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2009 Iron Man Pro
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Duration: 180 mins
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2009 Iron Man Pro

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This annual Californian Pro event was held, along with the LA FITNESS EXPO, in the Los Angeles Convention Center on January 24th. 2009.

The show opened with Lonnie Teper’s tribute to the winners of the Iron Man contests over the past 19 years as a prelude to this the 20th year of the event. The past winners who were present were then presented on stage such as Shawn Ray, Chris Cormier, Flex Wheeler, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson and Phil Heath. 
This was a special moment for a group photograph with contest promoter John Balik.

There were 28 competitors from 14 countries making this an extremely even lineup. The top five were as follows:

1.    Silvio Samuel - Spain
2.    Moe Elmoussawi - NZ
3.    Ronny Rockel - Germany
4.    Hidetada Yamagishi - Japan
5.    Ahmad Haidar - Lebanon

All five are eligible to compete in the 2009 Mr. Olympia contest.
Not surprisingly the lighting by Mike Neveux and his crew was outstanding. It is always the best contest stage lighting I see at any event each year.

These top 5 champions were all in superb condition, hard and shredded.

This 3 hour dual layer DVD includes all the highlights from Prejudging through to posing by all competitors at the Finals, plus the awards. Also includes the Special Presentation to John Balik.

Silvio Samuel of SPAIN goes into the record books as the Final Winner of the 20th Iron Man Pro contest.


Prejudging: 68 mins
Finals: 77 mins
TRT: 180 mins

Highlights & Extra Scenes:
Past IM winners – from the last 20 years
Award to John Balik and special tributes from Arnold & Cory Everson
R.I.P. bodybuilding icons
Closeup footage from second camera
BodySpace Spokesmodel Search
Photo Gallery
Running time of Extra scenes: 35 mins


Hi Wayne:
I received the order Sat. March 28th. The 2009 Iron Man Pro dvd is awesome.  The coverage was great.  I loved the closeups. I would not have wanted to be a judge for this contest. 
Ron Carlson

Please click here to read Wayne’s HARD NEWS REPORT on the event.

Please click here for the Pump Room and Expo Highlights DVD from this event, V-216DVD.
2009 Iron Man Pro Pump Room and Expo Highlights - 2 DVD set 2009 Iron Man Pro Pump Room and Expo Highlights - 2 DVD set  

The opening section of this DVD brings you the highlights from the backstage pump room. From tanning, pumping, tensing and oiling and posing for photos, this popular segment captures all of the action from back stage at the LA Convention Center.

The Expo highlights include scenes of the Strongman event, the Men’s Interviews plus highlights from the Dexter Jackson’s Mr. Olympia Seminar. The sections on the men have all be kept together as Part 1 of the DVD.


Please click here for our complete list of Iron Man Pro DVDs and click here for the complete list of winners 1990 to date.

            Silvio Samuel - 2009 Iron Man Pro Winner

Here are the complete Results:

2009 Iron Man Pro:
January 24th, 2009, Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

1. Silvio Samuel SPAIN
2. Moe Elmoussawi NEW ZEALAND
3. Ronny Rockel GERMANY
4. Hidetada Yamagishi JAPAN
5. Ahmad Haidar LEBANON
6. Eddie Abbew UK
7. Mohamad Bannout LEBANON
8. Mark Dugdale USA
9. Marcus Haley USA
10. Johnnie Jackson USA
11. Troy Alves USA
12. Oliver Adzievski SWEDEN
13. Martin Kjellstrom SWEDEN
14. Thomas Benagli ITALY
15. Con Demetriou AUSTRALIA
16. Rusty Jeffers USA
16. Tamer ElShahat EGYPT
16. Don Long USA
16. Fedel Clarke USA
16. Cesar Mendible VENEZUELA
16. Adorthus Cherry USA
16. Oleg Emelyanov RUSSIA
16. Aiman Faour LEBANON
16. DeShaun Grimez USA
16. Marc LaVoie CANADA
16. Daron Lytle USA
16. Evgeny Mishin RUSSIA
16. Omar Deckard USA Online People's Champion: Silvio Samuel

Special Surprise Presentation:
To John Balik for promoting the Iron Man Pro event for the last 20 years, with  the help of his partner Mike Neveux and all of his loyal staff and helpers. John gave an outstanding speech thanking all who had  contributed to this wonderful contest over the years.

Photography courtesy Iron Man Magazine: Michael Neveux, Savanna Neveux, Roland Balik and Michael Jude Adelmann. Title sponsor was ProFight Supplements with Presenting Sponsors and Gaspari Nutrition.

We are very sad to say that this was the last Iron Man Pro contest. It has been our privilege at GMV to be closely associated with this event.


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