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2013 NT NABBA/WFF Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships
Darwin, NT   12th May, 2013


WFF Sportsmodel
1. Hannah Farmer
2. Abbey Holmes
3. Sonia Lew Fatt
Not placed:
Christie Peterson
Amanda Post
Yasmin Webb
Jessica Webb
Mary Rogers
Candice Lamb
Sheila Ravenswood
Keira Harris
Pieta Denholm
Emma Jayne-Hagley
Nenelle Demos
Gabby Chesher
Rebecca Terry-Thompson

WFF Athletic Figure Class 1
1. Kirsten Engels
2. Kira Takko
3. Kerri Carpenter

WFF Athletic Figure Class 2
1. Joy Perkins
2. Teresa Hug
3. Amanda Philp
4. Julie Tsakrios

NABBA Figure Novice
1. Megan Warham
2. Hayley McKinnon
3. Meg Bartholomew

NABBA Figure Masters
1. Rebecca Hockey

NABBA Figure Open Class 1
1. Ash Fahy
2. Amelia Palpratt

NABBA Figure Open Class 2
1. Trudy Cole
2. Sarah Whitten


WFF Men’s Class 1
1. Wayne Demos

WFF Men’s Class 2
1. Brent Forbes
2. Jermaine Toki
3. Evan Tyrrell
4. James Bromley

NABBA Men’s Junior
1. Ben Tonkin
2. Danny McLeod

NABBA Men’s Novice
1. Ross Moloney

NABBA Men’s Masters
1. Steven Hardy
2. Dan Farris

NABBA Men’s Grandmasters
1. Shane Stringer
2. Mark Peck

NABBA Men’s Open Class 1
1. Jesse Palu

NABBA Men’s Open Class 2
1. Phil Primmer

Overall NABBA NT Men’s Winner: Phil Primmer (See Photo right)

Overall NABBA NT Women’s Figure Winner: Megan Warham (See Photo right)

(These 2 photos by Wayne Gallasch, copyright GMV).

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