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Brutal Fox in Training - The Ultimate Workout
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Brutal Fox in Training - The Ultimate Workout

After winning every NABBA title available to him, Brutal Bertil Fox came to the IFBB pro ranks in 1981. Naturally Bertil sent shockwaves through the ranks world wide.

He rivaled Sergio as the all-time king of mass and power. A regular competitor through the 1980's, he could never quite eke out a win in the IFBB. He compete in the Mr Olympia a number of times with placings as high as 5th (1983), 7th (1986) and 8th (1982). Many I times I heard the crowd sceaming "Beef, Beef" or "Beef it Bertil, Beef" at the prejudging. He was a true cult figure at the time, hitting most muscular after most muscular poses for his adoring fans.
This workout video was shot at World Gym in 1985 when Bertil was at the peak of his career. See him go through a gruelling workout with weights you can hardly believe.

Without question the size, shape and power of BERTIL FOX's arms with the ability to do chins with over 200 lbs. strapped to his waist, curls with nearly 300 lbs, and slow concentration curls with 100 lbs. dumbbells show just how powerful his arms were. His triceps strength was legendary. His favourite triceps routine was as follows:

EXERCISE                              SETS  REPS

Lying triceps extensions            5     6-8
Bench dips                                 5     6-8
One-arm dumbbell triceps         5     6-8
Cable pushdowns                      5     8-10
One-arm pushdowns                 5     8-10

Born: November 9, 1951Height: 5' 10"Weight: 235 lbs 

1969 NABBA Jr. Mr. Britain
1970 NABBA Jr. Mr. Britain
1971 NABBA Jr. Mr. Britain
1971 Jr. Mr. Europe
1976 NABBA Mr. Britain
1976 AAU Mr. World
1977 NABBA Mr. Universe (Amateur)
1978 NABBA Mr. Universe (Pro)
1979 NABBA Mr. Universe (Pro)
On Sept. 27, 2002, Bertil's death sentence was changed to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and her mother.
This DVD is a tribute to the wonderful career of Brutal BERTIL FOX.

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* Available in NTSC (region free)

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