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Men's Fitness Championships at FIBO '99
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Duration: 70 mins
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Men's Fitness Championships at FIBO '99

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This outstanding NABBA/WFF event showcased 29 young in shape European bodybuilding stars of the future. The contest is for the younger, more aesthetic and athletically built muscle guys. Each guy is eager to please the judges and the huge FIBO crowd.
This is the very beginning of Men's Fitness Competitions on DVD, as far as we know.

We include all the compulsory poses, comparisons, posedowns and awards. Also the posing routines from all the top competitors as they battle it out on the main show stage at the 1999 FIBO. Includes Poli Moutevelidis the Junior Winner, Sascha Plasa the Open Winner plus Andreas Wilms, Gabriel Morrone, Patrick Heisel and many more young stars. The photos below are screen grabs from the DVD.

1999 Men's Fitness Championships at FIBO
Essen, Germany   April 24th, 1999


Athletic Fitness - Short
1. Sascha Plasa - Germany

Athletic Fitness - Tall
1. Andreas Wilms - Germany

Men's Fitness
1. Gabriel Morrone - Italy

Patrick Heisel - Germany
Lars Kasper - Germany
Marco Tenspolde - Germany
Martin Droge - Germany
Tanel Idil - Turkey
Gianpaolo Sgambati - Germany
George Gustoni - Serbia
Daniel Rekowski - Germany
Frank Sailer - Germany
Alexander Nikiforow - Germany
Stephan Deininger - Germany
Dirk Klein - Germany
Andreas Muller - Germany
Engelbert Olbrich - Germany
Ralf Maus - Germany
Dirk Bujack - Germany
Knut Bonnaire - Germany
Niko Wilmes - Germany
Josef Albanese - Germany
Rainer Hofmann - Germany
Sven Kasper - Germany
Roland Schwan - Germany
Christian Marza - Germany

Junior Class
1. Poli Moutevelidis - Germany
Andreas Wick - Germany
Markus Thiele - Germany

Running time: 70 mins

FIBO '99: It's FIBO time in '99

FIBO '99: It's FIBO time in '99  

All the posing and all the stars, including: Jay CUTLER, Melvin ANTHONY, Monica BRANT, Sabine FROSCHAUER, Lamar LOWERY, Mario RIEGER, etc and more.


1999 IFBB European Women's Bodybuilding, Fitness & Mixed Pairs Championships

1999 IFBB European Women's Bodybuilding, Fitness & Mixed Pairs Championships  

This major event was held at FIBO, Essen Germany on the 24th and 25th of April 1999. The competition presented 53 of the best female athletes in Europe plus 9 superb Mixed Pairs.

All rounds for all 3 weight classes, plus fitnes and mixed pairs are included. You will see the exciting posedowns and awards. Ben Weider was also present at this event.


1999 Women's Fitness & Figure Championships at FIBO '99

1999 Women's Fitness & Figure Championships at FIBO '99  

This is one of our earliest NABBA/WFF Fitness & Figure combined DVDs and includes European stars Tina Pusch and Blanca Ferenc along with many other stars.

See a wonderful lineup of muscular, GORGEOUS AND SEXY fitness and figure athletes on the main stage at FIBO in Germany. This is the complete contest DVD.


1999 IFBB European Women's Fitness Championship

1999 IFBB European Women's Fitness Championship  
Held at FIBO in Essen, Germany, on April 24 and 25, 1999 - 12 women competed in the under 160cm class, and 15 women in the over 160cm class. All three rounds are shown, plus awards presented by Ben Weider, CM, Ph.D.

114 minutes of some of the best IFBB European Fitness women we have ever seen. Such was the importance of this event, Ben Weider made a special trip from Canada in order to be present and make the awards. The routines were simply sensational.


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* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free

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