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Peter Andreas "The Kaiser"
Code: GMV-094DVD
Duration: 60 mins
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Peter Andreas "The Kaiser"

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PETER ANDREAS, Mr. Universe, Mr. Germany, Mr. Europe and well known gym owner and model takes us through a devastatingly grueling gym workout taped in the German city of Köln.

He grunts and groans his way through the exercises, repeatedly calling on his training partner to oil his glistening, power-packed muscles. After each set Peter brutally poses the engorged muscle group to our GMV cameras.

Where you may ask did he get such huge calves? Genetics must play a part but not many bodybuilders can claim to have 'cows' of almost the same dimension as their arms (21")!   At 5'10" (176 cms), our German Superman weighs 225lbs (102Kg).

Finally Peter presents his dynamic routine both in the gym and as he competes at the NABBA Universe and World championships. He has now gone on to become a professional bodybuilder. Peter is assisted in his workout by LOTHAR KIENLE.
Lothar Kienle - The Gentle Giant from Germany Lothar Kienle - The Gentle Giant from Germany  

Lothar Kienle show us what bodybuilding is all about, and why the Germans are considered to be equal to the world's best. Lothar is 6' (182 cms) tall, young, good looking and dedicated. As he goes through his hardcore workout, the sweat pours down in buckets.

This remarkable physique has helped him win the Mr. Germany and Mr. Europe titles. To end the workout, Lothar presents his exciting solo posing routine, and then shares a posedown with fellow Mr. Germany, Peter Andreas.


Contest Update: Peter is the only dual Masters Universe winner having won the 1999 Masters Over 40 NABBA Mr. Universe title and in 2003 won the NABBA Masters Over 50 Mr. Universe title.

RT: 60 mins

* Available in NTSC  (region free)

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