iron Man Pro, FitExpo, San Francisco GP, NOC, Phoenix GP and Flex Pro.
Wayne's current connection with the 1999 Olympia video camera team came from an invitation by Ben Weider and approved by the promoter Wayne DeMilia in conjunction with the official video producer Andy Olson of Magna Media. As Ben said in 1999, he had been aware for many years of Wayne's passion for capturing the history of bodybuilding  and major physique events on film and video. "Without these extraordinary efforts, the history of our sport would not have been so well preserved. Your committment to the Olympia since 1971 has been unwavering."

Many of the models shot on video (plus photoshoots) in the period described below, are thanks to the generous help of team member Richard Rossan. 

Poolside pumping and posing in short-time post Olympia shoots:

A brief word of explanation here. Often the winners or top competitors from the Olympia or Universe contests are only available for a short time for post event shoots. Looking for a pleasing and as private as possible location with no fans interrupting or walking across the background lead to "poolside shoots" in 1972. I much prefer a quiet beach or a park for outdoor shoots, but you take what you can get.

The first ever post Olympia poolside shoot was with Arnold and Franco in early 1972 in Australia, just after Arnold had won his second Olympia title. Franco was yet to become a Mr. Olympia (1976 and 1981). This shoot was at the old Chevron Hotel pool, in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. See photo taken of Arnold & Franco poolside at this shoot.

Later in 1972 I did a 30 minutes lakeside shoot of pumping and posing with Sergio Oliva in Wanstead Park, 2 days after he placed a very close second to Arnold in the Mr. Olympia in Essen, Germany. (See Wayne shooting lakeside with Sergio.)

Then one week later on the day of the Mr. Universe, I had 40 minutes to do a shoot with Frank Zane before we went to the Finals of the event where he was announced the Pro Class winner. There was no hotel pool in central London where I was staying, so we shot the posing footage and photos in the semi-private Hyde Park Square.

Jumping forward to 1977 in Paris, on the day after Sergio won the NABBA Pro Worlds, we shoot film and photos of Sergio pumping and posing hotel poolside in a now historic shoot. There have been dozens of poolside short shoots with many of the Olympia competitors, men and women and with many top IFBB stars.

From 2000 to 2004 when the Olympia was staged at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the hotel would kindly block off for me one of the smaller swimming pool areas for my exclusive photography use from 8 till 11AM on Olympia Sunday. Below our first ever full GMV Team Shoot - 2000 Olympia Sunday.

Our GMV team in 2000 shooting Gunter’s posing at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, on Olympia Sunday.  L to R - Dick Rossan, Wayne Gallasch, James Cook, Bill Comstock, Gunter and Carmen. Photo by team member Clive Jaques.

In 2001 our pool shoot was with the Overall Ms Olympia winner, Juliette Bergmann, as seen on the cover of her DVD.

In 2005 the Olympia moved to the Orleans and no private pool area was available there. Accordingly Andy Olson, long time producer of the Olympia DVDs, offered the use of his pool and garden for our GMV post Olympia shoots. The many Olympia competitors and other top IFBB people who have posed there are listed in the year by year history below.

Right after Ronnie Coleman won his final Olympia title, he also shot with me for 3 days in Australia, with pumping and posing, seminar, upper body training at Doherty's Gym in Melbourne, and leg training at my favourite gym here in Adelaide.

This now famous Las Vegas pool features on the cover for the DVDs for RONNY ROCKEL and also REGIANE DA SILVA, and YAXENI ORIQUEN just to name some of stars. The pool also appears in various cover shots of many other GMV DVDs.

Here is a short list of some of the Olympia competitors, men and women, who have done post Olympia pool shoots with me, primarily on the Olympia Sunday:

*Arnold Schwarzenegger
*Franco Columbu
*Sergio Oliva (twice)
*Ronnie Coleman
*Valentina Chepiga
*Juliette Bergmann
*Yaxeni Oriquen
Ronny Rockel
Gustavo Badell
Gunter Schlierkamp
Timea Majorova
Tommy Thorvildsen
Ahmad Haidar
Fannie Barios
Susanne Niederhauser
Laura Mak
Melvin Anthony
Rosemary Jennings
Hidetada Yamagishi
Regiane Da Silva
Eduardo Correa (twice)
Robert Burneika
Frank McGrath
Darlene Escano
Christine Envall
Petr Vanis, and a number of other IFBB pros who have not yet qualified for an Olympia.
(* Denotes Olympia winners)


Click here to see the famous old MAMIYA RB67 CAMERA used by Wayne for shooting stills of all of the greats in the Golden Years of bodybuilding, 1970 - mid 80s.
Includes images of some of the great champions shot by this camera.



1971  The first Olympia shot on film by Wayne was the 1971 Mr. Olympia in Paris, and won by Arnold Schwarzenegger. See more details below on these early Olympias shot on film.

Mr. Olympia – The Golden Years: 1971, 1974, 1975, 1979 Mr. Olympia – The Golden Years: 1971, 1974, 1975, 1979  

In this historic Olympia DVD presentation, we have gathered together our rare and mostly previously unseen Olympia segments that were shot on super 8 film in the Golden 70s. As each segment seemed too short to release at the time, nothing happened till we obtained the wonderful and fantastic quality 20 minute film from the 1979 Mr. Olympia. This shows Frank Zane in his all time best condition defeating Mike Mentzer to win the Overall 1979 Mr. Olympia crown in Columbus Ohio. These are not complete Olympias but consists of the only known film footage from these famous contests.  

See V-214DVD

1972  Wayne had a friend in Europe attend the 1972 Mr. Olympia in Essen, Germany to film the highlights for him. In this classic contest, Arnold narrowly defeated Sergio Oliva. This footage is seen in the DVD, ARNOLD - THE EARLY YEARS. See below.

Arnold - The Early Years Arnold - The Early Years  
Apart from the 73 minutes of early contest and outdoor posing footage of Arnold and Franco, the bonus material from this collector's DVD includes more recent out-takes, on-stage and behind the scenes video from the Arnold Classic. See approximately 109 minutes of Arnold. In 1980 Arnold made his comeback in Australia at the Mr Olympia contest held at the Sydney Opera House. It was to be Olympia victory # 7. See his solo posing, many comparisons, compulsory poses and more as Arnold once again stands victorious. Includes scenes of many of his closest rivals from Mentzer to Zane etc. A tour de force with Arnold, since voted the most popular bodybuilder of all time.
Includes highlights from the 1972 Olympia.


1980  The second Olympia shot by Wayne was the 1980 Mr. Olympia in Sydney, and it was won again by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his amazing Comeback. See more details below.

1980 Mr. Olympia - 2 DVD set 1980 Mr. Olympia - 2 DVD set  

SPECIAL EDITION DVD DIGITALLY REMASTERED. Besides Arnold, the line up also included Mike Mentzer, Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Roy Duval, Casey Viator, Roy Callender, Ken Waller, Samir Bannout, Tom Platz, Danny Padilla, Roger Walker, etc. Includes prejudging footage plus the evening show final.

Probably the most controversial Mr. Olympia of all time! Strictly a hard core contest DVD showing all competitors.


1982  The third Olympia shot by Wayne was the 1982 London Mr. Olympia, won by Chris Dickerson. See more details below.

1982 Mr. Olympia - THE BATTLE OF CHAMPIONS 1982 Mr. Olympia - The Battle of Champions  

This historic DVD is a completely different version than any previously offered. It is the hardcore bodybuilding version of the '82 Olympia, now on DVD.

This exciting video covering the greatest physiques in the world, brings you all the drama, blood, sweat and tension of Chris Dickerson's epic victory in the 1982 Mr Olympia contest held in London. Shot on Super 8 sound film. This then became our first ever GMV coded release.


1998  The fourth Olympia shot by Wayne was the 1998 Ms. Olympia in Prague, Czech Republic and won by Kim Chizevsky. This video footage formed part of the official 1998 Women's Olympia DVD produced by Magna Media International. The DVD covered both Ms. Olympia and the Fitness Olympia won by Monica Brant.
The GMV camera team was Wayne Gallasch and David Shepheard with Clive Jaques as interviewer and photographer. See more details below.
1998 Fitness Olympia & Ms. Olympia (Historic DVD) (Dual price US$39.95 or A$49.95) 1998 Fitness Olympia & Ms. Olympia (Historic DVD)  
You'll see both the Ms. Olympia contest in Prague and the Fitness Olympia in Nice, France in a single, 80-minute DVD. MONICA BRANT WINS HER FIRST Fitness Olympia title. Highlights of all routines, the bikini round and the one-piece round, and interviews set against the sparkling Mediterranean sea. Monica Brant (1), Susan Curry (2), Mary Yockey (3), Saryn Muldrow (4), Lena Johannesen (5), Timea Majorova (6), Debby Stern (7), Carmen Moreno (8), Tina San Antonio (9), Jennifer Worth (10).
KIM CHIZEVSKY TAKES THREE! Unbeatable Kim gets a perfect score in every round. Kim Chizevsky (1), Yolanda Hughes (2), Vickie Gates (3), Lesa Lewis (4), Laura Creavalle (5), Andrulla Blanchette (6), Jitka Harazimova (7), Eva Sukupova (8), Chris Bongiovanni (9), Yaxeni Oriquen (10).


1999  The very first GMV Las Vegas Olympia camera team consisted of Wayne Gallasch and Bill Comstock with Clive Jaques as interviewer and photographer. Our helper from Las Vegas was John Marc Starmer. Clive Jaques also did the competitor interviews for Andy Olson for several years for the official Olympia DVDs.
No private gym or posing shoots were carried out in this first year. Wayne did meet Richard Rossan for the very first time at this Olympia. Richard then went on to become a very important part of the GMV team from 2000 onwards.

Wayne's Expo and on-stage interviewer was Joe Amato, with overall assistance from Wayne DeMilia and Andy Olson.
All outdoor tapings were done only at the Olympia Muscle Beach, Mandalay Bay Hotel with the following men:
Gunter Schlierkamp, Roland Kickinger, Bob Delmonteque, Lou Ferrigno, Victor Konovalov and Flavio Baccianini.

For the women at Muscle Beach - training tips from Vickie Gates. Plus interviews arranged by Andy Olson with all of the Fitness Olympia women who finished in this order: Mary Yockey (1), Kelly Ryan (2), Susie Curry (3), Monica Brant (4), Timea Majorova (5), Amanda Blank (6), Lena Johannessen (7), Melissa Frabbiele (8), Jennifer Worth (9), Marietta Zigalova (10). Also shown but unplaced: Cristiana Casoni, Milamar Flores, Madonna Grimes, Ursula Henry, Stacy Simons.

2000  This was our first full GMV camera team at the Olympia, and consisted of Wayne, Clive Jaques, Richard Rossan, James Cook and Bill Comstock.
The team is pictured below with Gunter and Carmen Schlierkamp in this photo taken by Clive Jaques. L to R - Richard Rossan, Gunter and Carmen, Wayne, Bill Comstock and James Cook. Ivana Ford also took photos of the women for us backstage in the pump room and at Shark Reef.

2000 was the very first year of the GMV Expo booth selling VHS video tapes, run by Dick Rossan - with some assistance from Greg Tuck. We shared a 30' booth space with Magna Media, our long time business associates and friends. Our MBH store room was the Jazz Room.

There were 2 Model Quests at the Expo with 75 competitors in the women's section, and 24 in the Men's Class where Rico Elbaz was the winner.

Wayne shot video with Christine Envall and then Valentina Chepiga on his own at the MBH beach, very early Sunday morning. He also shot video early that afternoon with Lesa Lewis before heading out to Red Rock Canyon.
Sunday morning James Cook shot 5 bodybuilders for me at Shark Reef and they were Big Sean Allan, Rico Elbaz, Beau Hibdon, Timea Majorova and Valentina Chepiga.
Late Sunday afternoon, Gunter Schlierkamp was shot with 2 cameras with the full GMV team of 5 at Calico Basin, Red Rock Canyon. Gunter's wife Carmen also assisted at this shoot.

Photo below shows GMV interviewer Clive Jaques interviewing an elated Ms. Olympia winner Valentina Chepiga in the Pump Room after her victory.

Post 2000 Olympia in LA -
Wayne recorded on video part 1 of the Mickey Hargitay story at his home in Beverley Hills, assisted by James Cook and Bill Comstock.
Wayne's 2000 Legends Reunion, video was shot by James Cook, photos by Clive Jaques and Jerry Frederick, some photos and interviews by Wayne.

2001  The camera team was Wayne & Tina Gallasch (pictured below in the Pump Room), Clive Jaques, Dick Rossan and James Cook. This was Tina's first Olympia. Models were Juliette Bergmann (2 shooting sessions) and some very brief footage of Timea Majorova. The Sunday winners' seminar was shot by James assisted by Tina.
The Expo booth team was Tina Gallasch and Dick Rossan. Rico Elbaz also assisted Dick.

Post 2001 Olympia in LA - Wayne shot with Mickey Hargitay for the final part 2 of his life story, assisted by Bill Comstock and Gordon Mitchell.

2002  The team was Wayne & Tina Gallasch, Clive Jaques, Dick Rossan, Sean Gallasch, Brett DeHaan and Shawn Ray.
Models were Ronan Doherty plus Bonni Yudenfriend, Chris Cook, Nick Jones, Chris Bennett, Tommy Thorvildsen, Ahmad Haidar, Yaxeni Oriquen, Fannie & Alex Barrios, Susanne Neiderhauser, Laura Mak and John Hansen.
Dorian photo by Gary Phillips and the GMV booth photo below by Dick Rossan who ran the booth along with Tina.

Pictured below at the 2002 GMV Expo booth from left to right are GMV team members Tina Gallasch, Tom Lincir who was our Pump Room equipment sponsor, and Wayne Gallasch. Seated on the right of the booth is Ronan Doherty. Second to bottom photo shows the late Nasser El Sonbaty in the 2002 Olympia pump room. 
In 2002, SHAWN RAY was our special guest interviewer on the GMV Pump Room camera team. Shawn is pictured bottom.



2003  The camera team was Wayne Gallasch, Clive Jaques, Dick Rossan, Dale Elder known as Hunter Hunter, and Brett DeHaan.
The team at the GMV Expo booth was Richard Rossan, Bonni Yudenfriend and Ronan Doherty. With assistance from Charlie Poole. The GMV camera and Expo team is pictured below as follows:
L to R  Wayne Gallasch, Ronan and Bonni, Richard Rossan, Charlie and Clive Jaques. Photo taken by Brett DeHaan and absent was Dale Elder.
Models in 2003 were Melvin Anthony, Daryl Gee, Dave Hughes, Siggi Segers, Charlie Poole (video footage lost, pix only), Rosemary Jennings, and Ronan Doherty with Bonni Yudenfriend.

2004  The camera team was Richard Rossan, Wayne & Tina Gallasch, Clive Jaques and Brett DeHaan. This is how they are pictured below L to R in the photo taken by Kenny Kassel. This was our last team at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and our last big Olympia camera team.

The team at the GMV Expo booth was Richard Rossan, Tina Gallasch, Eryk Bui, Jeff Beck and assistance from the future Mrs Beck. This was our last GMV Expo booth at the Olympia. In 2009 to 2012 our GMV DVDs were offered on the Magna Media booth. In 2005 the Olympia moved to the Orleans Hotel.

Models at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2004 were Gustavo Badell, Frank Cuppens, Daryl Gee, Jeffrey Beck and Eryk Bui. Plus Ray Arde at Dick's house.

2005  The team was unofficial at the Olympia being Wayne, Clive Jaques and Dick Rossan. Sadly this was Clive's last Olympia. See photo of Clive and Dick below.
The only model was a short shoot with Ray Arde at Gold's Gym.

2006  Wayne started out in New Jersey with GMV interviewer Kenny Kassel pre Olympia.
Models shot at Bob Bonham's Gym were Brian Chamberlain and Ira Mayan.

2006 The team was again not part of the official Olympia camera team and consisted of  Wayne & Tina Gallasch only. With some help from Millard Baker.
Models were the 3 Dutch stars that we shot at Andy's pool on Olympia Sunday.
Mascha Tieken
Jako van der Velde
Tatlan Ekinci

2007  Wayne did not attend as we again had no official Olympia rights. Accordingly Wayne was covering events in Australia on the Olympia weekend.
Hidetada Yamagishi was shot by Dick in the gym and at Andy's pool. Assisted by Wolfi Koellerer and Ray Cassar also shooting video on behalf of Wayne.

2008 Feb Iron Man Pro
Team was Wayne and Dick Rossan.
Alfonso Del Rio starred in a room shoot pump and pose session.

2008 Olympia
Wayne had a photography press pass only. Team was Wayne and Dick Rossan. Matthias Busse was on the team at Andy's pool only.
Models were Denis Sergovskiy in the gym, Ronny Rockel gym and pool, Craig Golias, Con Demetriou, Richard Medina, Regiane Da Silva, Matthias Botthof.

2009  January in LV with Dick Rossan: Denis Sergovskiy and Viorel Marasoui in the gym.

2009 Olympia - the official Olympia GMV camera team was Wayne and Tina Gallasch plus Dick Rossan, as we formally returned to shooting video of the Olympia on the Expo stage for the Prejudging of the 202 Class and all the Women's Prejudging, plus pump room backstage, Press Conference, Expo etc.
From 2009 onwards, Wayne's Prejudging footage of the 202 Class (now 212 Class) and all Women's Classes has been for inclusion in the official Olympia DVDs produced by IFBB.TV
Wayne is pictured below in the Pump Room. Our interviewer at Meet the Olympians was John Hansen, Natural Mr. Olympia.

Models were Eduardo Correa, Dan Hill, Michael Kohndrow, Lee Apperson, Brian Yersky, Sascha Zalman, Joey Gloor all at the pool, and Yersky also shot a gym workout with Wayne in Albuquerque the next week. Flex Lewis was the Olympia Monday gym shoot.

Tina Gallasch from the GMV Camera Team shooting the Amateur Strongman Event at the 2009 Olympia Expo.

2010 Phoenix GP
Team was Wayne and Dick Rossan.
Models were Tarek El Setouhi and Dan Hill pool and gym.

2010 Olympia
Team was Wayne, Dick Rossan, Eli Blahut and Teddy Marty. Wayne, Eli and Teddy are pictured below at the Mr. Olympia meeting.

Interviewer at Meet the Olympians was John Hansen.

Wayne is pictured below, hard at work in the Pump Room.

We captured a photo in the Saturday night pump room below of 4 past Mr. Olympia winners. Shown from L - R are FRANK ZANE, LARRY SCOTT, SAMIR BANNOUT and CHRIS DICKERSON. Photo by team member Dick Rossan.

Models at the 2010 Olympia were Dan Hill, Eduardo Correa, Eli Blahut, Teddy Marty and Cody Lewis.
In the years 2010 to 2012 our GMV DVDs were very kindly offered on the IFBBTV Expo booth.

2011 Olympia
Team was Wayne, Dick Rossan, Eli Blahut and Teddy Marty. Pictured below ar Meet the Olympians, L to R - Eli Blahut, Wayne and Teddy Marty. Joel Barham also helped in the Pump Room.

Richard (Dick) Rossan was on our GMV Olympia camera team from 2000 to 2011 inclusive, and filled many different roles too numerous to mention. He also ran our Olympia Expo booth at the Mandalay Bay hotel from 2001 to 2004.
See top photo below of Dick in his final Olympia Pump Room with Teddy Marty. His team contribution over the years was huge.
In 2012 Richard was a member of our GMV photography team shooting photos poolside and in the gym.

Interviewer at Meet the Olympians was John Hansen. Teddy and Wayne are pictured below with John Hansen. Both photos by Richard Rossan.

2011 Models were as follows:
Pre Olympia - Robert Burneika gym workout shoot.

Olympia Sunday pool shoots:
Robert Burneika - Lithuania now USA
Marius Graatrud - Norway
Brian Smith - USA
Eli Blahut - USA
Teddy Marty - USA
Mario Klintworth - Germany 
Kevin Schnittker - USA
Frank McGrath - Canada 
Denis Sergovskiy - Russia
Darlene Escano - Australia

2011 Olympia Monday Gym Shoots:
Denis Sergovskiy - Russia
Zak Pallikaros - UK
Eli Blahut - USA
Teddy Marty - USA

2012 Flex Pro
Team in LA was Wayne and Michael Lenglez.
Photos were by Bill Comstock courtesy of FLEX magazine.

2012 Olympia
Team of 2 - Wayne assisted by Phil Carman. See Photo below.
Interviewer at Meet the Olympians was Phil Carman.
Richard Rossan also did photos for GMV at the Pool and Gym shoots.
Ondra Cecetka from the Czech Republic did photos of Petr Vanis for GMV at both Vanis shoots.

Olympia Sunday pool shoots:
Petr Vanis - Czech Rep.
John Blatz - USA
Kreed Kurtz - USA
Dallas McCarver - USA
Joel Thomas - USA

2012 Olympia Monday Gym Shoot
Petr Vanis - Czech Rep.

2013 Olympia
Team of 3 - Wayne and Tina Gallasch assisted by Phil Carman. See Photo below.
Interviewer at Meet the Olympians was Phil Carman. 2013 also marked the return of GMV to the Olympia Expo.
Jeff Thompson from Adelaide, Australia also assisted Tina at the Expo booth and took Expo photos for GMV. Click here for EXPO BOOTH TEAM PHOTO.
Bruce Lester of Mocvideo supplied and shared his Expo booth with GMV. His support was greatly appreciated.

A special mention to Jack McCann who always gives generous help and support to me when we are back stage.
Andy Olson of Magna Media gave his usual help and regarding our stock. Thanks Andy.
There were no pool or gym shoots this year.

As usual Wayne shot everything that took place on the Olympia's Main Expo stage from the riser platform. This year he operated 2 video cameras, with the smaller camera on the left shooting in full HD.
See our 2013 Expo stage camera setup below.

Click here to see the 2013 camera setup image in LARGE.  See more GMV HISTORY, BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

2014 Olympia
Team of 3 - Wayne and Tina Gallasch assisted by Phil Carman.
Interviewer at Meet the Olympians was Phil Carman.
Jeff Thompson from Adelaide, Australia also assisted Tina at the Expo booth and took Expo photos for GMV.
Bruce Lester of Mocvideo supplied and shared his Expo booth with GMV. His support was greatly appreciated. The booth was manned by Tina.
Contest photos were taken for GMV by Jason Breeze
There were no pool or gym shoots this year.

Cameraman Wayne Gallasch in the top photo and assistant cameraman and interviewer Phil Carman bottom photo.

2015 Olympia
Team of 3 - Wayne and Tina Gallasch assisted by Phil Carman.
Assistant cameraman and Interviewer at Meet the Olympians was Phil Carman.
Tina was photographer in the Pump Room, Meet the Olympians and at the Expo Stage. She also helped at Andy Olson's Expo booth which stocked GMV & Olympia DVDs. Tina at our booth space is pictured below.
Wayne's footage from the Expo stage for all classes of the Olympia and Model Searches was used in the 2 Olympia DVDs, as was his men's Pump Room footage.
Wayne's camera feed also went to the big screens on either side of the Expo stage.
The newest members of the team were our new JVC HD camera and our Samurai portable HD recorder. (Pictured below.) The old camera has served us well for 6 years. Contest photos were taken for GMV by Jason Breeze

2016 Olympia

Team of 4 - Wayne Gallasch and Phil Carman as cameramen, assisted by Darren Burns and Fiona Flanders as photographers.
Interviewer at Meet the Olympians was Phil Carman.
Darren Burns our specialist photographer enjoyed his first time on the GMV Olympia camera team.
Our GMV team of 4 is pictured below: L to R - Darren, Wayne, Fiona and Phil.
Wayne's camera feed went to the big IMag screens on either side of the Expo stage.

Historical Note:
We had the pleasure of filming the first ever Classic Physique Olympia competition, and had the good fortune to interview both Phil Heath and Kevin Levrone.

Our new pieces of gear this year constituted a major upgrade. We had a new HD Fujinon lens XA20SX8.5 BMD, and the Fujinon RMD-20 remote control box for controlling this special lens. (Remote control of all 3 functions - focus, iris and zoom.)
To go with this new sharper technology we bought a Rockn 7" LED HD Video Monitor. Plus we used our Canon HD video camera for the closeup stage work.

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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.
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