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2000 EFBB BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS - Men's Prejudging # 2
Code: GMV-407DVD
Duration: 64 mins
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Men's Prejudging DVD # 2

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Under 90 Kg class
Over 90 Kg class

Held in the fabulous Theatre Royal in Nottingham, England, this is the EFBB (IFBB) Men’s National Championships of Britain - the Men's Prejudging DVD # 2. This is a huge theatre where many past English Grand Prix have been staged. It is still the home of the British Championships today, run by the UKBFF.

The Prejudging was so long and of such a high standard, and with such a huge number of competitors, we needed to split the Men’s Prejudging into 2 separate DVDs. This is Part Two which features the BIG men in the Under and Over 90 Kg classes. The photos of the 2 class winners, GARY LISTER and STEVE AVERY have beeen added at the bottom of this page. These photos were not available to us when this cover was originally designed. SEE BELOW.

Please click here for part 1 of the MEN'S PREJUDGING, GMV-405DVD. The lighter classes.
Please click here for THE MEN'S SHOW from this contest, GMV-406DVD.
Please click here for THE WOMEN from this event, GMV-404DVD.

In this DVD you will see all of the key comparisons for each class, symmetry rounds, and the complete posing routines of all competitors. See some of Britain's greatest physiques as they put it all on the line for the judges.
BEST PRESENTATION at the show was awarded to BRUCE LEADER.


1. Robert Terry
2. Matt Harnett
3. Liam Anderson
4. Mario Charalambous
5. Colin Gallier
6. Andy Payne
Tristan Graham
Chris Kimber

1. Vince Wedderburn
2. Brian Connolly
3. Steve Dinsdale
4. Steve Britton
5. Martin Halston
6. Vince D'Allessandro
Austin Curry
Thomas Lewis
Nick Papa
Brian Goddard
Graham Park

1st Timers
1. Ciaron Jordan
2. Andrew Glynn
3. Alvin Lee Isherwood
4. Bola Ojex
5. Bryan Lockey
6. Philip Wallace
Jason Greenslade
Kevin Rafferty
Stuart Scott
Joey Zaza

Under 80 Kg Intermediate
1. David Lawson
2. Tony Bailey
3. Andrew Merrifield
4. Mark Povey
5. Miklos Valkoczi
6. Ian Waller
7. Paul Nicholls

Over 80 Kg Intermediate
1. Carl Vink
2. Karl Tierney
3. Joe Walker
4. Jamie Bramley
5. Jon Griffiths
6. Billy Craven
Craig Grant
Jason Boot
Dele Agibola
Neil Smithers
Tony Bailey
Paul Nicholls
Roy Booth
Adam Dyer
Lee Hornsby
Kevin Alder

Under 70 Kg
1. Paul George
2. Bruce Leader
3. Jason Szanto
4. Peter Roche
5. Graham Benwell
6. Shane Bagnall
Brandon Marjoram
Adrian Peace
Jason Barnett
Paul Booth
Austin Murphy
Neil Smithers
Dele Ajibola

Under 80 Kg
1. Mike King
2. Mark Harris
3. Paul Thomas
4. Justin Patten
5. Cavan Darby
6. Shah Azam
Winston Williams
Austin Murphy
Michael Bukowski
John Fontana
Jamil Rehman
Tony Brown
Andy Gold
Damar Martin
Mohammed Bhatti
Nigel Jones
David Smith
Tony Murray
Vince Breakwell
David Thackray

Under 90 Kg
1. Steve Avery
2. Lee Powell
3. Ian Beckett
4. La'Mon Amede
5. Mark Etherden
6. Graeme Bennett
Neil Batchelor
Darren O'Brien
Simon Fan
Phil Mitchell
Danny McLean
Paul Sutton
Christian Manning

Over 90 Kg
1. Gary Lister
2. Dennis Francis
3. Wayne Tancock
4. Zack Khan
5. Gilbert Alaskadi
6. Warren Dyson
Pete Young
Mehran Ghanbari
Joseph Willer
Patrick Warner
Simon Morgan
Mike Newby



STEVE AVERY                                                                                GARY LISTER
GARY LISTER                                                                                  DENNIS FRANCIS
ZACK KHAN                                                                                     MIKE KING

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