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2001 Olympia - Prejudging & Finals 2 DVDs (US$69.95 or A$79.95)
Code: A-1051DVDSP
Duration: 180 mins
Price: $69.95
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2001 Olympia - Prejudging & Finals. 2 DVDs Special Deal 
(US$69.95 or A$79.95 in Australia. The shopping cart defaults to the US price)


The "real contest" at the Mr. Olympia was the prejudging.  It was a titanic battle between the monstrous marvel RONNIE COLEMAN and the ripped golden boy JAY CUTLER.  Jay led by 6 points at the end of Rounds 1 and 2 - but Ronnie later posed his way to a very narrow 4 point victory. Did Ronnie deserve to win? You be the judge.
Jay Cutler came from nowhere to capture second place. We also saw one of the favourites in Chris Cormier go to 5th place and Nasser El Sonbaty drop to 9th place. It was an extremely exciting evening Finals show! All the FINALS action is in A-1051DVD, click here.

This Prejudging DVD presents all the action from the solo poses of Prejudging Muscularity Round 1 and all the top guys shown in the ¼ turns of Symmetry Round 2.  Includes all the excitement of the complete compulsory comparisons through to the final callout which was Jay versus Ronnie.

The PREJUDGING DVD was shot and produced by GMV with the approval of Magna Media International and comes as a separate DVD to the FINALS DVD pictured below. The set comes as 2 separate DVDs.

Prejudging running time: 90 mins

The most exciting Mr. Olympia in years!!

For the complete results scorecard, highlights of the performance and posedown rounds, athlete interviews and awards, see the 2001 Mr Olympia Finals DVD, A-1051DVD, click here.

2001 Mr. Olympia Finals 
(Historic DVD)  A-1051DVD

2001 MR. OLYMPIA FINALS. The fiercest battle ever! Jay Cutler was beating Ronnie Coleman by 6 points after the first two rounds before the reigning Mr. Olympia turned on the power in the performance and posedown rounds to muscle out a victory by only 4 points.

Jay Cutler came from nowhere to capture second place. We also saw one of the favourites in Chris Cormier go
to 5th place and Nasser El Sonbaty drop to 9th place. It was an extremely exciting show!

Finals running time: 90 mins 

2001 Mr. Olympia Results
October 27, 2001 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1 Ronnie Coleman USA 
2 Jay Cutler USA 
3 Kevin Levrone USA  
4 Shawn Ray USA  
5 Chris Cormier USA  
6 Orville Burke USA  
7 Dennis James USA 
8 Dexter Jackson USA 
9 Nasser El Sonbaty Yugoslavia  
10 Shari 'King' Kamali USA  
11 Melvin Anthony USA  
12 Craig Titus USA 
13 Vince Taylor USA  
14 Markus Ruhl Germany  
15 Gunter Schlierkamp Germany  
16 Tom Prince USA  
17 J.D. Dawodu England  
18 Darrem Charles Trinidad
19 Pavol Jablonicky Czech  Rep.
20 Claude Groulx Canada
21 Mike Matarazzo USA 

Total running time for the 2 DVDs: 180 mins

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