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1999 NABBA Mr. Universe: Men - The Show
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Duration: 90 mins
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1999 NABBA Mr. Universe: The Men - The Show

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The 51st NABBA Universe, held in England, enjoyed the highest standard of lineups seen in years. Contested in 6 different classes including Professional.

See the incredible posedown between overall Amateur Mr. Universe FRANCO MALE, and Pro winner EDDY ELLWOOD for the title of Overall Mr. Universe for 1999. Eddy made it Professional Mr. Universe victory #3 out of his subsequent 5 Pro victories in a row. He holds the record for NABBA Universe victories, with Ed Kawak's 5 victories not being consecutive titles. Eddy is pictured above, front cover. 

Class 4 was probably the best ever Amateur men's lineup seen at the Universe; in fact most of the contenders have been class winners in previous international competitions. The Winner from UK was Andy Raynes - known as "Stumpy" and he was simply sensational. He is a pocket Hercules and also competes in Strongest Man events. England's other winner in the amateur section was the brilliant Simon Cohen.

The Men's Tall Class 1 was also incredible in  that some truly amazing physiques such as Gary Guinn and Chris Wall placed just outside the top 6. The class victory went to the fantastic Dutch star Giovanni Thompson.

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Running time: 90 mins 

1999 NABBA Amateur Mr Universe - Complete Men's Results

Overall Amateur Mr. Universe Winner: Franco Male ITALY 

Class 1
1   Giovanni Thompson Holland
2   Kin Mitchell Holland
3   Sergei Ogorodnikov Russia
4   Bernd Fullner Germany
5   Mike Campbell South Africa
6   Patrick Warner UK
7   Chris Wall UK
8   Gary Guinn USA
Carl Rung UK
Rudolf Frey Austria
Johan Groenewald South Africa
Vince Vasiliou UK
Zoran Vejic Greece
Class 2
1   Simon Cohen UK
2   Rene Meier Germany
3   Helge Seliger Germany
4   Billy Leahy USA
5   Eric Tilman Holland
6   Eugene Buys Holland
7   John Buchanan UK
8   Eugene Van Der Westhuizen South Africa
Alan Micallef Malta
Buddy Driemann USA
Steve Ward South Africa
Boris Chamraev Russia
Dominic Scheda Malta
Class 3
1   Franco Male Italy
2   Ronny Rockel Germany
3   Michael Sheridan UK
4   Ramsford Smith UK
5   Charles Duca Australia
6   Gil Fabien France
7   Harold Pennie UK
8   Pascal Delhoume France
Pierre Mifsud Malta
Edward Darko Ghana
Ray Polfliet Holland
Desmond Rowe UK
Rudy Hygaerts Belgium
Stephen Barnes UK
Class 4
1   Andrew Raynes UK
2   Antonio Mirante  Italy
3   Joaquin Rosa Spain
4   Nick Jones Australia
5   Olivier Ripert France
6   Alison Maria Holland
7   Colin Wright UK
8   Mike King UK
Michael Jurgen Belgium
Marlon Mijnhals Holland
1   Peter Andreas Germany
2   John Lee UK
3   Jack Wadsworth USA
4   Werner Schneider Germany
5   Don Mahoney Australia
6   Patrick Collard UK
7   Graham Lakey UK
8   Tony Rizzo Australia
David Griffin USA
Kevin Poll UK
Ronny De Winter Belgium
Viacheslav Liakin Russia
Jo Sasso USA
Boy Bax Holland

1999 NABBA Professional Mr. Universe

1   Eddy Ellwood UK
2   Gary Lister UK
3   Thierry Cambien France
4   Angelo Bardoni Italy


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