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Female bodybuilding at its very finest! From contests to features to gym workouts, you'll find the biggest names in bodybuilding today as well as classic muscle vision. 

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LYEN WONG - Do it the Wong Way LYEN WONG - Do it the Wong Way   Lyen Wong of Germany is a Miss Bikini, Miss Fitness and Miss Universe Shape winner. Lyen is an exotic beauty with native born Cuban, Chinese and Basque ancestry. Miss Wong is a personal trainer working in Düsseldorf, Germany where she is in great demand. Lyen has made the main focus in her life her fitness and figure training and competition. This exciting, entertaining and instructional DVD.
A-1211DVD | $34.95
MANDY BLANK INTIMATE MANDY BLANK INTIMATE   Come along for an intimate look into the world of sensational fitness model Mandy Blank! She is one of the fitness industry¹s most sought-after cover girls and models. Mandy will show you exactly why she¹s the hottest commodity in her field today. Over 1 hr and 30 minutes of posing, interviews and sizzling dance moves, along with the sexiest workout footage ever captured in a gym. Includes a special added bonus of Mandy's going behind the scenes on an Alex Ardenti shoot for the top fitness magazines.
A-1322DVD | $39.95
Marie-Laure Mahabir Workout & Posing Marie-Laure Mahabir Workout & Posing   We present one of the stars on the Ms. Olympia scene of the '80s, MARIE - LAURE MAHABIR, from Paris, France - three times world physique champion and popular Ms. Olympia entrant. Born in the French Antilles, she is a uniquely different, exotic, dark skinned muscular beauty. Marie-Laure pumps and poses and works out for the GMV cameras in Cannes on the sun drenched French Riviera. There’s an interview (in English), and Marie-Laure’s amazing physique is shown from different angles as she wears the g-string bikini so popular with the European bodybuilding women.
GMV-110DVD | $39.95 $29.95
Marja Lehtonen - Mega Woman Marja Lehtonen - Mega Woman   Shot with the Finnish IFBB pro during the 2003 and 2004 Night of Champions in NYC capturing her in hard, ripped and huge condition. Included is a revealing interview after the 2004 Night of Champions, her posing to an amazed crowd on the streets of Manhattan, and changing for you into various sexy outfits that show off all her awesome muscular physique.
A-1119DVD | $34.95
Marjo Selin's Savage Grace Workout Marjo Selin's Savage Grace Workout   Marjo Selin's Savage Grace workout video is a fabulous combination of bodybuilding secrets, training routines for men and women and nutritional know-how. Filmed on location In Maui, Hawaii, Marjo is an internationally acclaimed star of the sport of women's bodybuilding, and has obtained many titles during her outstanding career. They include the National Championship of Finland and the European Championship.
A-4053DVD | $29.95
Mary Johnston - Australian Champion - Workout & Posing Mary Johnston - Australian Champion - Workout & Posing   MARY JOHNSTON was an incredibly popular Australian female bodybuilder in the mid to late 80s. She competed both nationally and internationally achieving excellent results. This heavy duty workout and gym posing session was taped right after the prejudging of the 1986 Australian Championships. It showcases Mary at her brilliant best in superb contest condition. At 5'2" and 130 lbs (157cms and 59 kgs) Mary presents an awesome package of hard muscle, smouldering sensuality and thick black hair. Mary is a true Aussie bodybuilding champion.
GMV-047DVD | $39.95 $29.95
Mary Scott: A Great British Champion Mary Scott: A Great British Champion   Mary "Queen of Scots" quickly conquered the Britain, Europe and Universe competitions in the Figure Class. She is a glowing example of the art of female bodybuilding at its best, and the result is a graceful, symmetrical, sexy feminine figure class champion. In fact her record shows that she was unbeatable for a number of years! She was a true superstar of figure class bodybuilding.
GMV-071DVD | $34.95 $29.95
Massive Muscle Maidens (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95) Massive Muscle Maidens (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95)   This sensational new DVD featuring some of the most massive and spectacular women in bodybuilding stars the following champions: *Australia's own CHRISTINE ENVALL (pictured front cover). *RENNE TONEY *JANA LINKE-SIPPL *COLETTE GUIMOND
A-1331DVD | $34.95
Melissa Coates from Threshold Videos Melissa Coates from Threshold Videos   Justly famous for her magnificent arms, Melissa Coates is in stupendous physical condition in this fantastic video, now on DVD, which showcases her awesome physique. See this top professional bodybuilder workout out with weights and telling of her ambitions, then posing for the camera. And what poses!! A fabulous DVD from every perspective and every angle.
A-3203DVD | $29.95
Michele Karas from Threshold Videos Michele Karas from Threshold Videos   Sexy red and black leather outfits, working out with dumbells and barbells plus a provocative little interview. Michele has an athletic body - long brown hair, seductive big brown eyes. This all adds up to a fabulous feminine package on a terrific new DVD from Threshold.
A-3215DVD | $29.95
Moe Dinwoodie from Threshold Videos Moe Dinwoodie from Threshold Videos   Canadian Moe Dinwoodie moves with the sinuous grace of the cats she loves so much. And you see plenty of movement from Moe. She does every conceivable arm exercise using dumbells and a barbell - but this isn't a workout video - far from it. It simply show you how good a Fitness competitor can look with hard work and dedication.
A-3218DVD | $29.95
Mondo Muscle (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95) Mondo Muscle (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95)   From Finland to Japan, New York to Chile and beyond this is WORLD MUSCLE! We brings you eight of the worlds HOTTEST muscle vixens. Hard to believe that women such as these roam the Earth but they're REAL, unbelievably REAL in Mondo Muscle! Featuring Rowena, Theresa Hendricks, Fionna "MsFlex" Millines, Debbie Bramwell, Marja Lehtonen, Marnie Powers, Melody Spetko, Melissa Froio and Sheila Bleck.
A-1260DVD | $34.95
Monica Brant - Secret of Beauty Monica Brant - Secret of Beauty   1998 IFBB Ms. Fitness Champion Monica Brant's preparation for the Olympia contest. Includes scene of photo session with several different photographers, weight training at Gold's Gym Venice, posing routine practice, gymnastics practice, and a visit to her own little kitchen for her own secret Balsamic Chicken recipe. Watch beautiful Monica stretch, workout, win contests, and much more! You'll get to know Monica Brant like few else do. Monica fans could not possibly be complete without it.
A-3249DVD | $34.95
Muriane Nicolas - HARD AND SEXY Muriane Nicolas - HARD AND SEXY   France’s top professional female bodybuilder shows us the goods - her hard, ripped and sexy body in this joint French - Australian production. Muriane has competed in the Ms Olympia in 1994 placing 9th and as the premiere physique woman in Europe her physique is outstanding and her condition "tight and lean". From jogging on the beach in France to her gym workout shown from every conceivable angle, to posing in closeup, to her interview (English voice-over) she is a joy to behold.
GMV-262DVD | $29.95
Muscle Fantasies 2 - Lynn McCrossin, Gayle Moher & Monica Martin (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95) Muscle Fantasies 2 - Lynn McCrossin, Gayle Moher & Monica Martin (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95)   Featuring: Buxom heavyweight Lynn McCrossin, Blond muscle goddess Gayle Moher & Brazilian bombshell Monica Martin in one HOT DVD!! WHERE FANTASIES BECOME REALITY!!
A-1128DVD | $34.95
Muscle Streets 4 (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95) Muscle Streets 4 (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95)   Featuring Lindsay Mulinazzi, Betty Viana, Pam Howard & Joanna Thomas. If you got it-FLAUNT IT!!...and these four muscle maidens definitely have "IT". From Times Square to China Town these four incredible ladies turn heads and drop jaws. The average Joe has never seen women built like these 4 and we capture the awe-struck reactions and all the HOT street flexing in this video!
A-1123DVD | $34.95
Muscles & Curves in Europe # 1 Muscles & Curves in Europe # 1   This DVD is a unique fly on the wall look at muscular curvaceous women in Europe. It documents the many different, beautiful, sexy, fit and strong muscular women of bodybuilding. The endless procession of female muscle flex and pose for the camera as it chronicles more women than you could possibly imagine in your wildest dreams. You will see women working out to improptu posing to women centre stage of the final posedowns. Mostly it is a candid, unstaged inside look at the women in the sport - at play - on the equipment and even some on stage!
V-197DVD | $39.95 $29.95
My Flexing Season Vol. 1 - Autumn Raby My Flexing Season Vol. 1 - Autumn Raby   I decided to try bodybuilding seriously and this is my journey. Watch as I compete at my first competition, winning the Heavyweight and Overall! Then at the BC Provincial Championships, taking top honors and qualifying for The Canadian National Championships were I placed 4th. ALL IN MY FIRST YEAR!!! I will also take you into the gym for some hardcore training, then tag along for my photo-shoot for FLEX Magazine and Women's Physique World Magazine. This is my BEST EVER video!
A-1144DVD | $29.95
Natalia Murnikoviene from Threshold Videos Natalia Murnikoviene from Threshold Videos   A very muscular and conditioned Natalia Murnikoviene goes through her paces, oiling up and working out. She concentrates on those fantastically huge and defined thighs and calves, before going through the rest of her workout. There's a fabulous long beach segment where Natalia works out with dumbells, poses and shows off some gymnastics. Natalia is an all round super athlete and Ms. Olympia competitor and placed 3rd in the 1996 Ms. Olympia representing Lithuania.
A-3224DVD | $29.95
Photo Gallery for the 2019 Olympia - Pro Women Photo Gallery for the 2019 Olympia - Pro Women   Photo Gallery for the 2019 Olympia - The Pro Women. Winners and top competitors.
2019 OPro Women Gall | $.00
Pillow - The She-Beast Pillow - The She-Beast   In this 60 minute DVD enjoy an in-depth look at PILLOW, the famous American bodybuilder and Alaskan exotic dancer. We explore the many moods and many faces of the modern 80s Wonder Woman of the Weights - PILLOW. We salute a true champion of the sport. We taped PILLOW both in the studio and on sunny Venice Beach, California, on the day she won the Gold's Classic in Los Angeles. Throughout the video she wears a number of different outfits, and she poses (briefly) topless. We have included a series of colour stills from our private collection.
GMV-001DVD | $39.95 $24.95
Pillow At P.J.'s Pillow At P.J.'s   Pillow, the world famous bodybuilder and exotic dancer, and her female friends strip the night fantastic at Alaska's premier night spot, Papa Joe's. Alaska may be cold but this DVD is piping hot!!
V-068DVD | $39.95 $24.95
Pina - Pure Class: Pina Theodoridis: Ms Universe Pina - Pure Class: Pina Theodoridis: Ms Universe   Pina - Pure Class: Pina Theodoridis: Ms Universe & Ms World. PINA THEODORIDIS is undoubtedly Australia's greatest ever female bodybuilder. Her record is incredible with 2 overall Universe victories (including 1998); overall World Champion plus three Australian and two Australasian titles. All contests have been in the NABBA Figure Class. PINA displays her perfect shape and symmetry in the gym as she goes through her workout. She then demonstrates her flawless posing technique on the contest stage. Includes a brief interview with Clive Jaques.
GMV-314DVD | $34.95
Pumping Iron ll - THE WOMEN Pumping Iron ll - THE WOMEN   Pumping Iron II: The Women is a 1985 classic documentary film on women’s bodybuilding, focusing in particular on 4 women as they prepare for and compete in the 1983 IFBB Caesars Grand Prix World Cup in Las Vegas. The four stars are Rachel McLish, Bev Francis and newcomers Lori Bowen and Carla Dunlap. The greatest focus is on Bev Francis and Rachel McLish. Bev Francis had no bodybuilding experience when she arrived in the US and was trained during filming by 1972 AAU Mr. America, Steve Michalik, who also guest posed in the film. Bev later became one of the top competitors in the sport in the late1980s.
A-3015DVD | $29.95
RACHAEL GRICE - MISS UNIVERSE FIGURE RACHAEL GRICE - MISS UNIVERSE FIGURE   RACHAEL GRICE is the leading NABBA FIGURE STAR in UK and is the current NABBA UNIVERSE FIGURE champion. Yorkshire has a long reputation for producing great bodybuilders and Rachael is keeping up this wonderful tradition from the women’s side of bodybuilding. In this complete gym workout and posing DVD, we show you the many different exercises employed by Rachael in her training, along with numerous training tips with each exercise. Learn the secrets that have made Rachael a Universe champion.
GMV-753DVD | $29.95
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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.
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