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The Natural Bodybuilding Training Manual
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Pages: 22
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Language: English
Size: 6 X 9 inches (15.2  X 22.9 cms)
28 pages
PaperbackAll words, no pictures
Approximately 5,500 words

The Natural Bodybuilding Training Manual by Greg Sushinsky

This practical, concentrated manual written by a natural bodybuilder for natural bodybuilders, shows you why
natural bodybuilders need to–even must–train with methods and techniques specifically tailored to drug-free
trainers, in order to reach their bodybuilding goals.  The manual features both an introduction for beginners
as well as information and an overview for intermediate and advanced trainers.

The manual contains condensed information on reps, sets, energy and recovery–a  key concept for natural
bodybuilders to master, guidelines on workout lengths and volume, as well as a brief  section on genetics.  It
explains why it is crucial for drug-free trainers to train differently–very differently–than those using steroids
and other drugs.  The manual also contains information on what to avoid in your training and nutrition, so you
can benefit from and make the most progress possible in your training.

Included in the heart of the text are several workouts for each level of ability of natural bodybuilders, including
a small section for the hard gainer.  Overall, there are more than a dozen workouts included for you to choose
from, and there is information on how to construct your own workouts from what you learn.  There are
explanations as to how and why to do things a certain way to improve your results.

This compact, 28 page manual contains an enormous amount of potent bodybuilding information.  It’s a small
primer on natural bodybuilding training and nutrition, and even though you may think there are plenty of things
in it you already know or are doing, you will likely learn something from it you’ll be able to apply immediately
and productively to your workouts for better results.  The manual not only provides information, but shows you
how to apply this  information right away.  Results are what this manual is about.

The Natural Bodybuilding Training Manual

Contents include:

–Why Natural Bodybuilding Training is Different

–How to Train Drug-Free

–Workouts, Routines, Sets & Reps; Over a Dozen Workouts to Choose From

–Energy, Recovery & Overtraining: Learn How to Use These Principles for Muscle Growth

–Practical, Usable Information

–Simple, Clear, Easy to Understand and Apply

-Natural Bodybuilders, Your Training is Different!

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