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The Hard Gainer Report
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Pages: 68
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Language: English
Size: 6 X 9 inches (15.2  X 22.9 cms)
97 pages
All words, no pictures
Approximately 19,000 words

The Hard Gainer Report

Training and nutritional information for the most neglected group of bodybuilders: drug-
free hard gainers.

In this report, you’ll learn if you’re a hard gainer and why you’re a hard gainer if you are,
and  why you are having trouble gaining muscle and strength.  Better than that, we’ll
show you how you can begin to gain muscle and strength, and keep on gaining.  This
report is for the natural (drug-free) hard gainer–especially. 

You’ll find information on such topics of importance for the hard gainer as workouts,  rest
and recovery, how to plan your workouts, and a critical discussion of nutrition, eating and
metabolism for the hard gainer.

Workout routines are also covered in this report.  If you are working out like everybody
else and not gaining, we’ll show you workouts that will work for you.  If you are one of the
extreme hard gainers, we can show you how you, too, can make gains.

While conventional workouts don’t often work for hard gainers, often hard gainers need
to resort to more limited  workouts specifically designed for them.  When even these
methods don’t work, we show you still other methods.  There are alternatives.

Learn how as a hard gainer, you may eventually utilize a unique variation of volume
training principles to boost your progress.  (Though many experts say you can’t do this.) 
You will find also, the number one thing you need to do above everything else if you are
to succeed in your bodybuilding as a hard gainer.

This report contains:

–The #1 thing hard gainers need to do to gain muscle size

–how to gain weight, how to gain muscle

–what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat

--information for the drug-free hard gainer on how to train, what exercises are best for you

–how to work with, instead of against, your metabolism

–a section on a much-neglected growth exercise & special growth workouts

–specific set and rep schemes & why to use them

–how to use volume & when (yes, hard gainers can)

–when & how to use specific exercises

–an in-depth discussion of hard gainer nutrition: learn about maximized eating, protein, &
bulking up

–the importance of recovery & how to actually improve this

–and more...

This 97 page, book-length report is a map, a guide of how to get from where you are to
where you want to go.

It is written by a natural bodybuilding hard gainer for natural bodybuilding hard gainers.

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