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2007 WFF Universe - The Men #1
Code: GMV-670DVD
Duration: 100 mins
Price: $34.95
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2007 WFF Universe - The Men #1

Also available on Digital Download.  

Held in Northeim, Germany, on 3rd June, 2007, this major international bodybuilding and fitness event attracted a huge field, split into many different classes. This Men's DVD #1 covers all the action from the men's classes listed below:
Juniors - Fitness, Performance, Athletic & Superbody
Men's Fitness, over 30, over 40,
Men Over 50 & Over 60
It includes the complete 3 rounds for every class, followed by the awards and overall section posedown where relevant.
Click here to order the 2007 WFF Universe - The Men #2 for all other men's classes.

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Photos courtesy WFF.
Running Time: 100 mins

The complete results as shown in this DVD: (Every single competitor listed below is shown in this DVD)

1 Samo Simoncic  
2 Pedram Arjam  
3 Ersin Yilgin 
4 Christian Pohl
5 Morten Kristensen 
1 Aringas Kartanas 
2 Jakub Strigac
3 Halid Haskovic
4 Hristofor Hristoforov 
1 Jake Nikolopoulos 
2 Andreas Wilhelm 
1 Steven Coates 
2 Christian Weidmann

Men-Fitness to 30 
1 Rainer Stoss  Overall Winner
2 Steve Bornkessel
3 Mario Klintworth
4 Nikolas Rautenstrauch
5 Alexander Maier
6 Christian Daucher
7 Ludwig Scholl
8 Joery Melis 
Men-Fitness over 30 
1 Yan Enjolras
2 Francois Moutel
3 Ali Kilicaslan
4 Neville Smith
5 Jürgen Grewen
6 Eike-Christoph Severin
7 Christian Wübbena 
Men-Fitness over 40 
1 Michail Mathioudakis
2 Dirk Offergeld
3 Fritz Diederich
4 Martin Hesse

Men-Over 50 
1 Tony Rizzo
2 Rony De Winter
3 Dietmar Schloßmacher
4 Ronnie King
5 Reinhard Hess
6 Georg Sommermeyer 
Men-Over 60 
1 Hans-Peter Kewitz

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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