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2006 NABBA UNIVERSE - Men's Prejudging
Code: GMV-650DVD
Duration: 150 mins
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2006 NABBA UNIVERSE - Men's Prejudging

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Held in Southport, England, the 2006 NABBA Universe Men's Prejudging provides an in-depth look at the amateur competitors. Includes the posing routines of all competitors, line-ups of Round 1 and at least 3 sets of key comparisons from all Round 3s.
The overall Amateur Mr. Universe was Tomas Bures of the Czech Republic, see front cover above.
The Pro-Am was judged at the show and is seen in the second DVD: Men - The Show. The winner was Steph Sinton, UK.

*Ivan Dunbar rated TOMAS BURES as one of the greatest winners he has ever seen at the NABBA Universe, not far behind Legend Status!

For more details on THE MEN - THE SHOW, GMV-651DVD please click here.

2006 NABBA UNIVERSE - Men's Show

2006 NABBA UNIVERSE - Men's Show.  

Held in Southport, England, the 2006 NABBA Universe Men at the Evening Show also includes the judging of the Pro-Am class. You will see the posing routines of all top 6 amateur competitors in all classes plus all Pro-Am competitors.

Includes posedown for overall Amateur Mr. Universe won by Tomas Bures plus all awards. The Pro-Am winner was Steph Sinton. Steph has now won the treble of overall Amateur Mr. Universe and overall NABBA Mr. World.


2006 NABBA UNIVERSE - Women's Prejudging & Show 2006 NABBA UNIVERSE - Women's Prejudging & Show.  

Held in Southport, England, the 2006 NABBA Universe Women's DVD saw strong competition in 4 separate classes being FIGURE CLASSES 1 & 2, PHYSIQUE and FITNESS. You will see the posing routines of every single competitor from the prejudging and the top 6 in each class posing at the show.

Includes rounds 1 and 3 from prejudging, plus the posedown for Overall Figure Champion, as well as all the awards, and all the fitness routines from the show.


The DVDs all include a Photo Gallery: Photos by Tina Gallasch.

Click here to read Wayne's full CONTEST REPORT on the 2006 NABBA Universe.

3 separate photo DVDs from the men’s events are available as follows:

They include photos from prejudging and the show. They contain high quality images which are large files. You can view the photo DVD in your computer DVD drive or through your DVD player - if it can play back jpegs. If both these options are not possible, let us know and we will make your photos on one or two CDs for you.

Please click here for the Photo DVD product page.

Contest Photo DVDs are Available in NTSC (region free)

2006 NABBA Universe Results
7th October 2006,  Southport, U.K.


Amateur Mr. Universe: Tomás Bures, Czech Rep

Pro-Am Mr. Universe: Steph Sinton, UK


1  Vitaly Gerasimov  Russia
2  Damian Cloete  South Africa
3  Giovanni Azpeitia  Mexico
4  Nathan de Asha  UK
5  Graison Hom  South Africa
6  Lucky Hatzipantelis  Australia
Oskars Stals Latvia
Sergey Klenyshev Russia
Nathan Robinson UK 

Masters Over 40
1  Jan De Weerd  Holland
2  Dayo Audi  UK
3  Hugh Ross  USA
4  Grant King  Australia
5  Aivars Visockis  Latvia
6  David Steele  UK
Nortom James Murayama
Paul Dillon UK
Lawrence Civelli Malta
Mark Stocks UK
Jari Mustonen Finland
David Stecca UK
Fernando Obregon Mexico

Masters Over 50
1  Bernie Cooper  UK
2  Andrzej Brzezinski  Poland
3  Tony Rizzo  Australia
4  Graham Park  UK
5  Earl Maduro  Holland
6  Mauri Heikkinen  Finland
Francisco Rios Mexico
Werner Hoh Germany
Roy Caunce UK 

1  Paul Sutton  UK
2  Marilandio Ponchet  Brazil  
3  Leonardo Flores  Mexico
4  Jerry Koolhoven  Holland
5  Daryl Aldis  UK
6  Paul Lans  Holland
Jefferson Ferreira Cuaglio Brazil
Philippe Eichler France
Diego Martinez Italy
Raphael Chevailler France
Luis Antonio de Jesus Brazil
Carlos Rojero Mexico 

1  Nesset Icly  Holland
2  Alexandre Nataf  France
3  Phil Carlon  UK
4  Fernando Almeida  Brazil
5  Charles Duca  Australia
6  Fabio Augusto dos Santos  Brazil
Petr Vanis Czech Rep.
Edward Selsby UK
Steve Cart UK
Jorg Fuchs Germany
Ladislav Kurcik Czech Rep.
Gary Halliwell UK
Gilbert Cuschieri Malta
Aleksey Shaykin Russia
Pavlo Zelenko Ukraine

1  Tomás Bures  Czech Rep
2  Alistair Smyth  UK
3  Babak Moaeri  Dubai, UAE
4  Bruno Matias  France
5  Samuel Vieira  Brazil
6  Darren Smith  UK
Eric Eifler Germany
Anastasios Minidis Greece
Blue Shinners Rep. of Ireland
Alex McDonnel UK
Darius Buksnaitis Lithuania

1  Alexey Netesanov  Russia
2  Julio César de Freitas  Brazil
3  Gino Barios  Holland
4  Neven Corak  Croatia
5  Radek Lonc  Czech Rep
6  Elias Triantafilou  Greece
Neil Rushden UK
Leon Gezea Holland
James Scott UK
Kenneth Prescott UK
Martin Fannan UK
Roberto Morando Australia
Aldo Gomez Mexico
Luiz Moreira UK

1  Steph Sinton  UK
2  Tomás Bures  Czech Rep
3  Peter Elvis Brown  UK
4  Charles Mario  Brazil
5  Joao Bispo De Andrade  Brazil
6  Billy Bourne  Rep. of Ireland
7  Geoff Hargreaves UK 

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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