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2013 NABBA World Championships


Overall Mr. World: Steve Orton - NZ

Tall Class 1
1. Jonny Hanna   (Israel)
2. Stuart Garrington   (United Kingdom)
3. Willy Maitner   (Australia)
4. Lee Harding   (United Kingdom)
5. Loughlin Gannon   (Ireland)
6. Luca Fagiolini   (Italy)

Medium-Tall Class 2
1. Steve Orton   (New Zealand)
2. Breno Mattos   (Brazil)
3. Petr Imlauf   (Czech Republic)
4. David Fox   (United Kingdom)
5. Leandro Gomes   (Brazil)
6. Richard Parnham   (New Zealand)

Medium Class 3
1. Jake Nikolopoulos   (Australia)
2. Rodrigo Atis   (Brazil)
3. Edward Selby   (United Kingdom)
4. Davide Pioggia   (Italy)
5. Carl Jolley   (United Kingdom)
6. Keivan Gomanian   (Sweden)

Short Class 4
1. Ali Ashgar Mofarrahi   (Iran)
2. Gil Duplan   (France)
3. Uwe Hörter   (Germany)
4. Darren Poole   (United Kingdom)
5. Matthew Sneddon   (United Kingdom)
6. Marcelo Rios   (Brazil)

1. Marcel Vormawah   (United Kingdom)
2. Marco Corsi   (Italy)
3. Jan Risica   (Czech Republic)
4. Chris Smith (3)   (United Kingdom)
5. Eduards Dumskis   (Ireland)

Masters 40+
1. Stephen Millar   (United Kingdom)
2. David Gartmann   (Switzerland)
3. Joe Walker (1)   (United Kingdom)
4. Zdenek Branis   (Czech Republic)
5. Tomas Nosek   (Czech Republic)
6. Ioannis Anagnostou   (Greece)

Masters 50+
1. Paul Rowe   (United Kingdom)
2. Antonio DePeddis   (Italy)
3. Martin Holroyd   (United Kingdom)
4. Leon Vega   (France)
5. Paul Longfield   (Philippines)
6. Philip Kuklinski   (New Zealand)


Overall Figure MissWorld: Lisa Carrodus - Australia

Figure Tall Class 1
1. Lisa Carrodus   (Australia)
2. Ildiko Gaspar   (Australia)
3. Cheryl Frost   (Australia)
4. Elodie Ducos   (France)
5. Becky Williamson   (United Kingdom)
6. Jody Shuttleworth   (United Kingdom)

Figure Short Class 2
1. Leeanne Temnyk   (Australia)
2. Auren Malvestiti   (Brazil)
3. Linda Gartside   (United Kingdom)
4. Loredana DeFranciscis   (Italy)
5. Cheryl Steele   (United Kingdom)
6. Annette Parnham   (New Zealand)

1. Caroline Wang   (Austria)
2. Lisa Bailey   (New Zealand)
3. Cinzia Lorieri   (Italy)
4. Enza Cordio   (Italy)

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