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Men's Juniors - Fitness

1 Patryk Wieczorek Germany
2 Vladimiras Petrovas Lithuania

Men's Juniors - Performance

1 Philipp Magenheimer Germany
2 Jurij Petunov Latvia

Men's Juniors - Athletic

1 Miroslav Dziuba Germany
2 Dmitrij Ivanov Latvia

Men's Juniors - Superbody

1 Steve Hachenberger Germany
2 Volkan Öztürk Turkey

Women's Juniors - Aerobic Fitness

1 Anna Melnik Lithuania
2 Aiste Mirzinkevichute Lithuania

Women's Aerobic Fitness

1 Jolanta Mileriute Lithuania
2 Elena Levy Switzerland

Women's Aerobic Performance

1 Cornelia Trost Germany
2 Clara Bussini Italy

Women's Aerobic Athletic

1 Olga Yakoleva Russia
2 Steffi Kubsch Germany

Women's Juniors - Fitness (Under 18 years)

1 Jelena Marchenko Lithuania
2 Egle Barisevichute Lithuania

Women's Juniors - Fitness Over 18 years

1 Alexandra Hinterbauer Austria
2 Susann May Germany

Women's Fitness

1 Kathrin Schubert (Overall) Germany
2 Tanja-Leona Meyer Germany

Women's Fitness Over 30

1 Olga Vassina Russia
2 Emma Rütz Germany

Women's Fitness Over 40

1 Britt Beyer Germany

Women's Performance

1 Mirica Schäfer Germany
2 Marja Kirsi Finland

Women's Performance Over 30

1 Corinna Mayer (Overall) Germany
2 Silvia Schorr Germany

Women's Performance Over 40

1 Carmen Paradi Germany

Women's Athletic

1 Svetlana Pugacheva Russia
2 Susan Malekpur-Shirazi Germany

Women's Athletic Over 30 

1 Lucie Walther (Overall) Germany
2 Sylvie Esmenjaud France

Women's Athletic Over 40

1 Marina Burinskaja Latvia
  Women's Superbody  
1 Monika Schäfer (Overall) Germany
  Women's Superbody Over 30  
1 Marina Gusmini Italy
2 Astrid Bonnaire Germany

Wheelchair Athletes

1 Garib Youniz Holland
2 Kenrick Palmer Austria

Men's Fitness

1 Vladimir Marachovskij (Overall) Latvia
2 Patrick Spallino Germany

Men's Fitness Over 30

1 Axel Müller Germany
2 Thomas Fehringer Austria

Men's Fitness Over 40

1 Hans-Jürgen Holla Germany
2 Johan Boonstra Holland

Men's Performance

1 Franco Carlotto (Overall) Switzerland
2 Michael Metz Germany

Men's Performance Over 30

1 Patrick Heisel Germany
2 Chris Anger Germany

Men's Performance Over 40

1 Dietmar Haubold Germany
2 Uwe Schöffler Germany

Men's Athletic

1 Poli Moutevelidis (Overall) Germany
2 Roman Senti Switzerland

Men's Athletic Over 30

Andreas Wilms Germany
2 Hennig Kristensen Denmark

Men's Athletic over 40

1 Maris Sveiduks Latvia
2 Mike Mitchell Scotland

Men's Superbody

1 Mindaugas Kvasys (Overall) Lithuania
2 Jens Plasczyk Germany

Men's Superbody Over 30

1 Ole Jensen Denmark
2 Andreas Trienbacher Germany

Men's Superbody Over 40

1 Werner Höh Germany
2 Enrico Lückemann Germany

Men's Extreme Body

1 Vasilis Zachilis Greece
2 Julij Grishajev Lithuania

Men Over 50

1 Willi Bendel Germany
2 Jearl Anthony Richarson Holland

Men Over 60

1 Biagio Filizola Italy
2 Harry Griffith England

Pairs - Fitness

1 Cornelia Trost/Thomas Riedel Germany
2 Chantelle Tanke/Raymond Punter Holland

Pairs - Athletic

1 Lucie & Udo Walther Germany
2 Svetlana Pugacheva/Artiom Ovsojan Russia

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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.
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