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Melbourne   Sunday 23rd May, 2010


NABBA Novice Men 
1st  Anthony Krklinski
2nd Jason Kenny
3rd  Peter Djurkovic
4th  Charlie Mokbel
5th  Stewart Cheffirs

WFF Mr Athletic Class 1 
1st  Wayne Wilson

WFF Mr Athletic Class 2 
1st  Matthew Jones
2nd Joel Kirkilis
3rd  Walter Trinco
4th  John Albergo
5th  Paul Creasey
6th  Shannon Hare

WFF Mr Athletic Class 3 
1st  Michael Soldini

WFF Mr Athletic Class 4
1st   Ali Mehrez
2nd  Robert Borgonha

NABBA Men Class1 
1st  Marc Sboto
2nd  Luke Faba

NABBA Men Class 2 
1st  Abraham Elzaibak
2nd Adam Fennell
3rd  Luke Sgarbossa
4th  Michael Faba

NABBA Men Class 3 
1st  Jake Nikolopoulos
2nd  Matt McLean

NABBA  Men Class 4 
1st  Milad Dagher
2nd Fred Liberatore

WFF Masters Men Over 35 
1st  Tom Wojcik
2nd Jason Walters
3rd  Paul Nicol

NABBA Masters Men Over 40 
1st  Matt Nicholson
2nd Blair Loveday

WFF Vintage Men Over 60 
1st  Dennis Dye

Worlds Oldest Bodybuilder 80+ yrs 
Ray Moon


NABBA Figure Over 35yrs 
1st  Irene Nickole
2nd  Fiona McLean
3rd  Kim Mowatt

WFF Masters Figure Over 40yrs 
1st  Liz Dando
2nd  Janelle McLean
3rd  Simone Moore
4th  Noela Basile
5th  Lisa Keyte

WFF Miss Glamour 
1st  Megan Curry

WFF Miss Athletic Class 1 
1st  Gabriela Cioban
2nd  Janere Reid
3rd  Georgia Holton
4th  Niki Taylor
5th  Katerina Papadatos

NABBA Miss Figure Class 1 
1st  Alison Moyle
2nd  Louise Palmer
3rd  Rachel Russo

NABBA Miss Figure Class 2 
1st  Neralee Montague
2nd  Kaaren Yandell

Miss Physique 
1st  Nickie Ware

WFF WOMEN OVERALL: Gabriela Cioban
WFF MEN OVERALL: Matthew Jones
NABBA MEN OVERALL: Abraham Elzaibak


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