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Flex Wheeler - Hardbody
Code: A-4016DVD
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $34.95
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Flex Wheeler - Hardbody

In Flex Wheeler's debut rookie season as a professional bodybuilder, he has taken the industry by storm. Not only has he made history by winning four consecutive pro shows in 1993, but he won three of them with perfect scores! But that wasn't enough for FLEX. He went on to place second in his first appearance at Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia competition.

How Did Flex Do It?

This is not a "how-to" video, but a documentary. This innovative, stylized, trend-setting video takes a look at the fastest growing star on the professional bodybuilding scene. You can see for yourself what makes FLEX the most awesome and captivating pro today.


Witness first hand FLEX's back breaking, muscle pumping training techniques that have put him at the top of the bodybuilding world! Including historical photos and a chronology of FLEX's competitions, you will see what motivates FLEX to continually strive for perfection! View the personally stylized training sessions with world renowned bodybuilder and trainer Charles Glass that have given Flex Wheeler the best physique in town.

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Hardbody Running time:
60 mins.

DVD Review: Flex Wheeler's "Hardbody".

Although "Hardbody" hit the scene (on VHS - remember that?) about 15 years ago, I have to say that it remains one of my all-time favorites of its genre - you know, where you watch your favorite bodybuilder go through his workouts, pose and maybe even eat something. Filmed in 1993, when Gold's Gym was stacked with top amateurs and pros, waistlines were nice and tight, synthol was still an idea - a crappy one, I might add - I actually had hair on my head, and Flex Wheeler was the hottest new bodybuilder in the IFBB, "Hard-body" has become a classic.

The viewer gets to watch Flex, in outstanding condition, and his close friend and training partner Rico McCinton get put through their paces by the one and only Charles Glass. The training footage is not only inspiring - damn, Flex looks amazing - but also highly entertaining, as these three offer up some pretty hilarious gym banter.

Amid all of the joking and teasing, however, you'll witness some pretty hard training, and by the end you'll shake your head in wonder that Flex doesn't have at least one Sandow on his mantel. If you're new to the sport, I urge you to check out "Hard-body." Flex Wheeler is one of the best pros ever to grace an IFBB stage.

I watched it the other day for the 10th-plus time, and my motivation for improving my physique jumped to yet another level.
Our thanks for this review by Eric Broser, courtesy of

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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