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Duration: 90 mins
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The most incredible, the most vigorous, the most exciting FIBO ever! New faces, new stars (such as Francisco "Paco" Bautista), contest highlights, great champions, workout segments and interviews. We show them all.

There's never been a FIBO like it - fantastic variety, incredible stars and the best biceps you've ever seen. Also includes the sexy Uncle Sam dancers, the Pulse Fitness Team display and the fabulous All Stars Posing Show.

Mostly shot with 2 cameras. We sweated blood to bring you this one!! As I write this for the DVD in 2007, I can still honestly say that this was one of the all-time great years at FIBO. Here are a few comments on the stars below:

The following champions have appeared in the Olympia contests:
Dennis James, Gunter Schlierkamp, Vince Taylor, Paco Bautista and for the women Andrulla Blanchette, Debbie Kruck, Sabine Froschauer, DJ Wallis and Susanne Niederhauser.
Other top IFBB pros include Ed van Amsterdam and Heiko Kallbach. It was an all-star line-up like never before with some of the best biceps action footage we have ever captured!

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DVD Highlight!
*The DVD also includes some special strength movements by the 3 time World's Strongest Man - Bill Kazmaier. Plus Tina's short interview with him. Bill is an absolute legend.

You will see a total of 27 stars including:

Gunter Schlierkamp - working out.
Francisco "Paco" Bautista workout & posing.
Dennis James workout & posing.
Vince Taylor
Debbie Kruck
Bill Kazmaier
Andrulla Blanchette
Heiko Kallbach
Sami Vaskola
Heather Keckler
Sabine Froschauer
Alain Bilegue
Thomas Devant
Hubert Morandell
D. J. Wallis
Johannes Eleftheriadis
Hamdullah Aykutlu
Jose Botet Chappotin
Susanne Niederhauser
Matthias Meitzner
Tamer Galal
Matthias Herzog
Eduard van Amsterdam
Angelika Roters
Nikki Berwick
Sandra Hoschler
Markus Schick

Running time: 90 mins

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

Francisco Bautista

Francisco Bautista

Francisco Bautista

Bill Kazmaier

Heiko Kallbach

Jose Botet Chappotin

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