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Bob Paris the Flawless Marvel
Code: V-110DVD
Duration: 30 mins
Price: $29.95
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Bob Paris the Flawless Marvel 

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This is truly a Classic Film feature on the world's most aesthetic bodybuilder. It was shot in the early part of Bob's career, and is the only half hour pumping and posing feature he ever made. As such it is a rare collector's item. In this DVD, Bob first appears in a tank top and slacks, looking every bit the superstar model. He oils his muscular arms and then launches into a deliberate pumping display with steel cables and dumbbells.

The DVD continues with posing in tank top followed by oiling, flexing and finally, posing in closeup, as Bob relates to the camera in an intimate one-on-one style. There are some great closeups of Bob's muscular body, as he presents each muscle group in a fluid, graceful, aesthetic style.

Few men have Bob Paris' stunning good looks and beautifully symmetrical physique. In his heyday he was hailed as another Steve Reeves.  At 6' tall and 210lbs of solid muscle, Bob Paris aroused frenzied acclaim wherever he appeared in contests and posing exhibitions.

The technical quality of this original film was not as sharp as more recent video presentations as it belongs to the technology of the time. However it is a rare collector's item. 
Bob won the 1983 IFBB World Championships (Mr. Universe) in Singapore, and subsequently competed in the Mr. Olympia a number of times. His career spanned a very successful 12 years. He is a master poser and has been one of USA's most popular professional physique stars.

Bob Paris competed in the Mr. Olympia between 1984 and 1991. His incredible contest record is listed below.

In 2006 "Flex Magazine" listed Bob Paris as the most aesthetic physique of all time. He possesses a truly a timeless shape and symmetry!
Today Bob is a well known author, motivational speaker and part time actor.

Originally shot on film and transferred to DVD with music added. This is a classic DVD.

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Running time: 30 mins

Photo front cover courtesy Al Antuck and Iron Man.

Please click here to see how BOB PARIS looked at the 1983 IFBB World Championships Prejudging, GMV-265DVD.
Please click here to see how BOB PARIS won at the 1983 IFBB World Championships Finals, GMV-266DVD.

The GMV Legends Collection # 22: Paris, Gautreaux, Santiago, Glass, Malla & Ross The GMV Legends Collection # 22: Paris, Gautreaux, Santiago, Glass, Malla & Ross  

Macho arms - pumping - tensing - oiling - tattoos - arm wrestling, and dynamic posing including tanktop posing displays. ALL STAR LINE-UP: Bob Paris, Jesse Gautreaux, Charles Glass, Ali Malla, Ernie Santiago and Geofrey Ross. What a superb line-up of outstanding young USA musclemen.

Heavy muscle action, pumping, tensing and posing plus a short arm wrestling segment with Gautreaux and Ross.
V-134DVD | $29.95


NPC Los Angeles Championships, Overall Winner
Los Angeles Championships - NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 1st

NPC California Championships, Light-HeavyWeight, 2nd
NPC Nationals, HeavyWeight, 4th
NPC USA Championships, HeavyWeight, 3rd

NPC Nationals, Overall Winner
NPC Nationals, HeavyWeight, 1st
IFBB World Amateur Championships, HeavyWeight, 1st

IFBB Olympia, 7th

IFBB Olympia, 9th

IFBB Los Angeles Pro Championships, 7th
IFBB World Pro Championships, 6th

IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational, 5th
IFBB Grand Prix England, 6th
IFBB Grand Prix France, 4th
IFBB Grand Prix Germany, 6th
IFBB Grand Prix Greece, 6th
IFBB Grand Prix Italy, 3rd
IFBB Grand Prix Spain, 5th
IFBB Grand Prix Spain (#2), 4th
IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational, 3rd
IFBB Night of Champions, 3rd
IFBB Olympia, 10th

IFBB Arnold Classic, 5th
IFBB Grand Prix France, 3rd
IFBB Grand Prix Germany, 6th
IFBB Grand Prix Melbourne/Australia, 3rd
IFBB Grand Prix Spain, 3rd
IFBB Grand Prix Spain (#2), 3rd
IFBB Grand Prix Sweden, 4th
IFBB Night of Champions, 4th
IFBB Olympia, 14th
IFBB World Pro Championships, 3rd

IFBB Night of Champions, 14th

IFBB Arnold Classic, 16th
IFBB Grand Prix Italy, 5th
IFBB Iron Man Pro Invitational, 10th
IFBB Musclefest Grand Prix, 3rd
IFBB Olympia, 12th

IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational, 10th

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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