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The Battle for the Olympia 2005 3 DVD set
Code: A-1140DVD
Duration: 540 mins
Price: $39.95
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The Battle for the Olympia 2005   3 DVD Set  
This is a Massive 3 DVD Set!!

This fantastic 3 disc set running a massive 540 minutes total is always one of our best selling DVD sets each year.

This year is the 10th anniversary of this classic series showing the guys training as they prepare for the 2005 Mr Olympia.

Featured Athletes:

Lee Priest : Legs
(Before he changed his mind about competing in the Olympia.)
Gustavo Badell : Biceps
Darrem Charles : Chest
Victor Martinez : Chest
Craig Richardson : Legs
Johnnie Jackson : Chest
Branch Warren : Chest
(Branch & Johnnie train together)
Ronnie Coleman : Legs
Quincy Taylor : Back + Chest
Jay Cutler : Arms
Gunter Schlierkamp : Chest
Kris Dim : Back
Melvin Anthony Jr. : Delts +
Dennis ”The Menace” James : Back
Alexander Fedorov : Back +
Chris Cormier : Arms, Back +
Ronny Rockel : Chest, Back +
2005 Mr Olympia Prejudging highlights
(Mr Olympia Final NOT Included. )
George Farah : Arms
David Henry : Chest +

Running time:  540 mins

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* Available in NTSC DVD (Region Free)

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