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My new videotapes show you everything you need to know about off-season training.

I've just completed my third videotape, Nasser on the Way: Part III, which highlights my preparation for the 2001 Mr. Olympia. It was shot when I weighed 320 pounds - when I am at my strongest - to give you a sense of what hardcore off-season training should be like. So far, I am pleased with the response I've been getting.

Making videos is one of my favorite aspects of being a professional bodybuilder for many reasons. First, it is rewarding to record what I'm doing and give my fans the opportunity to get to know me better.

Second, I enjoy sharing what I know about bodybuilding. On the tape, you not only get bodybuilding instruction, including nutrition and cardiovascular training, but you also get to observe an entire week of my workouts.

Third, I really like to broaden my horizons, so I personally edited this video. Guillermo Tom did excellent camera work, but I wanted to help present the material by choosing which information was included in the tape. As a professional bodybuilder, I decided that no one was better qualified to decide what material would be most beneficial to bodybuilders and bodybuilding fans.

On this tape, I present an hour and a half of material. Many bodybuilders might have trouble filling this much time with quality information, but I had the opposite problem. I wanted to include so much material, including all the exercises from my training session that editing it to 90 minutes was a challenge. I not only wanted to show complete sets of all the exercises, so you can observe my lifting form and integrate what you learn into your own training.

I believe this tape will have strong appeal for my fans in particular, but because of the instructional nature of this off-season workout plan, I think it will also appeal to all bodybuilding fans.

In the future, I will be even more involved in making my videotapes. I plan to work on another tape, maybe at the end of this year. As soon as I make a decision about the time frame and the focus, I will let you know through FLEX magazine.

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