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Click here to see a clip of the Men's Czech Bodybuilding team posing outdoors.

Click here to view a preview from this DVD.



2007 NABBA World Championships: The Men - Prejudging DVD
2007 NABBA World Championships: The Men - The Show DVD
* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

Sunny Malta in the Mediterranean was host to the NABBA World Championships, held at the famous Dolmen resort at Bugibba.
In this DVD you will see the complete posing routines of the top 6 competitors in all classes, plus posedowns and awards. A bonanza of hard core muscle showcasing the best men from around the world.
The Czech team was a standout as the results above show. In the overall judging and posedown, see how the Brazilian super star MARILANDIO PONCHET outmuscled the 3 class winners from the Czech Republic to take the Overall Mr. World crown.
Of special note was the innovative posing routine by Class 4 and overall winner Marilandio Ponchet of Brazil. In his routine he actually "chiselled out his physique!". You need to see the DVD!

Huge Photo Gallery.
Photos by Raymond Cassar.

Extra Scenes:
Parade of Nations
Dennis James and Milos Sarcev meet the fans.
Posing by the Czech team outdoors. (Click here to see some photos.)

Click here to see a clip of the Men's Czech Bodybuilding team posing outdoors.

Click here to read Wayne's contest report from the 2007 NABBA Worlds.

Click here to order the Men's Prejudging DVD from this event. 

Click here to order The Men - The Show DVD from this event.

Click here to order the Women's DVD from this event.

Total Running time of this 2 DVD men's set including extra scenes: 267 mins.

Buy the complete deal: Prejudging and Show and Save!! Just $64.95 you save $24.95
Super Special Deal: Buy the complete set of 3 and SAVE HEAPS!!

Complete Men's Results:
Masters Over 40
1 Pierre Mifsud - Malta
2 Gruiter Yande - Holland
3 Giannis Anagnostou - Greece
4 Giadio Galea - Malta
5 Michael Vostry - Germany
6 Stefan Nonn - Germany

    Peter Brady - Ireland
    Yanislav Tachev - Bulgaria
    Bozkurt Aziz - Holland
    Lawrence Civelli - Malta
    Kaggelaris Giorgos - Greece
    Pierre Perrier - France
Masters Over 50
1 Bernie Cooper - UK
2 Graham Park - UK
3 Josef Rac - Czech Rep
4 Tony Rizzo - Australia
5 Sam Metcalfe - Scotland
6 Andrzej Brzezinski- Poland

    Valery Loktinov - Russia
    Sten Wikstorm - Sweden
    Gus Walsh - Ireland
1 Darren Borg - Malta
2 Nathan De Asha - UK
3 Dennis Revello - Germany
4 Vladimir Djurovic - Serbia
5 Milan Savic - Serbia
6 Saso Simoncic - Slovenia

    Lukas Papp - Slovakia
    Ilya Yakoulev - Ukraine
MR. Class  4         
1 Marilandio Ponchet - Brazil
2 Jaroslav Vosmik - Czech Rep
3 Simon Horsell - Wales/UK
4 Michael Jurgen - Belgium
5 Timo Moisio - Finland
6 James Salmond - Scotland/UK
7 Jim Kotantonis - Australia
8 Sebastien Zozi - France 
MR. Class  3
1 Petr Vanis - Czech Rep
2 Justin Trollope - Wales/UK
3 Charles Duca - Australia
4 Ian Sturrock - Scotland/UK
5 Carlos Caruna - Malta
6 Eric Cagnard- France

    Patrick Croonen - Belgium
    Tsournovitis - Greece
    Jaroslav Cink - Czech Republic
    Donatello Pisani - Malta
MR. Class  2
1 Martin Kasal - Czech Rep
2 Dave Fox - N.Ireland/UK
3 Stratos Argirakis - Greece
4 Domenic Scheda - Malta
5 John Bridge- UK
6 Sergji Bezshchasnyi- Ukraine

    Relu Gaucu - Ireland
    Nikola Mihajlovic - Serbia
    Nick Moody - Australia
    Gary Wilson - Scotland
    Viacheslav Romanenko - Russia
    Sergey Noterzor - Russia
    Maciej Jaskiewicz - Poland
    Bruno Matia - France
    Toursten Bunte - Germany
    Eric Eifler - Germany
MR. Class  1              
1 Radek Lonc - Czech Rep
2 Libor Vobornak - Czech Rep
3 Gorai Volodymyr - Ukraine
4 Arthur Andrade - Brazil
5 Gerhard Geubtner - Germany
6 Simone Anichini- Italy

    Mark Taylor - Australia
    Robert Morrando - Australia
    Gasper Grom - Slovenia
    Jurgen Dietrich - Germany

OVERALL WINNER : Marilandio Ponchet - Brazil (Click here to see some photos of Marilandio.)

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