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1987 NABBA World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships
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Duration: 80 mins
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1987 NABBA World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships

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The 1987 NABBA World Championships was a classic event with the tall class winner Basil Francis also having won the 1987 NABBA Overall Amateur Mr. Universe one week before.  Many famous names of the 80s are seen in this DVD.

In the Men's classes see the posing from the top 6 in each class plus posedown and awards.
The Overall Amateur Winner was Olev Annus of Finland. He should be seen standing in the centre on the DVD cover photo above! He made it a double by winning the 1987 NABBA Pro Universe one week later. See GMV-068DVD.

In the Women's classes, see the top 6 Figure Women pose and in the Physique Class see the top 6 Tall Class and the top 3 in the Short Class pose.
There was no Overall Women's Physique title awarded.

All classes include posedown and presentations. Also included is the Couples section, often known as Mixed Pairs.

REVIEW:  Read a review on this DVD by Matt Canning.

See stars such as Olev Annus, Jerry Scalesse, Basil Francis, and Joe De Angelis and Steve Avery as Juniors.

The main stars were Connie McCloskey and Mary Hovey-Walk of USA, Christa Bauch of Germany and England's own Queen of Figure, Sonia Walker.

Scalesse & Hovey-Walk and Pangerl & Klug were the outstanding pairs.

Running time: 80 mins

1987 NABBA World Amateur Championships
Antwerp, Belgium   19th September, 1987
(NOTE: The 1987 NABBA Pro Worlds for men and women was a separate event held in Vienna on April 25th, 1987. See A-364DVD.)

Overall Amateur Winner:  Olev Annus - Finland

Tall Class 1

1   Basil Francis - UK 
2   Gary Lewer - Australia 
3  Owen Neil - UK
4   Peter Moen - USA
5  Teikie Joubert - South Africa
6  Jan Van Roy - Belgium
7  D. P. Massino -  Italy
Medium Class 2
1   Olev Annus - Finland 
2   Joe Meeko - USA 
3   Steven Strunk - USA 
4   Peter Andreas - Germany
5  Claudio Mostacci - Italy
6  Kevin McNamara - South Africa
7  Ernst Gemeinhardt - Austria
8  Daniel Vrancx - Belgium

Short Class 3
1   Jerry Scalesse - USA 
2   Peter Bosch - Holland 
3   Terry Phillips - UK 
4   Larry Bernstein - USA
5   Gunter Osweiler - Germany
6   Max Pangerl - Austria
7   Ramsford Smith - UK
8   T. Argiris - Greece
Miguel Barcelo - Spain
John Danckaert - Holland
E. Pierre - France
Ralph Piers - South Africa
M. Moosdyk - Holland
David Clark - UK

Junior Class 
1   Joe De Angelis - USA
2   Steve Avery - UK
3   Frank  Debus - Germany
4   G.  Hofstetter - Austria
5   Leonard St. Cyr - UK
6   Dennis Schroevers - Holland
7   Massimo Serenelli - Italy
8   J. Franck - Belgium
Bruce McCall - UK
Ardy Veltkamp - Holland

1   Scalesse & Hovey-Walk - USA
2   Pangerl & Klug - Austria
3   Pierre & Pierre - France
4   Franck & De Wever - Belgium

Figure Class
1   Sonia Walker - UK
2   Mary Scott - UK
3   Elizabeth Resch - Austria
4   Tania Panza - Italy
5   Marie Pierre - France
6   Yvonne van Veenendaal - Holland
7   Michelle Buckingham - Australia
8   Kim Knott - Australia
Karen Bosch - Holland

Women's Physique

Short Class 2
1   Connie McCloskey - USA
2   Christa Bauch - W. Germany
3   Gabriele Klug - Austria
4   Mary Johnston - Australia
5   Chris Van Landeghem - Holland

Tall Class 1
1   Mary Hovey-Walk - USA
2   Donna Hartley-Wass - UK
3   Mary Zegeling - Holland
4   Leisa Campbell - Australia
5   L. De Wever - Belgium
6   Juul Fransen - Holland

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* Available in NTSC DVD, Open Region.

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