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John Citrone "Maximum Damage" Workout
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Duration: 112 mins
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John Citrone's "Maximum Damage" Workout.

Digital Download.

John Citrone, multi Mr. Universe and Mr. World winner is probably England’s most titled bodybuilder. He has won every contest available to him from Junior Mr. Britain to Mr Universe through to his recent Masters Mr. World title in 2005.

In a career spanning more than 48 years John has battled with many of the greats of bodybuilding including Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 60s!

In John’s "Maximum Damage" workout he takes each exercise to absolute failure giving new meaning to the phrase ‘maximum damage". All major bodyparts are covered as John gives a running commentary of training tips, sets and reps after each exercise. There’s no faking the sweat or effort in this video! John is actually working out in his own gym, and what you see is what he does every day of the week - Maximum Damage training!

This is a highly motivational and instructional DVD from England’s most popular bodybuilder.

You will enjoy a  revealing interview and extensive posing at contests and in the studio with extreme closeups of his incredible muscularity. Highlights of John’s strength act from the early ‘70’s are also shown.

(He is also a former powerlifting champion too.) Recent contest victories covered include the 2002 NABBA Worlds, 2004 NABBA Universe, 2005 NABBA Europeans and 2005 NABBA Worlds in Brazil. The highlights from Brazil include poolside posing and brief interview plus posing with other members of the British team.

The workout and posing was taped just prior to one of John’s magnificent victories at the World Championships.

The workout was taped at the KINGSWAY LEISURE CLUB, Team Valley, Tyne & Wear UK.

John and Arnold pictured left at the 1966 NABBA Universe.

Arnold and ContemporariesPlease click here to see highlights of JOHN CITRONE'S FAMOUS STRENGTH ACT at the 1970 NABBA Universe in this DVD on Arnold and Contemporaries, V-161DVD.

MAXIMUM DAMAGE DVD includes a brilliant photo gallery.



Biagio Filizola presenting John Citrone with the John C. Grimek Award for 2000

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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