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Photos by Wayne Gallasch, Gary Phillips & other photographers, gallery copyright GMV.

1992 German Grand Prix 1992 German Grand Prix  

The star studded lineup - worthy of an Olympia contest - boasted 16 of the world's best and they were as follows, with placings of the top 6 shown. This was the first Grand Prix victory for KEVIN LEVRONE - surely destined to be a future Mr. Olympia!

This is the first time GMV has presented the following NABBA Champions in an IFBB video: CHARLES CLAIRMONTE, FAUSTO ASCANI, ANDRE MAILLE, and PETER ANDREAS. Sadly this was the last Grand Prix video appearance of MOMO BENAZIZA who came second in this classic contest held in Germany's Ruhr Valley.

1997 IFBB Finnish Grand Prix 1997 IFBB Finnish Grand Prix  

KEVIN LEVRONE proved to be a very narrow winner over a shredded CHRIS CORMIER and the soon to be new Mr. Olympia, RONNIE COLEMAN. Nasser El Sonbaty was 4th, although he felt he should have been placed higher. In 7th place was Finland’s own legend MARKO SAVOLAINEN.

He was extremely popular with the large crowd, while Vince Taylor, Lee Priest and Geir Borgan Paulsen were also very popular stars with the audience.


2001 Mr. Olympia: Pump Room # 1 - Prejudging 2001 Mr. Olympia: Pump Room # 1 - Prejudging  

Held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, bodybuilding capital of USA!! This was one of the most exciting Olympias in recent history. At the end of the second round, JAY CUTLER was 6 points in front of Ronnie - but at the evening show, Ronnie posed his heart out to win the final two rounds.

It was a close call, but the Master pulled it off. Then tension on stage is clearly mirrored back stage in both of our exciting pump room DVDs. Includes scenesof Kevin Levrone pumping and practicing his posing routine.


2001 IFBB English Grand Prix 2001 IFBB English Grand Prix  

The main battle was between the top 2 from USA being KEVIN LEVRONE and CHRIS CORMIER with stiff opposition from Dennis, Dexter, Ernie and Melvin. Kevin was in sensational condition and added another GP title to his huge collection.
The final posedown nearly brought the house down as the guys went out into the audience to rub shoulders with the fans! See the complete event from comparisons to posedown to awards with full posing routines from the top 15 plus shortened posing routines from the remaining competitors.


2001 IFBB English Grand Prix - Pump Room 2001 IFBB English Grand Prix - Pump Room  

Our roving camera went backstage at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester to capture all the intimate moments from the 2001 IFBB English Grand Prix pump room. It includes Amateurs and Professionals in the pump room. Many hit poses specially for our camera as they prepare for battle.

Stars include Kevin Levrone who was the winner, Chris Cormier, Dennis James, Gunter Schlierkamp, Ernie Taylor and brand new pro Alex Georijev, and more.


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