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Frank McGrath – Animal Arms
Code: A-1192DVD
Duration: 30 mins
Price: $24.95
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Frank McGrath – Animal Arms, Volume 1. 

Motivation! - Motivation! - Motivation!  - This is the DVD for you!!!

Click here to view Frank McGrath doing mandatory poses at the 2007 Iron Man.

"Guns... To survive in this game, ya gotta have 'em. To make your mark--to be a legend, you need a badass set of arms. Wanna know how I built mine? Follow me." Frank McGrath aka Wrath.

The long awaited first installment of the Animal Training Series, "Animal Arms", is finally here. Featuring none other than Wrath (Frank McGrath) from "The Journey", "Animal Arms" gives you a unique glimpse into Wrath's world. It's raw, uncensored and ugly... Follow Wrath as he goes through his actual workout, blasting his guns. Find out what he does, how he trains, and what it takes to get the job done. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. If ya need insights or you need a f--king dose of motivation, you've come to the right place.

Running time: Approximately 30 mins.

Click here for Volume 2. Frank McGrath – Animal Chest

Click here for Volume 3. Frank McGrath – Animal Delts


This DVD is a very different training video than any I have seen. In a word it is HARDCORE. We've all seen the Animal ads in the magazines. This video is like bringing those ads to life.

It features Wrath from (Frank McGrath) training arms in a hardcore gym. It's all training, almost no talking. Wrath trains heavy and basic. There is a couple of cool shots of his arms up close and the vascularity he has is SICK. It's black and white and the camera angles and music are good. Very cool, the DVD definately got me pumped to train.If you don't feel like training after you see this, you are not a bodybuilder. Well done, well produced and I am looking forward to the other bodypart DVD's to come.


Witness FRANK "WRATH" McGRATH as he burns through a no-holds-barred arm training session. It's just heavy weights; brute force; bulging veins; rippling sinew; and dripping sweat.

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

Limited CLOSEOUT STOCK, and then the Animal series is gone.

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