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22 APR 2015
1988 IFBB Women's World & Pairs Championships now on Digital Download!!

1988 IFBB Women's World & Pairs Championships * NEW TO DVD1988 IFBB Women's World & Pairs Championships now on Digital Download.
This classic women's contest was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico and included the Mixed Pairs Worlds as well. The video brings the competition from all 4 classes from the 2 events that day. See the top 6 women's complete posing routines in each of the women's 3 classes.

The same format is followed with the mixed pairs. Includes the best team award to USA. The mixed pairs class is seen in the final 20 minutes of the video. The 3 class winners from lightweight through heavyweight were JANET TECH, VERONICA DAHLIN and LAURA CREAVALLE.

The 1988 Mixed Pairs Championships showcased six fantastic couples, with the winners being Susanne Franken and Lothar Thuns of Germany. Mandy Wagstaff and Adrian Batho of Australia placed 2nd.

See the RESULTS and more details on the 1988 IFBB WOMEN'S WORLD & PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIPS on Digital Download, and also on DVD, V-036DVD.

21 APR 2015
Al Beckles - The Living Legend: Seminar & Posing now on Digital Download!!

Al Beckles - The Living Legend: Seminar & PosingAl Beckles - The Living Legend: Seminar & Posing now on Digital Download.
This remarkable athlete has competed in more than 100 contests throughout his career. This video presents 35 minutes of highlights from the seminar given in Adelaide, South Australia, during which Albert answers questions on exercise, contest preparation, diet, supplements and training.

The seminar was taped just a few days after he competed in the 1985 Mr. Olympia, where he achieved his all time high placing of second to Lee Haney.
The great Albert Beckle thens treats the audience to 5 minutes of posing – and at the age of 55 years he was in superb condition. 

The scene then moves forward four years to the 1989 FIBO Bodybuilding Expo held in Cologne, Germany, where Al is interviewed - together with fellow IFBB professionals, PHIL HILL and then RON LOVE. Phil points out that Beckles has been competing for an incredible 30 years in the sport of bodybuilding and that’s one of the reasons he is a legend in his own right.
Finally SAMIR BANNOUT poses for the excited FIBO audience, and Al joins him for an informal extended posing sequence. As both men were competing on the European Grand Prix circuit at the time, they were both ripped and in awesome shape.

See more details on AL BECKLES - LIVING LEGEND: SEMINAR & POSING on Digital Download,  and also on DVD, GMV-028DVD.

20 APR 2015

Promoted by Graeme Lancefield, the inaugural NABBA/WFF Pro-Am Lee Priest Classic Australia was held at the Bankstown Sports Club Theatre, Bankstown, NSW on Sunday March 22nd, 2015. The major sponsor was BLACK SKULL.

This was an International contest with an extremely high standard of competition. Complementing the local Australian contingent were teams from South Korea, the Czech Republic, China, New Zealand, and Malaysia.
The Pro Men's winner from the Czech Rep., Mr. Universe SLAVOJ BEDNAR, was simply outstanding as was Australia’s TAYLOR SMITH who took out the Women’s Overall Pro title. Daniel Lancefield was the inaugural MC for this annual event.

This massive DVD of 5 hours brings you the COMPLETE EVENT including the awards, comparisons and posing through to the Overall Posedown. Pro cards were awarded to the OPEN amateur winners.
Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Lee Priest and VIP Guest Roger Walker were interviewed on stage by Graeme Lancefield.

Women's Overall Pro: Taylor Smith – Australia
Men’s Pro Division: Slavoj Bednar - Czech Rep.
Roger Walker - Career video tribute; Photo Gallery


17 APR 2015
GMV MUSCLE VIDEO MAGAZINE # 1 - Stars of the late 70s now on Digital Download!!

GMV MUSCLE VIDEO MAGAZINE # 1 - STARS OF THE LATE 70sGMV MUSCLE VIDEO MAGAZINE # 1 - Stars of the late 70s now on Digital Download.
This "all-star" video is somewhat like a previews DVD, as it contains so many famous champions.  It has more stars than an an Arnold Classic Amateurs current day lineup!  Although we have titled the DVD throughout listing major contests and solo stars, there simply isn't space to list on-screen all the champions.  You will need to check out the product page.

Maybe print out this product page and have it with you as a reference while you watch the download or DVD.
GMV Muscle Video Magazine #1 opens with a look at the light heavyweight line-up of the 1980 AAU Mr. America Show, held in the beautiful Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in California on September 6th.

The period covered is mostly late 70s, and is from 1977 to 1983. It includes the historic Gold's Gym Mr. America Parade and contest of 1977. From the Golden Years of bodybuilding, I wrote at the time..."This is probably the greatest collection of physique stars I have ever presented on a single video".

See full details on the GMV MUSCLE VIDEO MAGAZINE # 1 - STARS OF THE LATE 70s on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-011DVD.

16 APR 2015
Classic Aussie Contest - 1999 SABBA South Australian BB Championships: Men & Women!!

1999 SABBA South Australian BB Championships: The Show - Men & WomenClassic Aussie Contest - 1999 SABBA South Australian Bodybuilding Championships: Men & Women.
Held in Adelaide, S.A. on September 12, 1999, this was one of the most successful and high standard South Australian Championships ever. 

All of the South Australian team selected to compete in the Australasian championships achieved either a 1st or 2nd place, with TERRI ROBERTS and NICK JONES winning the overall South Australian titles as well as the overall NABBA Australasian Championships.

The show opened with the stunning duo guest posing routine by Kym Johncock and Tania Craig. You see all of the comparisons, routines, posedowns and awards.

(The 2015 NABBA/WFF South Australian Championships will be held in the Norwood Town Hall on Saturday, September 12th. See our list of Coming Events.)

1999 SABBA South Australian BB Championships: Prejudging - Men & Women1999 SABBA South Australia - Class Winners:
MEN’S JUNIOR: Aaron Savcic
WOMEN’S FIGURE OVER 35: Andrea Sporer
WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE: Catherine Crowe
MEN’S NOVICE: Keith Long
WOMEN’S FIGURE: Terri Roberts
MEN’S MASTERS: Doug Thompson
MEN’S OPEN SHORT: Nick Jones (Overall Mr. South Australia)


15 APR 2015
1987 NABBA World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships now on Digital Download!!

1987 NABBA World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships1987 NABBA World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships now on Digital Download. 
The 1987 NABBA World Championships was a classic event with the tall class winner BASIL FRANCIS also having won the 1987 NABBA Overall Amateur Mr. Universe one week before.

In the Men's classes you see the posing from the top 6 in each class plus posedown and awards. The Overall Amateur Winner was OLEV ANNUS of Finland. He made it a double by winning the 1987 NABBA Pro Universe one week later.

In the Women's classes, see the top 6 Women pose in their respective classes. There was no Overall Women's Physique title awarded. The video includes the popular Pairs class.

The Class Winners:
Overall Amateur Winner:  Olev Annus - Finland
Men's Tall Class 1: Basil Francis - UK 
Men's Medium Class 2: Olev Annus - Finland
Men's Short Class 3: Jerry Scalesse - USA 
Men's Junior Class: Joe De Angelis - USA
Couples: Jerry Scalesse & Mary Hovey-Walk - USA
Figure Class: Sonia Walker - UK
Women's Physique Class 2: Connie McCloskey - USA
Women's Physique Tall Class 1: Mary Hovey-Walk - USA

See full details and RESULTS on the 1987 NABBA WORLD AMATEUR BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS on Digital Download, and on DVD, V-028DVD.

14 APR 2015
1992 EFBB British Championships: The Show Finals now on Digital Download!!

1992 EFBB British Championships:  The Show1992 EFBB British Championships: The Show Finals now on Digital Download.
On 11th October, 1992 the Wembley Conference Centre was the historic venue for the annual EFBB British Championships. This was the place where I shot many NABBA Universe shows and also the 1982 Mr. Olympia. In the evening Finals you will see all 48 men posing in 4 different weight classes. Shot with 2 cameras we include posedowns, temper tantrums and all of the awards.

The OVERALL MEN'S Posedown was between the 4 fantastic class winners in DAWODU, WALL, PHIPPS and ATKINSON with J.D. DAWODU triumphant. However things did not run smoothly in the Men's Heavyweight Class with 4th placed Mick Theo storming off stage refusing to accept his trophy. He then came back on stage, grabbed the 1st place trophy and hurled it onto the floor. I understand he was later suspended for 2 years.

When JD was announced the overall winner, his friends and well-wishers stormed on stage and completely swamped him, lifting him up in the air, singing and dancing. Scenes I have never ever witnessed before!
In the Women's Overall Posedown it was a very clear-cut victory for Kimberley-Anne JONES over Lorna Thompson and Sandra Berry.

See the posing displays from 3 fantastic GUEST STARS:
KEVIN LEVRONE (He was 2nd at the Olympia a few weeks before.)
(The 1992 EFBB British Championships: Prejudging Men & Women is also on Digital Download and on DVD, GMV-154DVD.) 

See full RESULTS and details on the 1992 EFBB BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS FINALS SHOW on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-155DVD.

13 APR 2015
GMV Legends Collection # 10: Leonard, Grymkowski, Padilla & Bogoff now on 2-part Digital Download!!

Classic Collection #10: Gary Leonard, Pete Grymkowski, Keith Bogoff & Danny PadillaGMV Legends Collection # 10: Leonard, Grymkowski, Padilla & Bogoff now on Digital Download.
Featuring Gary Leonard, Pete Grymkowski, Danny Padilla & Keith Bogoff.
This classic DVD features the young GARY LEONARD posing on the Marina beach in CA, 2 days prior to his 1980 Mr. America victory. Gary is famous for his muscle control and wonderful shape and condition. (18 mins).

Also posing on the Marina beach in July, 1978, was the joint owner of Gold's Gym PETE GRYMKOWSKI, shot in peak condition, just after Pete competed in the 1978 IFBB Pro World Cup. A major contest at the time. Pete was also the 1977 IFBB Mr. America Heavyweight class winner. Includes extensive pumping up footage of Pete before he presents his contest posing routine, then he closeup posing of his best bodyparts.  (Solo and some duo posing, 16 mins).

Pete is then joined by KEITH BOGOFF, the 1978 AAU Teenage Mr. America Medium class winner who was runner up Overall 1978 Teenage Mr. America, the day before we filmed him. They share a fantastic duo pumping and posing session. It turned into a posedown on the beach, attracting a number of curious fans! (Duo posing 4 mins.)
The final outstanding and historic segment of this rare and exciting video is that of a young DANNY PADILLA, posing his sensational physique on a West L.A. golf course, just after he won his Mr. Universe title. Many closeups of Danny's huge 20" arms. (22 mins). 

See more details on the GMV LEGENDS COLLECTION # 10 Leonard, Grymkowski, Padilla & Bogoff digital download in two parts, and also on DVD, V-113DVD.

10 APR 2015
Two Classic NABBA Universes now on Digital Download!!

1973 NABBA Mr. Universe and the 1980 Mr. Olympia Show1973 NABBA Mr. Universe and the 1980 Mr. Olympia Show now on Digital Download.  
You will see BOYER COE, REG PARK, DENNIS TINERINO, ELIAS PETSAS, TONY EMMOTT, SJUR HALL etc. Plus the side-by-side posedown with BOYER COE and his nearest rivals.

Professional Awards, Amateur Awards, and rare footage of the world's richest man, J. PAUL GETTY, as he presents the Mr. Universe trophies!
See BOYER COE and CHRIS DICKERSON at their all time peak as they make it an overall Universe double victory for USA! The second half of this classic DVD contains the balance of the 1980 Mr. Olympia show which was not included in our 1980 Mr. Olympia 2 DVD set, V-103DVDSP.

Shot at the famous Sydney Opera House, the show commences with the Best Built Man in Australasia contest won by John Terilli.
See more details on the 1973 NABBA MR. UNIVERSE & BEST IN AUSTRALASIA etc. on Digital Download, and also on DVD, V-100DVD.

1974 NABBA MR. UNIVERSE - THE SHOW1974 NABBA Mr. Universe - The Show now on Digital Download.  
This video includes Amateurs and Professionals with posing by the biggest stars at the time, such as Roy Duval, Chris Dickerson, Ian Lawrence, Ron Thompson, Pete Caputo, Bill Richardson, Elias Petsas, Bill Trotter, Helmut Riedmeier and many more.

The overall winner were Chris Dickerson of USA and England's own Roy Duval. There was also the titanic battle between Chris Dickerson and Pro runner up Boyer Coe. It was a very close thing with Chris coming out on top by the narrowest of margins.
See Chris in his own DVD, V-135DVD.

See more details on the 1974 NABBA MR. UNIVERSE SHOW on Digital Download, and also on DVD, V-149DVD.

04 APR 2015
2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia - Pro Men & Pro Women!!

2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Australian: Pro Men – Pro Figure – Pro Bikini2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia.
Pro Men – Pro Figure – Pro Bikini: TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 228 mins.
See the inaugural IFBB Arnold Classic Australia from every round of the PREJUDGING for each class through to the posing routines, exciting posedown and all awards at the FINALS.

The PRO MEN'S PHOTO GALLERY. (Pro Women's Gallery coming next.)

The event saw an historic 5th Pro victory in Australia for DEXTER JACKSON, now the first ever winner of the Arnold Classic Australia. JANET LAYUG won the Arnold Classic Bikini Class and CAMALA RODRIGUEZ-McCLURE won the Arnold Classic Figure.

The exciting 100Kg Dumbbell Press from the Arnold Classic Australia Strongman event was shown on stage at the Finals. The overall Strongman event was won by BRIAN SHAW of USA. OKSANA GRISHINA also performed her sensational new fitness routine.

EXTRAS INCLUDE:                                                                                        
Arnold Schwarzenegger Seminar brief highlight
Phil Heath Seminar brief highlight                                                               
Photo Gallery


30 MAR 2015
2004 IFBB Australian Grand Prix Pump Room & Seminar now on Digital Download!!

2004 IFBB Australian Grand Prix Pump Room & Seminar.2004 IFBB Australian Grand Prix Pump Room & Seminar now on Digital Download.
This was an outstanding Ausie GP won by Dexter Jackson from Chris Cormier. The video includes pump room action from the following stars:
Dexter Jackson
Craig Titus
King Kamali
Johnnie Jackson
Luke Wood
Chris Cormier
Marcus Rühl
Charles Duca
Jaroslav Horvath
Mike Kypreos
Ronny Rockel
Stan McCrary

Plus the Fan's Seminar with the following:
Marcus Rühl
Craig Titus
Dexter Jackson
Johnnie Jackson
Chris Cormier
Stan McCrary

See more details on the 2004 IFBB AUSSIE GP & SEMINAR on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-568DVD.

26 MAR 2015
2004 IFBB Australian Grand Prix now on Digital Download!!

2004 IFBB Australian Grand Prix2004 IFBB Australian Grand Prix now on Digital Download.
To celebrate Dexter Jackson's 5th Pro victory in Australia, March 2015, at the first ever Arnold Classic Australia, we are releasing on Download Dexter's first Pro victory video here in 2004. That year he beat Chris Cormier and Markus Rühl in a fantastic lineup of 15 athletes.

The 2004 battle between arch-rivals Titus and Kamali was frightening - with Kamali emerging as the victor - this time!! They re-fought their battle which started at the 2003 NOC, and continued at the 2004 Arnold classic when Titus won the skirmish.  We've never seen a comparison round to equal the one between these two.

As at 2015, Dexter has now won 5 Pro shows in Australia being the Aussie GPs in 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2013. He then won the inaugural Arnold Classic Australia on March 14th, 2015.

Dexter Jackson: Unbreakable (Dual price US$39.95 or A$49.95)2004 IFBB Australian GP Top 6 Results:
1. Dexter Jackson
2. Chris Cormier
3. Markus Rühl
4. Jaroslav Horvath
5. King Kamali
6. Craig Titus
You can also see Dexter in his most recent DVD - DEXTER JACKSON - UNBREAKABLE, A-1338DVD.

See full details on the 2004 IFBB AUSTRALIAN GP on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-566DVD.

25 MAR 2015
2014 Olympia DVDs now shipping, ROGER WALKER plus SERGE NUBRET Seminar on Digital Download!!

2014 Mr. Olympia 2 DVD Set (Dual price US$39.95 & A$49.95)2014 Olympia DVDs now shipping.

The 2014 Mr. Olympia 2 DVD Set and the 2014 Olympia Women's 2 DVD Set - now in stock.

All pre-orders for the 2014 Olympia DVDs were shipped today!

More details on the MEN'S 2014 OLYMPIA SET and the WOMEN'S 2014 OLYMPIA SET.

2014 Olympia Women 2 DVD Set (Dual price US$39.95 & A$49.95)ROGER WALKER plus SERGE NUBRET Seminar Part 2 now on Digital Download.
Serge Nubret was known as the Black Prince of Paris. He was Mr Europe, Mr World, Mr Universe and 2nd to Arnold in the 1975 Mr Olympia. Truly one of the all-time legends of bodybuilding.
The video opens with Serge posing on the beach in Sydney, and also in the studio. The GMV recorded soundtrack to Nubret’s posing segment is the final part of the Nubret Seminar given in Adelaide, South Australia.

The second part of the video is a special feature starring one of Australia's greatest ever bodybuilders - Mr Universe winner, ROGER WALKER. Roger is well remembered for his fantastic 6th place finish behind Arnold in the 1980 Mr Olympia in Sydney.
                                        Our footage was shot in the studio and gym, first in posing trunks - then oiling, pumping up and training in a tank-top.
ROGER WALKER TRAINING AND POSING plus SERGE NUBRET SEMINAR #2 AND POSINGRoger is at his peak and weighs in at 225 lbs (102Kg) ripped with 20” arms and a 53” chest. 

Last Sunday, Roger received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Graeme Lancefield on behalf of NABBA/WFF Australia for his outstanding record and his services to Australian bodybuilding. (This award and interview will be a segment in our 2015 Lee Priest Classic Pro-Am DVD available soon.)

Each section runs approximately 30 minutes.

See more details on the ROGER WALKER and SERGE NUBRET VIDEO on Digital Download, and also on DVD, V-142DVD. 

24 MAR 2015
1998 NABBA Victorian Night of Champions now on DVD!!

1998 NABBA Victorian Night of Champions1998 NABBA Victorian Night of Champions now on DVD.
This classic contest was held in Melbourne as a lead up contest to the 1998 NABBA Universe in UK. It was a high quality contest with the star Guest Poser at the evening SHOW being World and Universe champion PINA THEODORIDIS.
In particular the DVD includes a top lineup of Victorian bodybuilding champions. PEPPI MERCURI was the winner of the Men's Open in a split decision from the outstanding Robert (Max) Walker who is now NABBA/WFF President for Tasmania.

GAYLENE RICHARDS took out the Women's Figure Champion's title, and JODHI ANDERSON took home the Women’s Physique title. 
This DVD brings you the complete event from every round of Prejudging through to the final awards at the evening Show. Photos by Brendan Breen.

Class Winners:
Men’s Masters: Peppi Mercuri (Overall)
Women’s Figure: Gaylene Richards
Women’s Physique: Jodhi Anderson
Men’s Open: Peppi Mercuri
Men’s Novice: Jim Cross
Women’s Figure Novice: Melisa Hasanagic

See more details on the 1998 NABBA VICTORIAN NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS now on DVD, GMV-299DVD.

23 MAR 2015
1988 NABBA Australian Championships: Men - The Show now on Digital Download!!

1988 NABBA Australian Championships - The Men - The Show1988 NABBA Australian Championships: Men - The Show now on Digital Download.
1988 was the year when Gary Lewer (Men's Open Tall Class) took out his 3rd Overall Mr. Australia title. Over 800 fans were in attendance to cheer on the winners who were going on to represent Australia at the NABBA Universe in London.

Sammy Ioannidis, Mr. Universe, was the male guest poser while Leisa Campbell was the other star guest poser. Both were in awesome shape. Sammy displayed his huge, ripped legs and had the audience screaming for more. Leisa Campbell went on to win the Overall Women's Physique title at the 1988 NABBA Universe.
In this video see the complete men's contest at the Show with all of the posing routines, class awards and Overall Posedown and award to Gary Lewer.

Masters Over 35: Peter Gambell (QLD)
Schoolboys: Ricky Sweeney (NSW)
Teenage: Sherif Derias (VIC)
Juniors: Gus Abdullah (VIC)
Men's Novice: Glen Purtell (QLD)
Men's Class 3 - Short: Bruce Leong (NT)
Men's Class 2 - Medium: Enzo Giuffre (QLD)
Men's Class 1 - Tall: Gary Lewer (SA) (OVERALL WINNER)

See more details for the 1988 NABBA AUSTRALIA MEN THE SHOW on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-086DVD.

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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.
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