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Name Ms Arina Manta
Gender Female
Marital Status  Single
Nationality  Romanian
Age Thirties
Height 5'4
Weight 52-57kg
Business Fit Dolls
Profession  Master Personal Trainer, Elite Fitness Model, Nutrition & Supplements consultant, posing coach, choreographer, hair and makeup artist
Qualifications  Master Personal training, nutrition, pumping iron, aerobic instructor, 1 year University Sport Science ( in Romania ), receptionist.

"Train hard, be happy, love life"

Overview (A Little About Me)
I was born in Romania ( Transylvania ) and came to Australia in my early 20's. My both parents were very athletic. My father was a professional soccer player for Romania, my mum was a gymnast and my sister a swimmer. At the age of three I started springboard diving . At the age of 6, I won my first competition and at the age of seven I represented Romania in the European Championships in Germany. In Romania I was the top ranked Springboard diver for over 10 years and I was the youngest athlete to become professional at the age of 12.

Growing up as an athlete in a communist country I was taught to be disciplined, train hard, to be focused, never give up if I fail, and always to aim to be the best I can be.
When I arrived in Australia, I wanted to continue to be fit and athletic and I became a personal trainer and worked with a few supplements companies and competed regularly in Miss Bikini competitions.
In 2000 I entered my first Fitness Competition - Ms Fitness Pageant - and won my first local show.
In 2003 I became the IFBB Miss Fitness Australia. In 2005 I won the IFBB Miss Figure Australasia title and was subsequently awarded my IFBB Pro Card.
I have also competed several times as an amateur representing Australia overseas at the World Championships in Europe in the Body Fitness category. In 2006 I competed for the first time as PRO Figure competitor  and since then I compete on the USA stage a few times a year. In March 2008 I placed 3rd in the MD ( Muscular Development ) model search in Columbus ( USA ) at the Arnold Sports Festival.

Fitness, fashion, shopping, cooking, travelling, movies, enjoying life :)
Favourites (Food, Bodyparts, People)
I love Japanese food.
I like kindness, down to earth people who never forgets who they really are and I am inspired by successful, intelligent people who know what they want in life and they are not confused or backstabbers.
In general I like a fit physique (not necessarily a bodybuilder or a fitness type body).

Motivation (What Motivates Me)
I am always driven by my dreams to be the best I can be as an athlete, but also as a person.
Training History (Years, Location, Trainer)
In Romania, trained from the age of 3 as a spring board diver (17 years as a diver) and a gymnast (few years as a gymnast). I’ve trained in Australia for the past 13 years.

Training Schedule (Training Style and Tips)
I train 4 to 5 times per week with weights.

Monday: Back, triceps
Tuesday: legs, abs
Wednesday : cardio ( rollerblading sometimes ), gymnastics, flexibility
Thursday: arms and chest , abs
Friday: back, legs ( sometimes )
Saturday: cardio
Sunday : cardio

I change the exercises every 6 weeks to shock my body.

Because I don’t train to grow my muscles anymore, (I exercise more for maintenance), my training is more high volume with high repetitions and minimum amount of rest in between sets.

30 minutes to 1 hour cardio every day in off season. 1 hour and 30 min up to 2 hours in on session.

Nutrition (Examples of My Diet)
Morning: Oats, WPI (whey protein isolate)and grapefruit
Mid morning: tuna in water, basmati rice and salad
Lunch: sweet potato, chicken breast and green vegies
Mid afternoon: egg whites or WPI and salad
Dinner: lean red meat or chicken breast with green vegies

I also add supplementation to my diet every day on and off season, which are very important for repair, recovery and maintaining my muscles.

Miss Indy Finalist 2000 - Top 5
IFBB Miss Fitness Victoria 2001 - 1st Place
IFBB Miss Fitness Australia 2001 - 4th Place
IFBB Miss Fitness Australia 2002 - 3rd Place
IFBB Miss Fitness New South Wales 2003 - 1st Place
IFBB Miss Fitness Australia 2003 - 1st Place
IFBB Miss Figure Australasia 2005 - 1st Place Short Figure - 2005
IFBB Miss Figure Australasia 2005 - 1st Place Overall Figure - 2005
IFBB Figure Professional status awarded December – 2005
IFBB World Championships Finalist Spain - 2004
IFBB World Championships Finalist Spain - 2005
IFBB PRO Europa Super Show 2006
IFBB Sacramento Pro 2006 14th
IFBB New York Pro 2007 15th
IFBB Tournament of Champions 2007 10th
MD Model Search 2008 at the Arnold 3rd place

Goals (Future Plans and Career Expectations)
To continue to be challenged and satisfied with my achievements and also to continue to have a healthy, balanced, happy and successful life.

Media Coverage (Calendars, Magazines and Newspapers)
Foxtel Science Program
Fashion Expo
Cosmetic Expo
Urban Street Wear
Miss Indy
Fox Sport
Sports Oxyshot
European Magazines
Australian mags (Aussie Hardcore, Iron Man, Muscle & Fitness ), FHM mag, Cosmopolitan mag.
Muscular Development mag ( USA )
Planet Muscle ( USA )
Iron Man ( USA )

Best Advice (Fitness, Health and Training)
Always listen to your body.

Supplements Used
- WPI ( after training and morning ) - building and repair muscle mass
- Glutamine ( morning and after training ) - recovery, muscle growth, aids digestion, prevents the breakdown of muscle mass during catabolic period
- BCAA ( morning and after training ) - maintenance of lean muscle mass
- Creatine ( after training ) - for cell voluminising
- Multivitamins ( morning ) - replace of the vitamins loss from increased exercise
- Fish oil ( 3 times per day ) - good healthy fats
- ZMA( zinc, magnesium , arginine ) ( before bed ) - increases anabolic hormone levels, including free testosterone and growth factor ( IGF -1 )and improves recovery through a better quality of sleep.
- Vitamin E ( after training )-repair the fibres in the muscles, also for healthy skin, hair, organs
- Vitamin C ( 3 times per day ) - protects immune system
- Arginine ( morning )- increases blood flow to the muscles, for muscle growth and muscle pump
- B complex ( morning )
- Calcium ( 2 times per day )- for healthy bones

(Arina is sponsored by ASN (Australian Sports Nutrition) where she is an elite sponsored athlete.)


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