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Testimonial from Anne-Marie Lasserre, 2011 NABBA Overall Ms. World.

Hello Wayne,  13th January, 2012
2011 NABBA/WFF Australian Championships: The WomenHappy New Year and wishing you a successful 2012!!

I just received my copy of the 2011 NABBA Australia DVD and I'd just like to say thank you for the excellent footage and editing. Again you have delivered a masterful piece of documentary. Well done.
As I have mentioned before, thank you for placing me on the cover and on the menu page, it's quite thrilling. I have a big year this year and will keep you posted when I make my TV appearances.
Hope to see you again soon and my regards to Tina.

Best Wishes,
Anne-Marie Lasserre


PHIL HEATH - THE GIFT: UNWRAPPED (Dual price US$39.95 or A$59.95)Testimonial


What a well put together DVD!  The group that videotaped Phil Heath’s DVD did an excellent job – flawless!  I can’t wait for his next DVD: Phil Heath – Journey to the Mr. Olympia. 
I will send a payment for Kai Green’s DVD next. 

Cesar Medina,
San Diego, CA  April 2010



DENIS SERGOVSKIY & THE NEW YOUNG PROS (Dual price US$39.95 or A$54.95)Subject: What makes GMV tick, from behind the scenes!

 To Wayne, Tina  the GMV STAFF and customers: January 21st, 2010

Not until 2000 when I began my association with GMV did I realize what goes into making a visual product  that represents 45 years    of experience in recording bodybuilding contests and those who participate in the sport.  It is more than just pointing a camera and  pressing a button. To get the cameras from Australia to the contest, thousands of miles distant, requires planning (at least 6 months in advance), packing, and a large amount of money. Once at the contest city, unpacking considerable photographic gear, setting it up,  and testing at the venue must be done.
Contest schedules require long hours often spent in a cramped place and at times little or no possibility of taking a short break to get food. More than once over the years with the GMV team we have had no time for meals or a quick sandwich. Believe it or not, spending hours behind a video camera concentrating on obtaining as perfect a picture as possible for many hours, or taking still photos under changing lighting conditions is a tiring challenge.

In spite of all these impositions, and ever increasing security hassles and weight limit pressures from the airlines, GMV consistently produces an excellent product, one of the few DVD sources available for aficionados of the sport of bodybuilding.

Richard Rossan
Las Vegas, USA.


Subject: Testimonials re 2009 NABBA Universe DVDs.

2009 NABBA Universe: Triple Pack – 3 Disc Set Men & Women Special Deal - Prejudging & Show
2009 NABBA Universe: Triple Pack –
3 Disc Set Men & Women Special Deal -
Prejudging & Show

Fantastic Coverage of NABBA Universe!

Sunday, 27 December 2009 1:56 PM

To: Tina, GMV Productions

Thank you so much for the free gift DVD!!! You folks are awesome.
Best of everything in the new year.

Richard Cavallucci (USA)


Dear Wayne,

I got my ordered DVDs last week but didn't have time to sent an email back then. The first word that crossed my mind when I played the NABBA Universe DVD for the first time was : amazing. Simply astonishing. I had sent you last month an email in which I was wondering whether you had managed to get the lighting right, after noticing early photographas from the contest showed that some photographers had minorproblems with this specific department of photography.  You answered and you did well... That was an understatement ! Congratulations again, I have to thank you again for your professionalism and expertise; same thing for Tina, her photos are also wonderful, and Sean for his usual great editing work ! Kudos as well for the new well-thought wide screen 16:9 format, really suitable for that kind of contest, especially during comparison rounds or posedowns.

Also, a thumbs-up for the 1999 NABBA Worlds DVD for which you managed to restore some top notch old footage to put that video to DVD.

I wish you and the whole GMV team a very warm and happy Christmas, as well as a great New Year !

Best regards,
Alex Rochas, France  December 19th, 2009



Fantastic coverage of the NABBA Universe.  What was your highlight? Mine were...
Justin Wessels finishing top 6 in his 3rd Universe, Class 2.
Zoltan Toth - How grainy is he?
The top 1 and 2 from Class 2 - Either one would have won the overall, so shredded!
The winner of the Professional class - he belongs in a circus he is that big.
The winner of Juniors - talk about symmetry!
Robbie Morando - Just when people write him off, he always brings the goods. He would have been close to being top 6 if he tightened up through glutes/hammys.
Anyway a fantastic dvd. I truly appreciate your service, keep up the good work.
Anthony Sutton
Iron Man Magazine Contributor
Australia    December 5th, 2009


You have the BEST DVDS, great service, and what more can anyone want?
Greg Capace
USA    5 December, 2009


2009 Mr. Olympia (Dual price US$39.95 or A$59.95)A-1326DVD 2009 Mr. Olympia  Subject: Testimonials re 2009 Olympia DVDs.

Hi, Wayne:
The Olympia filming was very well done. I have seen past Olympia coverage, one year in particular, where the women's events were edited to the point of being butchered. It was a breath of fresh air to see all the fitness and posing routines.

I just watched the 202 showdown, and that was also a well filmed and a competitive event. Great to see these athletes be able to carve a niche for themselves. Kevin English is definitely the top 202 athlete in the world. Next, the men's Olympia.
Hope your holidays will be good ones.
Take care and all the best for 2010.
Gerry Triano  
Thursday, 24 December 2009


Hi Wayne:

 I received the Olympia DVD yesterday afternoon.  I started watching it and the producer did an excellent job.  I saw Tina striking a double biceps pose on the DVD – that was cool!

 Cesar Medina, USA   December 10th, 2009


Hi Wayne,

I received the Mr Olympia DVD on Friday. Thanks for the great service.

It is also good to see Tina in the opening sequence on the dvd. I was very pleased with the overall production of the dvd.
I really enjoyed watching the 202lb class and the Mano o Mano was a great addition.

It would be really good if the Press Conference was also included in the DVD, as it was several years ago. Maybe that is something they can work on for next year.

All the best
Darren Burns
Australia     November 29th, 2009


Thank you, received the 2009 Mr. Olympia dvd OK.

This is a much better quality dvd than the 08 olympia. 08 was a bit too dark and mainly upper body footage.

This is much improved, much better picture, not so dark. The detail is excellent. Mainly full body shots. Also the small interviews from competitors just prior to their free posing routines is excellent and motivating.

Thanks for a much improved dvd of the Olympia this year.


Bevan Mackenzie       New Zealand    29th November, 2009


Subject:  Testimonial re Raising the Bar DVDs.
Raising the Bar #3: The Final Chapter of a life in bodybuilding. (Dual price US$34.95 or A$49.95)
Raising the Bar #3

Hi Wayne
Just want to let you know that I received my 3 DVDs on Raising the Bar and they are bloody awesome! At the end of them it talked about a Number 4, so I will be looking out for it.
Thanks Wayne.

Cheryl Boyd
NSW, Australia   September, 2009.


Subject: Testimonial re women's DVDs from a customer in USA.
Juliette Bergmann - Ms. Olympia Meets the Challenge
Juliette Bergmann
Meets the Challenge

Dear GMV Productions,

Back in March of this year I purchased the DVD "Juliette Bergmann - Ms Olympia Meets the Challenge" and I was very impressed. From the packaging to the cinematography and all points in-between and afterwards - a job well done!
I would like to know if there is any way that I can receive a brochure with more of your DVD/Video titles. Thankyou! And please keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Dave Pugh
USA   August 19, 2009.

Subject: Testimonial from an Arnold Classic fan and customer in UK.
2009 Arnold Classic

Hi Wayne
Just purchased and watched the Arnold Classic 2009. Absolutely amazing quality and production, 10/10, excellent, anyone that can make pre-judging at a bodybuilding contest watchable deserves an Oscar.
Glen A Jones
(August 2009)


Subject: Testimonial and thanks from a NABBA Legend in UK.
John Citrone  
John Citrone
Maximum Damage Workout

Hello Wayne
Thanks very much - the photos are fantastic and what an opening shot with Arnold and myself!!!! I have been totally blown away with the whole photo disc (of my career photos). Thanks again and you have made an old man smile ha ha.
I was very sad to hear the news about the death of Ivan Dunbar. The bobybuilding world has lost a true gentleman and a great friend to all of us
Your friend.
Jon Citrone
UK   31st  August, 2009


Subject: Testimonial and thanks from a big fan of GMV.

Hi Wayne,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to GMV for your phenomenal website & newsletter -- you have no idea how much of an inspiration GMV has been in getting me to exercise & lose weight!! I'm over 40 & unfortunately have gotten really overweight.

But reading your newsletter & website I have finally realised that I will probably never look like Larry Scott or Jusup Wilkosz but there's no need to look the way I do now & it's time to make some serious changes -- so thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart -- you've made a huge difference!!!

Sincerely Wolf Olroth
August 22nd, 2009


Subject: Testimonial from a top UK competitor in the 2009 NABBA World Championships.

Hello Wayne,

Thanks for my great 2009 Worlds dvds, superb job, many thanks.
Have you got details of the photographer who took the contest photos at the 2009 Worlds in Slovakia??

Best wishes,
Jon Bridge
August 9th, 2009


Subject: Testimonial from a younger customer in France.

Dear Wayne,
I once said in an email I owed you some day a testimonial after GMV found a solution to a problem for me. And I have finally found time to commit myself to this task!
So I want to send the whole GMV team lots of kudos for your service. I’ve started purchasing GMV items since last January only, and my collection hasn’t stopped growing since, as I enjoyed ordering roughly one DVD per month. GMV offer such a vast compilation of physique DVDs, covering events from more than four whole decades, an impressive feat not challenged by other video production in that department. Being based in France, I’m amazed as well by how fast DVDs are shipped and arriving at home after ordering.
To think GMV is in the business for over 43 years and has been remaining on the top spot throughout the years tells a lot about the company’s trustworthiness. It’s no wonder you won many awards such as the “Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography” award, or were the subject of an article from one of the most serious business papers some time ago. And on top of that, we’re not talking about a big corporation, but about a small, family business which doesn’t suffer any comparison from other companies in the same market.
So I reiterate my congratulations and tribute to your GMV team. First, to you Wayne, for your professionalism, your mastering of camerawork and experience in the field; besides, as a twenty-something sports buff, formerly track athlete and rugby player, now turned enthusiastic lifter, I’d like to share my admiration for the impressive physical fitness you seem to display at such an age, as you are still able to travel back and forth throughout the world.
Secondly, I want to show great appreciation to the other persons involved in the company, especially to Tina, for her kindness and availability when it comes to deal with customers; I want to express gratitude to Sean for his camerawork skills (as second cameraman in some videos), Ollie and Karel for their technical abilities in video work (transfers from video to DVD and technical support are priceless) and any other person involved in the company.
In addition to being one of the most accomplished and trusted men in the industry, enjoying the full acknowledgment from peers, athletes and officials, you also stand as a bright example and inspiration of business entrepreneurship for “youngsters” like me.
Thank you very much again and keep up that excellent work.
Vive les Aussies!
Yours faithfully,
Olivier, France.
August 2009


Subject: Testimonial from a young business customer in UK.

Dear Wayne,

Your product selection, website, and customer service are brilliant and 10/10; it has inspired me to work harder on my business - a lot harder. I am based in London but I fully intend to be at the Nabba Universe this year to meet you. I find it amazing that you are one of the few, if any bodybuilding companies, that
have improved but still remain true to their bodybuilding roots.
You also have the widest selection of female bodybuilding/fitness DVDs in the world and for a lot of female athletes in England, your a god-send.
In regards to me, the fact that you still have some of the contests/athletes film coverage available that were around in the golden (pre-gut era) era, is what
motivates me to continue to love bodybuilding.
To a budding business man, you are a real inspiration, hopefully when we meet, I can get some tips off you, in regards to consistent long term improvement, which some how, you have managed to do, regardless of the financial climate.

Your product selection, website and customer service are all brilliant and 10/10; it has inspired me to work harder on my business - a lot harder.
Yours Sincerely
Glen A Jones
(July 2009)


Subject: From an old mail order customer!

Greetings Wayne Gallasch 
 ...'tis my pleasure to log in...I'm somewhat familiar with your physique offerings having ordered/received several wonderful and stimulating (black and white) brochures many years ago   ... so, I offer my sincere congrats to YOU for maintaining your focus, your various contacts (around the world, no doubt), your ability to adjust/thrive to the new technology and present yourself with a truly magnificent web site, et al ...for citizens who appreciate athleticism embodied in both mind and body; take pride, Wayne, in the fact that you continue to share your love of beauteous bodies in motion with citizens from around the globe!  
more later,
(July 2009)


Subject: 2009 Iron Man Pro DVD

Hi Wayne:

I received the order Sat. March 28th. 

The 2009 Iron Man Pro dvd is awesome.  The coverage was great.  I loved the closeups. I would not have wanted to be a judge for this contest. 

Ron Carlson


Subject: New Wilfried Dubbels Golden Seventies 2 DVD set

To: Wayne R. Gallasch
Subject New Dubbels 2 DVD set
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Hi Wayne,

I loved the new Wilfried Dubbels - Golden Seventies: Then & Now DVD!
It contains fantastic information on training and nutrition.

Wilfried shows not only how to build a classic physique, but how to maintain it for a lifetime.
This DVD is not only a tribute to Wilfried and his career, but serves to inspire others interested in building a physique and not just a body.

This DVD is a must have!

Steve Speyrer


Subject: 2008 Arnold Classic DVD set

To: Wayne R. Gallasch                                        
Subject: Greetings from Tom
Saturday, 10 May 2008
Hi Wayne:

You out did yourself again. The 2008 Arnold Classic DVD was tremendous. It is another tribute to you and your staff's professional coverage and production.
I particularly liked the close up views of each contestant during prejudging.
It had a quality that I have not seen before, although I can't quite put it in words. Would love to see you cover the 2008 Mr Olympia. Now THAT would be the icing on the cake.

On a side note, I thought Phil had the edge. He appeared to me to be much fuller and a little more balanced. Dexter had the edge in hardness. This time it was oranges vs oranges. I just happen to prefer bigger oranges.

Well, take care and be proud of another top shelf production.

Kind regards, Tom Caterino, NY


Saturday, 17 May 2008
To: Wayne R. Gallasch


I received the Arnold’s Classic DVD yesterday and I want to congratulate you for a great job videotaping and editing the DVD – top notch!  I felt bad for Kai Green and the staff cutting his routine short but he knew that he had 3 minutes maximum time.  He is amazing! 

Take care,

Cesar Medina, USA.


Hi Wayne, 
May 10th, 2008.

Regarding the Arnold classic DVD - I have only watched the "PREJUDGING" DVD disc #1 to date.

The Video Camera shooting and Production quality were outstanding.
My observations so far -

Almost everyone's thighs were out of proportion to their overall symmetry.
Dexter Jackson looked confident but was not a clear cut winner in my book - not at this stage.
Phil Heath's back was best but his frontal poses (chest) let him down a bit.
Branch Warren was fortunate in my opinion to finally place 4th.
Kai Green's very dark skin and height made him appear to be better than he was. He had the weakest symmetry and proportion of the top 5 placings and needs a better back.
Silvio Samuel has the right structure and package to blow them all off the stage, say in 10 to 12 month's time!

Unfortunately the Judges always favour the larger, taller, massive bull-like physiques.
More emphasis needs to be given for aesthetic symmetry.

On Prejudging alone I cannot separate Dexter Jackson and Phil Heath. Third place I would have given to Silvio Samuel. Fourth to Kai Green and Fifth to Branch Warren.

I will see if I change my placings when I watch the FINALS disc tomorrow.

You produce excellent stuff my friend.

Regards,  John Booth, Australia.


Hi Wayne,
Follow-up after watching the Arnold Classic Finals DVD disc # 2.
My key observations were:-
The Contest:
Several physiques improved noticeably for the Finals.
Although the stage background looked lavish, it was a distraction for me at times when there were wide angles.
Unlike prejudging, Dexter Jackson now stood out as a clear 1st Place Winner.
This being the case, Phil Heath accepted next best, a justified 2nd Place.
Kai Green must have scraped in for 3rd Place. Many would have said Silvio Samuel was a shoe-in for 3rd but the judges had a different opinion.
The "Alexis Brothers" top the bill for their display of raw strength, balancing skills and mental control. They were exceptional.
Reg Park, Past Winners and Extra Features:
The Reg Park tribute was a fitting reflection and the Presentation of all Past Arnold Classic Winners was a nice touch.
Even in his suit Ronnie Coleman looked dangerously huge standing on-stage.  The interviews at the expo were interesting. Ben Weider spoke very well.   Arnold's speech was excellent, as were all of his comments.
Absolutely outstanding DVD production.  GMV should feel very proud. Another example of excellence from Wayne Gallasch.
Thankyou very much.
John Booth, Sydney, Australia. 


May 5th, 2008

Hi Wayne and GMV:

For more than 40 years Wayne Gallasch and his staff at Gallasch Muscle Videos have been recording bodybuilding contests and individual bodybuilders as a visual history of the sport. Over the years many such contests would never have been filmed/taped were it not for the fortitude of Wayne Gallasch to travel and record such contests, many times without any assistance. I can attest to the fact that taping a contest is very challenging.

The newly released 2008 Arnold Classic 2 DVD set is another winner in the roster of GMV contests, vividly taped, and many extra events included. Bodybuilding fans in the future will be grateful that Wayne Gallasch had the foresight to record as many contests as possible.

Best wishes for many more,
Richard Rossan. USA.

Subject: 2008 Iron Man Pro DVD

April 23, 2008

Hi Wayne:  April, 2008
I just received the 2008 Iron Man DVD and wanted you to know that it actually exceeded my high expectations. This production is first rate. The photography was clear, precise and showed every contestant in the best possible light. All angles were on display. I do not believe that I have ever seen such a professional video production as this. I sent John Balik an email telling him how much I enjoyed this DVD. Congratulations on an oustanding job. Hope to see more of your photography genius this year.
Kind regards, Tom Caterino, USA.


April 24, 2008

Wayne, you keep outdoing yourself on every DVD you release that I wonder how long it will last.
The 2008 Ironman DVD set continues the trend. It is no doubt among your finest work. The "you
are there" feeling, the outstanding photography, the editing finesse of Sean, and Ollie's packaging
all add up to a great experience. Next best thing and less expensive than being there. I let John
Balik know that his show is always a top grade event, and there is no one who could capture this
better than you. Hope this is a big seller, and look forward to future projects. All the best to you
and yours.
Gerry Triano, USA.


Subject: Sergio Oliva "The Myth" DVD

May 14th, 2008

Dear GMV,

I was amazed to see footage of all of Sergio's Mr. Olympia appearences (1966-1985), including his guest posing spot at the 1971 Mr Olympia show in Paris. The footage shot in London 2 days after the 1972 Olympia is one of the most incredible sequences ever captured on film, ranking along side Arnold's 1974 guest posing spot in Australia and Dorian Yates' 1993 gym posing footage. This DVD is a keeper!

David New
Hong Kong


Hi Wayne:  April, 2008

I hope this e-mail finds you and your family in good health and spirits.
From the start , let me tell you how much I enjoyed the Sergio Oliva  tribute. It was an Oliva's fan's dream and a great tribute to the MYTH. 
Also, I was proud to have contributed to this film. When Isaw my name in the credits, I felt like a movie star. Thanks so much.
One day, I hope to find my old 8mm and super 8 films that are somewhere in my house of the many bodybuilders that the fans had never seen. When I do, they would be sent to you for posterity or to use them as you see fit. Looking forward to the 2008 Arnold Classic DVD  when it comes out.
Well, take care and again thanks for your recognition.

Regards, Tom Caterino, USA.

Hi Wayne,  April, 2008
This is just a quick note to tell you that the Sergio DVD arrived today (Monday).  I viewed the entire work this evening.  You did a masterful job!  Thank you for the 2 credits. 
Thanks again and congratulations on a job very well done!
John Corlett, USA

Hi Wayne!   April 28, 2008
I thought you might be interested in my views regarding the Sergio DVD.  I loved all the old contest footage especially the Olympias with Arnold (’69, ’70 and ’72).  However, the 1971 Universe was far and away the best!  It was great to see all the comparisons between Sergio, Reg Park and Bill Pearl!  I’ve never been a really big Pearl fan but he looked GREAT in that contest!!
Perhaps the best footage on the entire DVD was the sequence that you filmed in England a couple of days after the 1972 Olympia.  That was definitely Sergio at his best and the quality of your filming was excellent!  The only “bad” thing about the DVD was the commentary that accompanied the 1980’s Sergio workout footage.
I think that your idea to dedicate a DVD to the top bodybuilders of all time is a great idea.  I know that you are now working on a Frank Zane DVD.  However, I do know that bodybuilders are not always very knowledgeable about the history of our sport.  Young guys may know about the current stars but be almost completely ignorant of past greats.  Keep up the good work.

Your friend,
Phil Carman
Hi Wayne,  April, 2008
Just watched the Sergio dvd and it was great.  I enjoyed it a lot and thanks to the dvd I got to see lots of his competitions  that I never saw before.   
You are right, you and I will keep Sergio's legacy alive for future generations.
I haven't had the chance to speak to Sergio, but I'm sure he will be very pleased.
I really liked the way you ended the dvd, it was great.  Thank you for mentioning us.   
Best Wishes,
Frank Marchante  USA
(Sergio's biographer -
Hey Wayne,  April, 2008
I just got my Sergio DVD in the mail yesterday and have watched it twice already. It was great to see that old footage and it looked so clear on the DVD. Congratulations on one of your best DVD's yet! I wrote a notice and posted it on and Ripped so some of these younger bodybuilders out there will take notice. Here is what I posted:

I'm sure most of you here know who Sergio Oliva is but some of the younger members may not. Sergio is a 3 time Mr. Olympia (1967-69) and he beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1969. Sergio had one of the most genetically gifted physiques in the history of bodybuilding. He is still talked about today as one of the legends of the sport and one of the best (some feel The Best) bodybuilders ever. Considering that Sergio was in his prime over 35 years ago, you can imagine how good he must have been to still be talked about with such reverence today.

Sergio at his best had a 27 inch waist with 21 inch arms and 29 inch thighs. His arms were so big, they looked as big as his head and one of his thighs was bigger than his waist! Sergio was very unusual because he had NO weak points. His calves, forearms, chest, back, traps, shoulders, thighs and arms were all incredible. I grew up in Chicago so I was fortunate to see Sergio at many of the local shows when I was a teenager. Sergio would walk into a contest with the sleeves on his shirt split so his massive arms could fit and with a huge gold medallion hanging on his chest. He was a larger than life character with an outrageous physique that matched his personality.

GMV Productions just released a DVD that features most of Sergio's competitions and appearances on one disc. It is an incredible collection of rare contest footage including the 1969 Olympia where he beat Arnold and some other battles with Arnold at the 1970 and 1972 Olympia. If you are dissatisfied with many of the current physiques with their protruding waistlines and lack of shape and symmetry, you will be amazed at the tiny waist and incredible physique of Sergio in his prime.
If you want to see one of the best bodybuilders of all time and want to learn a little history of the great sport of bodybuilding, check out this DVD. Here is the link to order it:

Take care Wayne!


June 30, 2007

Customer Comments:

Hi Wayne,  June, 2007

Just an e-mail to let you know that I received the Female Finals Arnold Classic on Wednesday and I am absolutely stoked. It is fantastic and so much better than the women's Olympia DVD's I have been purchasing for the last few years. Well done Wayne.. So great to receive fantastic footage.

Kahla Bullemor
Service Police Investigator
Joint Investigation Office - Amberley


April 7, 2007

You guys have been one of the best sources for female bodybuilding
competition videos and you've been doing it for longer than anyone else I
can think of.  I just wanted to express my appreciation.  

Thanks!  Darren, Pasadena, TX, USA


January 16, 2006

Mr. Gallasch

You've been making awesome contributions to physical culture for as long as I can recall. I've heard nothing but positives about you or your products. Your array of videos/DVDs is amazing. Respectfully,

T.W. Skipton USA


December 30th, 2005


Thank you for your prompt reply - I will take you up on the offer when I place my next order with GMV.

On a separate note, it strikes me that people like your goodself are the only reason that bodybuilding, as a sport, can struggle-on and not die out. I read your notes with regard to the '80 Olympia. I can't imagine many other 'enthusiasts' having that amount of perserverance to record a moment in history.

I appreciate that GMV is a commercial enterprise with a small but willing audience to serve, but it strikes me that you are probably one of only a few companies and/or individuals that are serving as historians in this 'rather strange sport' - please keep doing what you're doing.

Again, thanks for your offer to make a 'custom' dvd for me.

Kind regards

Steve Cardy


December 19, 2005


Dear Mr. Gallasch,

I have been a long time fan of your work. The GMV! videos are some if not the best videos/dvd's in the world. I cannot extend the gratidude I feel. Yes its a product and yes I paid for it. But as a consumer all I can say is, Thank you. The years you have spent, or rather dedicated your life to this sport, is oustanding, and as a fan, not only of the present day champions but as the history of the sport, I appreciate you effort! I recieved the Ronnie DVD and all I can is that it is the best DVD I have ever watched. I have almost everyone made by a pro. I can say that this is my favorite. Not just because of the subject matter, but it has given me a better glimpse of what the man is like.
I thank you.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday's as well as a Happy New Year, down under.
Thank you and God Bless.
Please extend my gratitude to all your staff for their hard work.
God Bless
Steve Buccilli, USA


December 15, 2005


Hi Wayne,

I thought the new DVD was great.  Ronnie looked awesome and was in unbelievable condition.  The guest posing footage was great.  It was one of your best and Ronnie is like no other bodybuilder, period.

Many thanks,

Mark B


October 26, 2005


I waited with anticipation for the "Richard Baldwin Super DVD" and was not dissapointed!  The DVD arrived quickly and every moment of it was pure viewing satisfaction.  The color and content were even better than expected.  There's something about Wayne's style of filming, then transferring the footage from classic 8mm film to DVD, which is pure "nostalgic" joy!  Richard is presented in top form, first pumping, oiling then posing.  Each shot providing the viewer with motivation and inspiration!  Richard has a "realistic" physique that inspires the average person to become motivated, as well as inspiring the seasoned bodybuilder.  This "incredible" DVD features footage of legendary bodybuilder Danny Padilla, who's in complete contrast to Richard's physique, but completely "compliment" each other by their own diversity.  Rare contest footage of Richard is also featured as well as "fantastic" still photographs in the conclusion.  This "Super DVD" is not only a must for Richard Baldwin and Danny Padilla fans, but for the average person interested in bodybuilding as well.  It's "not-stop" action of pure encouragement and motivation.  I highly recommend it!

Steve Speyrer


August 12, 2005

 Hi Wayne,
Just wanted to say that 1970/71 Universe NABBA DVD was unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards Tony


August 5, 2005

Morning Wayne,

I really enjoyed the 2005 Pro Ironman dvd last night.  So many of the athletes in such
amazing condition.  Gustavo was awesome! Massive, ripped and full, with
paper-thin skin.  What an improvement! Lee was also very impressive, but you
were right, he was a bit better at the Oz show.  Troy Alves also looked the
best he has to date; but he just couldn't match Gustavo's mass.

I loved the bit from the weigh-in at the start...Gustavo, holy jeez!!

Great close up shots during the guy's solo compulsories, showing great

As always these dvds give me even more motivation to get to the gym, and I
look forward to training tonight.

Mike (Adelaide)


June 15, 2005

Dear Wayne,
The Mentzer DVDs arrived today and they are magnificent!  Truly nice to have Mike's "body of work" (no pun intended) immortalized -- unbelievable!  The DVD of Gunter "Rock Hard" is spectacular as well, enhanced by the live sound which captures the intensity of his workout -- and his persona.  Particularly appreciated it when I could hear your "yes, yes" coming from behind the camera as he curled his biceps -- I was thinking the same thing myself! (I think having live sound -- rather than music -- captures the flavor of the experience and makes it seem like the viewer is there...).
Do you have any DVDs of Mike Francois -- I didn't see any listed, but wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything.
Thanks again for the many hours of viewing pleasure and keep up the good work!
All my best,


May 24, 2005

A very big YES to GMV.  Outstanding service.  I can't believe I received my tapes from Australia so fast.  I've ordered tapes from the same state I live in and they took longer to get to me.  Keep up the great service.  When I want to buy more I will get them from you.

D E N N I $


May 24, 2005 testimonial for GMV-250DVD, Arnold - The Early Years DVD

Hey guys,  Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic Arnie DVD!  I am enjoying this DVD greatly.  It is wonderful and worth the price of admission.  Too bad something like this didn't exist 20 years ago when I was 15 . . .  Thanks again for the great product and best wishes.

Regards,  Eddie F.


April 10, 2005

Hi Wayne,

A little while back I purchased the 'Ripped' series by Clarence Bass. I'm now the
life of the conversation at work because I'm putting vegies in with my oats
every morning. My nick name is now CLARENCE among a few of my work

I also watched the DVD #3 'Motivation' and saw your efforts in the Concept 2.
Very impressive  and my girlfriend was amazed at Tina squatting and
deadlifting. And seeing the effort she put in performing those intervals, I
know what you mean about it being inspirational and motivating.

I have trained with weights and cardio (either on my road bike or my Shwinn
Spinner) for about 10 years. I haven't competed, its for my own fitness mainly
and to improve my body.

When I watched your story and saw how you started competing on the Concept 2,
it caught my eye to do the same. I love the feel of the Concept 2 rowing
machine and am very keen to see how I would go. When I did use it I wasn't
aware of the huge scope for competition.


Peter (Sydney


March 20, 2005

Hi Wayne,

I received the Iron man DVD in the mail today and just finished watching it. I must tell you that you did an awesome job shooting that show and editing of the DVD was excellent. I am very happy with it, and am definitely looking forward to ordering the SF grand prix when it is completed.  I will definitely be ordering many more videos/DVDs from you. I am also looking forward to doing some video footage with you later in the year when I diet down again, and you are back in the US. Your website is great and it's amazing the sheer quantity and quality of old and new videos that you have available on there. My training is starting to pick back up and things are OK on my side. I hope you are doing great as well Wayne.

Keep up the great work.

Take care, and I will talk to you soon,


From Las Vegas Nevada, U.S.A. - 9th February 2005

Dear Wayne,

"Taking Care of Bui-ness" arrived late Saturday afternoon and I have been thoroughly enjoying all sections of it. It is a superb production by all concerned, the star and the producer.
I am so glad that Eryk's winning his class cum pro-card was able to be  included. I can see how elated he was (and is) - a richly deserved win.
My sincerest congratulations to all.


November 28, 2004 (Customer Review FIBO 2004 - MUSCLES TO THE MAX)

Wayne this is just a short message to tell you that once again I am most impressed with not only the quality of the DVD that I ordered,  but with your service.  I am a great fan of the Fibo DVD's and have been waiting with baited breath for the latest one which you released a short while ago. Naturally I ordered it as soon as I saw it on your site and placed the order on Thursday.  I received the DVD yesterday and watched it last night. Once again it was up to the exceptional standard that I have come to enjoy with GMV productions.

The prompt delivery was also fantastic.

So to sum it up,  a very big THANK YOU from a very satisfied customer.                                                                                                          

Yours sincerely. Rob


October 14, 2004 (CUSTOMER REVIEW)

Feedback on 3rd Ripped DVD: MOTIVATION. (GMV-578DVD)

I finally had a chance to watch your third video last night, and I
loved it!  For someone like me who has been working out for over 25
years, I am less interested in instruction about form or technique at
this point and much more interested in motivational issues.  The beauty
of this video is that it focuses almost exclusively on the motivation.
(And I disagree with the criticism you have heard from some that it's
"too much about rowing" -- it's not about rowing, it's about motivation.
Rowing just happens to be the backdrop.)

I liked how the viewer got all three stories -- Wayne's, yours and
Tina's.  Wayne is a fascinating guy, low-key but incredibly driven.  He
obviously is genetically gifted.  Not many could advance as quickly as
he has in this field.  You can tell that this guy is strong just by how
his biceps fill out the sleeves of his t-shirt!  I like how he is able
to combine his lifting with his rowing in a way that does not give short
shrift to either.

Your story was a good reminder of how we must compete within ourselves.
I can see that it must have been hard for you to see your friend Wayne
as a Johnny-come-lately step into this sport and ease past you so
quickly.  It seems that your initial reaction was, "He must just be
working harder than me!"  But I doubt that was the case -- Wayne simply
has extraordinary genetic gifts, or so it would seem.

Tina is delightful, because she comes across as the more ordinary
"every-woman" type, and less intimidating to some than lifelong
"hardcores" like you and Wayne.  People see Tina, and they say, "If she
can do it, I can do it."

Dan, aka "Musclehead Law Professor"


May 20th, 2004

Dear Wayne,
These WFF guys are fantastic. Extremely handsome and ripped physiques. I like your 2001 WFF Universe video which has outstanding camera work. Especially Christian Klee in GMV-428.
Also, thank you for paying attention to the guys barefeet. I like to watch the arch of their feet when they do a rear double biceps or lat spread. Do you have any more videos of these guys? In particular the gymnast Henning Christensen in GMV-453.



From Sydney,  Australia - 16th April 2004

Hello Sean,

I just had to drop you a line regarding the 2004 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix it was just AWESOME  the onstage battle
between Kamali and Titus BLEW MY MIND.  Keep up the great work.

Sincerly Paull Blanks


From Bradford, Michigan, USA - 5th September 2003

I just watched the FIBO 2003 video and I thought it was great.  I would really like to see more individual workout tapes featuring bodybuilders from this video and other FIBO tapes.  For instance Igor Kocis, Stefan Havlik, Uwe Riedel and in particular Thomas Scheu, who was on the FIBO 2002.  Finally, I would like to sincerely thank you (Wayne & Tina) and your entire production staff for making any and all of this possible.


From Clarence Bass, Ripped Enterprises, Albuquerque, 26th March, 2003

Great photos of you at the Ironman awards banquet. Really enjoyed your speech, especially the rundown on the many famous events you've captured on film or video. Something to really be proud of -- congratulations and many more years of globe trotting. Glad you included a special tribute to Tina at end. She certainly deserves it -- and you do have to go home with her. Just kidding, we're both lucky men indeed.


From Andy Olson, President, Magna Media International, 26th March, 2003

Dear Wayne and Tina:

And congratulations on the award from IronMan, too, by the way -- very well deserved recognition by the bodybuilding community!



From Thor, San Francisco, March 2003.

My congratulations to Wayne Gallasch, for Ironman's Cinematography Award. Wayne's simply the best at what he does, and an Ironman in his own right, withstanding the rigors of international traveling annually to cover contests all over the world that would tax a man half his age!


From Dave, Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 8, 2002

I must complement you on your service; I had ordered 2 tapes from you just last week.  Even though there were some difficulties with the first credit card that I used approving an overseas transaction, Tracy contacted me promptly and worked with me to get the problem resolved quickly.  Although I expected the delivery to take at least as long as 2-3 weeks, I was happily surprised top find your package at my door yesterday.  Further the quality of the tapes surpassed my expectations.  I had ordered older tapes (transfers) and thought that the resolution might be grainy, but again was happily surprised at the video quality.


From Wytt, Adelaide, Australia, May 2002

I have a TV in my bedroom and whatever the time, show a video before going to sleep.  Thus I was keen to see your 2002 San Francisco film.  The cinematography was fantastic!!  I enjoyed the show very much and certainly understand how popular it is.


from Mark, Curtin, A.C.T., Australia, 11th February 2002

2001 Mr. Olympia - Press Conference

What a fantastic tape - one of the most interesting bodybuilding tapes I have seen.  the additional interviews on the end put the icing on the cake.  Congratulations on such a fine effort.

Keep up the great work.....

Some thoughts on your tape titled MR O 2001 Prejudging
* This tape was fantastic. It was everything that 2001 MR O tape should have been.   It reminds me of the "good old days" of seeing your complete English grand prix tapes. I only wish that I could have seen these in previous years as well.

* Being able to see all the pre judging rounds in whole, adds a completely different spin on what every one normally sees at Mr Olympia. Its only my opinion but from this tape Ronnie is a clear winner and is light years ahead.

* Whenever I go to watch something that relates to the 2001 Mr Olympia I reach first for your pre-judging tape rather then the actual contest footage.
* Congratulations on a job well done.


From Trish, Kedron, Queensland, 27th January 2002

I have watched all your videos right through today... you have so many years of information... the time and patience you and Wayne have put into the history of body building is truly unbelievable!

 I was wondering if either of you have ever considered making a documentary of the past to present bodybuilders, including those whom are now famous, or still famous despite what they the look like now. I only have a few of the videos from 1986 - 1992, and can see the difference in them........

you have a wealth of information and would be interesting to many people to see the history of it all. ........

I believe you should do something with your fantastic work. Your time, dedication, and skill deserves to be noticed.

Trish Saga.  27th January 2002


From John, Indianapolis, USA  9 January 2002

Re the Mr. Olympia Prejudging - I got it today and I think it was great - love it!!  Good shots of total body with good closeups not interrupting the pose..... these guys are almost too big, and I missed Lee Priest.....


From John, Toledo, Ohio, USA December 21 2001

I received MY 2001 NABBA Mr. Universe videos on Christmas Eve - what a nice Christmas present.  Thank you for your prompt shipping of my order.  I always look forward to this video because I get to see men from different countries competing on a national level.  the competitors from Class 2 were outstanding - all of them had very comparable physiques.  Even though I did not agree with all the placings of the competitors, your videos were spectacular.

....please keep me on your email list for your new and upcoming video releases.


From Richard, West Bloomfield, MI, USA, December 31st 2001

I wanted to let you know that my box of 10 tapes arrived yesterday, and that you continue to surpass yourselves.  Of the two I've watched since, the Universe Prejudging tape "blows me away".,  I know it's hard work, but it has to give so much joy to so many people....


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