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2001 WFF Universe: Men's #2 - Performance Classes
Code: GMV-427DVD
Duration: 65 mins
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2001 WFF Universe: Men's #2 - Performance Classes

Held in Baden, Austria, June 10th, 2001.
An outstanding DVD of an amazing
contest! The second in a series of 3 Men’s DVDs focuses on the Men’s Performance Classes from the new World Fitness Federation, the WFF. Competitors are strictly graded by age, shape and size - e.g. Over 30’s can’t compete in the under 30’s - in other words there is no Open category.

In this DVD you WON’T see - synthol injections, muscle implants, acned skin, belly bloat. What you will see is the most magnificently muscular, ripped, conditioned, symmetrical bodybuilders in the world today.

This is a contest that is a ‘must see’. It’s inspirational for all aspiring contestants.

From the youngest to the oldest competitor - everyone, without exception, is in awesome condition. This is bodybuilding how it’s supposed to be. 

Please click here for the MEN'S #1 DVD, GMV-426DVD.
Please click here for the MEN'S #3 DVD, GMV-428DVD.


Running time: 65 mins


Men’s Performance
1 Sven Kasper - Germany
2 Dimitrij Chizkov - Russia
3 Vassili Delis - Greece
4 Thomas Rupp - Germany
5 Andreas Filz - Germany
6 Christos Kalogiros - Greece
Dietmar Haubold - Germany
Thomas Bonnack - Germany
Michael Mathis - Germany
Andrej Abramov - Russia
Ulrich Klugl - Austria
Markus Fuchs - Austria

Men’s Performance Over 30
1 Sascha Plasa - Germany
2 Patrick Heisel - Germany
3 Thomas Biesterfeld - Germany
4 Hans Roman Schreiber - Germany
5 Rainer Hofmann - Germany
6 Martin Schulz - Germany
Richard van der Linden - Holland
Dietmar Waslaw - Germany

Men’s Performance Over 40
1 Wolfgang Iben - Germany
2 Frank Dehnert - Germany

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