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The Vitamin Bible by Earl Mindell
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Pages: 213
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The Vitamin Bible
How the right vitamins & minerals can revolutionize your life

By Earl Mindell

The Vitamin Bible by world famous nutritionist, Earl Mindell, tells you how the right vitamins and minerals can revolutionize your life. It contains essential information on all vitamins and will show you how to lead a longer, happier and healthier life. In an easy to follow form, The Vitamin Bible tells you:

—    How vitamin needs vary for each of us and how to determine your own needs.

—    How to find out if you need vitamin supplements and which ones to choose.

—    What the recommended daily allowances of all vitamins and nutrients are.

—    How vitamins can improve sex, combat a craving for alcohol, lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

—    How to substitute natural substances for tranquillisers and drugs.

—   Vitamin precautions everyone should know.

—   The vitamin and nutrient content of hundreds of common foods.

Soft back medium size paperback from Arlington books, excellent condition.

213 pages

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