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1970 & 1971 NABBA Mr Universe Contests (Remastered Version) - Arnold's last NABBA Crown
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Duration: 79 mins
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1970 & 1971 NABBA Mr. Universe - Enhanced and Remastered Version 

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Part 1. At the 1970 NABBA Mr. Universe a still young and sensational Arnold Schwarzenegger wins his final NABBA crown in England, taking out the Pro class.
Held at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London on Saturday, September 19th, this film, now on DVD and Download, is a very historic record of the highlights from this famous event.  It was also the first time I met Arnold Schwarzenegger.                                          

You'll also see the amazing Frank Zane (Overall Amateur Mr. Universe), Franco Columbu, Frank Colombera, Johnny Fuller, Chris Dickerson, Boyer Coe, Dave Draper, Reg Park, Al Beckles, John Citrone, Walter O'Malley, Helmut Riedmeier, Brian Eastman, Frank Richard and more.

This was the first international contest shot by Wayne Gallasch.  When Wayne shot the 2010 NABBA Universe, it was his 41st and final Universe.
This Part 1 runs for 22 mins.


Part 2 of  this DVD is  the 1971 NABBA Mr. Universe  contest. The Overall Amateur winner was Ken Waller and the Overall Professional winner was Bill Pearl. Also includes Frank Zane, Reg Park, Kassem Yazbek and the great Sergio Oliva. Frank Zane was the Pro Short Class winner in 1971.

Other top Amateurs shown include Ken Waller, Chris Dickerson, Elias Petsas, Frank Colombera, Chuck Collras, John Holt, Jack Chenier, Michael Baker, Ehrling Wahlgren, Roy Perrot, Lars Lunde, Warren Frederick, Al Beckles, Roy Callender, Pete Caputo and Paul Grant.
Part 2 runs for 57 mins.



Total DVD Running Time now 79 mins.


Special note: Please bear with us on this great classic. It was shot under very difficult conditions. The lighting at the prejudging was average, and given the technology of the day the quality is the best we can achieve using modern technology to enhance the colour and total picture image. Shot on film, digitally transferred to video, then to DVD and music added.

In celebration of the 60th year of the NABBA universe in 2008, this whole DVD production process was re-done on August 27th, 2008 to REMASTER & EXTEND  this DVD from 60 to 79 minutes.

Most photos were taken by the late great George Greenwood, who authorised their use by Wayne Gallasch. Also thanks to Malcolm Whyatt.

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1970 NABBA Pro Mr Universe

The Prejudging was held on Friday, 18th September, 1970 in the Ballroom of the old Royal Hotel in London.
The Show was held on Saturday in the Victoria Palace Theatre, London on 19th September, 1970.

Overall Pro Winner: Arnold Schwarzenegger Austria                                  

Tall Class 1 (over 1.73m)

1  Arnold Schwarzenegger  Austria
2  Reg Park  South Africa
3  Dave Draper  USA
4  John Bubb  UK
5  Jacques Louvier  Guadeloupe
Short Class 2 (up to and including 1.73m)

1  Boyer Coe  USA
2  Kassem Yazbek  Syria
3  Fanie Du Toit  South Africa
4  Nicolas Kemp  Belgium
5  Moktari Abdelsallem  Algeria

1970 NABBA Amateur Mr Universe

Overall Winner: Frank Zane  USA


Best Chest award: Franco Columbu (Class 3 Amateur 2nd place)  
Best Back award: Al Beckles (Class 2 Amateur 2nd place) 
Best Legs award: Frank Richard (Class 1 Amateur winner)

Tall Class 1 (over 1.75m)

1  Frank Richard  UK                                                                                             
2  Helmut Riedmeier  Germany
3  Brian Eastman  UK
4  Karl Kainrath  Austria
5  Gunter Heinlein  Germany
6  Paul Grant  UK
7 Walter O’Malley N. Ireland / UK
8 Dirk Warnez Belgium 
Also competed - not in order of merit - surnames in alphabetical order  
Henry Greaves Trinidad 
Maloud Lagouag Algeria / Belgium 
Jean Marc Mauron  Switzerland 
Amando Buttigieg Malta
Pikkie Nel may also have competed

Medium Class 2 (over 1.68m up to and including 1.75m)

1  Frank Zane  USA
2  Albert Beckles  Barbados
3  Lars Lunde  Norway
4  Janko Rudman Sweden
5  Ehrling Wahlgren Sweden
6  Roy Perrott  UK
7 Helmut Schneider Germany
8 Joseph Camilleri  England 
Also competed - not in order of merit - surnames in alphabetical order  
Roy Duval England 
Hesketh Francis  Dominica 
George Hinds Barbados                                                   
Baldo Lois Spain                                                                                               
Michael Riley England         
Guillaume Verschueren Belgium 
Petrus Venter may also have competed

Short Class 3 (up to and including 1.68m)

1  Chris Dickerson  USA
2  Franco Columbu  Italy
3  Pierre Vandensteen  Belgium
4  Frank Colombera  Australia
5  Michael Baker  UK
6  Kamal Bozan  Syria
7  Michael Piliotis England
8  Johnny Fuller Jamaica / England
Also competed - not in order of merit - surnames in alphabetical order  
Elias Petsas S. Africa  
Armando Buttigieg  Malta 
Mahmoud Jerasheh Tehabsem Jordon 
Michael Wyatt England

1970 Miss Bikini Universe:  Christine Zane  USA
1971 NABBA Mr Universe
Overall Pro Winner: Bill Pearl USA
Overall Amateur Winner: Ken Waller USA
Miss Bikini Universe:  Linda Thomas  England                                                                         

1971 NABBA MR. UNIVERSE - Complete Results
London Victoria Palace Theatre, 18th September, 1971

SHORT CLASS 3 (up to and including 1.68m)

1 Chris Dickerson  U.S.A
2 Elias Petsas S. Africa
3 Frank Colombera Australia
4 Chuck Collras U.S.A.
5  John Holt England
6  Mike Baker England
Also competed - not in order of merit - surnames in alphabetical order
Jacques Chenier France
Mana Garland New Zealand
Joseph Maung Singapore
Jean Paul Vandevelde Belgium
Mike Wyatt England

MEDIUM CLASS 2 (1.68m up to and including 1.75m)
1 Albert Beckles Barbados/England
2 Roy Callender Barbados/England
3 Lars Lunde Norway
4 Peter Caputo USA
5 Ehrling Wahlgren Sweden                                                                                                                         
6 Warren Frederick USA
7 Roy Duval England
8 Roy Perrott England
Also competed - not in order of merit - surnames in alphabetical order
Hesketh Francis Dominica
Johnny Fuller Jamaica / England
Paul Garner England
Jack Graham N. Ireland / UK
Eddie Millar N. Ireland / UK
Yves Montend France
Ray Novak S. Africa
Frank Prince  lles England
Frank Vitaris England

TALL CLASS 1 (over 1.75m)

1  Ken Waller USA
2  Paul  Grant Wales
3  Dennis Wilkins England
4  Clement Wisdom Jamaica
5  Bill Richardson  Aruba / England
6  Chris Keyser  S. Africa
7  Henry Greaves Trinidad


Best  Posing award: Chris Dickerson of U.S.A., 1st in Amateur Class 3
Most Improved British Bodybuilder: Paul Grant of Wales, 2nd in Amateur Class 1


SHORT CLASS 2 (up to and including 1.73m)                                                                              

1 Frank Zane U.S.A.
2 Kassem Yazbek Syria
3 Tony Emmott England
4 Ludwig Ingebregtsen Norway
5 Bill Hemsworth England
6 Warren Langman S. Africa

TALL CLASS 1 (over 1.73m)

1 Bill Pearl U.S.A.
2 Sergio Oliva U.S.A.
3 Reg Park England / S. Africa
4 John Bubb England
5 Roger Francois France


Linda Thomas   England


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* NTSC DVD, OPEN REGION.  This is a direct transfer to DVD with no special added features.

(Customer Review)

August 12, 2005

Hi Wayne,

Just wanted to say that 1970/71 Universe NABBA DVD was unbelievable!!!!

Regards, Tony Humphreys.    USA.

Frank & Christine Zane with Arnold

Draper, Park & Arnold

Bill Pearl

Chris Dickerson & Frank Colombera

Al Beckles

Reg Park

Ken Waller & Bill Pearl

1971 Winners

Dave Draper, Reg Park & Arnold

Arnold, Reg Park & Dave Draper

Dave Draper & Reg Park

Dave Draper

Frank Colombera - day after the Universe

Arnold and Zane, the 1970 Universe winners

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