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2002 Arnold Classic: Men at the Expo & the Arnold Strongman Challenge
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Duration: 74 mins
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2002 Arnold Classic: Men at the Expo & the Arnold Strongman Challenge

Also Available as a Digital Download

Please click here to order the Strongman Event footage from the 2007 Arnold Classic - V-206DVD.  


Running time: 74 mins

This is followed by the Arnold Strongman Challenge - one of the most exciting strongman events we have ever seen, featuring the world’s strongest men!! 

See some of the biggest names in World Bodybuilding!!

* ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER introducing a fashion show, including RONNIE COLEMAN as you have never seen him before!!

* GARRETT DOWNING (interview & posing)

* QUINCY TAYLOR (interview & posing)

* RONNIE poses for photos with fans

* BOB CICHERILLO being tanned by Jan Tana

* JAY CUTLER (interview & posing)

* DORIAN YATES (interview & posing flashback)

* KING KAMALI (interview & posing)

* TOMMI THORVILDSEN (interview & posing)

* GÜNTER SCHLIERKAMP (interview & posing)

* KERRY KAYES (interview)

* Arm Wrestling



The Challenge was the lifting of the Apollon's  Wheels - a 366 pound (169kg), 1.93 inch diameter bar that doesn’t rotate!! Ivanko Barbell Company made an exact replica of the original APOLLON'S WHEELS. Man Mountain MARK HENRY (see front cover) won this event and the Hummer by clean & jerking this ponderous beast of a weight 3 times!! It also equalled the world record.

2002 Arnold Strength Summit - Final Results and total points.
1. Mark Henry                       25 points
2. Svend Karlsen                 22.5 points
3. Phil Pfister                        21.5 points
4. Mark Philippi                      20 points
5. Andy Bolton                     16 points
5. Raimonds Bergmanis        16 points
7. Brad Gillingham                 13 points
8. Brian Schoonveld              10 points

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