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1990 NABBA Australian Bodybuilding Championships - The Pump Room
Code: GMV-128DVD
Duration: 75 mins
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1990 NABBA Australian Bodybuilding Championships - The Pump Room

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This must have been close to one of the first Australian Pump Room videos we ever produced. It features both men and women, with a special segment on popular Jackie McKnight, the defending 1989 champion. Shot at the Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne, Victoria - the Mecca of Aussie bodybuilding.
We have shot more national and international events at this venue than anywhere else in Australia.

The first half of this DVD is The Men and the second half is The Women.

Please click here for the COMPLETE WOMEN'S DVD from this contest, Prejudging and Show, GMV-125DVD.
Please click here for the MEN'S SHOW DVD from this event, GMV-124DVD.
Please click here for the MEN'S PREJUDGING from this event, GMV-123DVD.

Running time: 75 mins


Overall Winner: Bruce Leong - NT

1 James Plant
2 Elvis Kojcic
3 Omar Marzouk
4 Paul Goudie

1 Collin Hall
2 Jimmy Kabos
3 Michael Reid
4 Jamie Gordon
5 Wayne Mercieca
6 Nick Dingas

1 Sherif Derias
2 John Cicero
3 Robert Kremar
4 Caesar Cresci
5 Terry Pappas
6 Peter Bourtsouklis
7 Darren Garvey

1 Jeff Gibbings
2 Graeme Pearce
3 Don Mahoney
4 John Miller
5 Alan Dowsett
6 Graeme Ball

1 Sergio Desantis
2 Greg Chambers
3 Bart van der Molen
4 Sergio Demali
5 Mark Visser
6 Roy Visser
7 Steve McMurray
8 Daryl Gill

Men's Class 3 Short:
1 Bruce Leong
2 Derek Immervoll
3 Cameron Rees
4 Quin Lay
5 Vince Volpe
6 K.O. Ramirez
7 Bill Salter
8 Jackie Kirk

Men's Class 2 Medium:
1 Sam Sole
2 Larry Hook
3 Glen Purtell
4 Barry Whitnell
5 Michael Buder
6 Mark Fawdry
7 Clem Ziegeler
8 Geoff Boulter

Men's Class 1 Tall:
1 Les Rudolf
2 Kevin O'Grady
3 Brendon Cahill
4 Nick Rigas
5 Tony Struck
6 Steven Adioski
7 Bill Angelopoulos


Figure Class:
1 Bronwyn O'Brien
2 Jackie McKnight
3 Donna Gunther
4 Judy Green
5 Jacki Grieger
6 Roslyn Kostanti
7 Meredith Wilkie
8 Victoria Nicholson
9 Judy Campbell
10 Anne Roth
11 Elizabeth Evans

Physique Class:
1 Deborah Compton
2 Debbie Pickford
3 Michelle Goodier
4 Gillian Marusco
5 Lee-Anne Whinnen
6 Kathy Wilson

Women's Over 35 Class
1 Pam Reid
2 Catherine Connelly
3 Helen Papas
4 Trish Saga
5 Sue Rodger-Withers

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