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2011 IFBB Tijuana Pro Bodybuilding Results
Tijuana, Mexico, Saturday September 10th, 2011.

Our congratulations to Ed Nunn, Marcus Haley and Robert Piotrkowicz for being the last three competitors to qualify for the 2011 Olympia contest next week. In particular this now puts Robert Piotrkowicz into the Olympia.
Here are the complete results from the 2011 Tijuana Pro Contest.

1. Ed Nunn (USA)
2. Marcus Haley (USA)
3. Robert Piotrkowicz (Poland)
4. Moe El Mousawwi (New Zealand)
5. Alfonso Del Rio (Spain)
6. Danielle Seccarecci (Italy)
7. Robert Burneika (USA)
8. Will Harris (USA)
9. Abbas Khatami (USA)
10. Manuel Lomeli (Mexico)
11. Omar Deckard (USA)
12. Mark Antonek (USA)
13. Silvio Samuel (Spain)
16. PD Devers (USA)
16. Oscar Dexter (Tahiti)
16. Edward Duque (Venexuela)
16. Chris Filippelli (USA)
16. Grant Pieterse (New Zealand)
16. Heinz Senior (USA)
16. Vladamir Sizov (USA)
16. Cesar Mendible (Venezuela)
16. Martin Kjellstrom (Sweden)
16. Fauzi Hanst (Curacao)
16. Hector Huitzil (Mexico)
DNR. Grigori Atoyan (USA)
DNR. Adorthus (AD) Cherry (USA)

Pro Bikini Results

Abbie Burrows started as the favorite and did not disappoint. Newcomer Christiana Mendivil placed second and earned a trip to the Olympia. Kelly Gonzales who missed her peak at the Phoenix Pro a few weeks ago, took out third place thus qualifying for her first Olympia.

1. Abbie Burrows (USA)
2. Cristiana Alicia Mendivil (Mexico)
3. Kelly Gonzales (USA)
4. Christie Marquez (USA)
5. Tiffany Boydston (USA)
6. Christy Merritt (USA)
7. Jenny Drennan (USA)
8. Anca Marcus (USA)
9. Adriana Guzman (USA)
10. Wilhelmina Davis (Holland)
11. Adriana Falcon (Mexico)
12. Diana Fields (USA)

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