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60 Year History of the NABBA Universe 1950 - 2010 2 DVD Set
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60 Year History of the NABBA Universe  1950 - 2010          2 DVD SET

VIDEO DOWNLOAD IN 4 PARTS. See contents list below.
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.

Reminiscences by Ivan Dunbar - as he said... “A Tremendous Time”.  (NOTE: This DVD set is the updated version of the 50 Year Universe History video. Updated by Ivan shortly before his death in 2009.)

The video is loaded with historic VIDEO CLIPS of the action that is being talked about at the time.

Part 1 Download Contents:
Ivan Dunbar interview discussing: Beginning of NABBA, John Grimek, Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Arnold S, Chester Yorton, Chris Dickerson, Franco Columbu, Mickey Hargitay, Bertil Fox, Serge Nubret and Dave Draper.

Part 2 Download Contents:
NABBA history Oscar H etc, Masters introduced in 1991, John Citrone, Terry Phillips, Andre Maille, Lance Dreher, Eduardo Kawak 5 x Pro winner, Charles Clairmonte, Arnold S, Bill Pearl, Bill Richardson, John Brown, Jeff King, Eddy Ellwood, Franco Male, Constantino Galeazzo, Salvatori Orazio, Sergei Ogorodnikov, Charles Mario and Tomas Bures.

Part 3 Download Contents:
Gary Lister, Graeme Lancefield, Sammy Ioannidis, Hassan Al Saka, Steph Sinton, 3 legends who have died - Grimek, Reeves and Park, Arnold and Reg relationship, Mary Scott, Susana Perez, Pina Theodoridis, Giovanna Rosa, Andrea Carvalho, Olga Tikhonova, introduction of Toned Figure category,more about Arnold's physique, tribute to Ivan Dunbar at 2009 NABBA U and highlights from 2008 NABBA U.

Part 4 Download Contents:
Highlights from 2009 NABBA U (22 mins), EXTRAS: Malcolm Whyatt discusses Ivan, Sammy Ioannidis discusses his NABBA history, Graeme Lancefield discusses his NABBA history, 1993 OHF Awards night - Ivan's speech, 2001 OHF award to Ivan, 50 Years Universe celebration dinner - Ivan's speech, Robert Kennedy talks NABBA Universe and David Webster OBE discusses NABBA history. End credits.

NABBA is the first and original international bodybuilding association. Commencing in 1950, NABBA's first Mr Universe contest was won by Steve Reeves (pictured left) who defeated Reg Park. Oscar Heidenstam also competed in this contest placing 2nd in the Medium-Tall Class behind John Lees.

Some of the other great legends of the sport besides Reeves who won the Mr Universe title include Reg Park, Bill Pearl and Arnold Schwarzenegger (four-times winner).

The 1948 Universe was sponsored by Health & Strength magazine and it was staged by the Health Strength League. It was won by John Grimek who defeated Steve Reeves.

This fantastic trip down memory lane is narrated by IVAN DUNBAR who is the only person to have attended every single Universe contest from 1948 to 2008 inclusive. Ivan was World President of NABBA International till he sadly passed away 10th August, 2009.

We updated  the interviews with Ivan at the October 2008 Universe. This is his legacy. We have been working on this massive 6 HOUR DVD SET since then.

Pearls of Wisdom - Bill PearlIvan talks of the highlights over the years, with interesting and amusing stories about many of the famous names.

Names such as John Grimek, Clarence Ross, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chet Yorton, Dave Draper, Charles Clairmonte (four-times winner pictured lower right), Bill Pearl (pictured left, another 4-times winner), Frank Zane, John Citrone, John Terilli, Lance Dreher, Ed Kawak, Eddy Ellwood and many more.

Ivan Dunbar is pictured large image front cover above with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper at the 1970 NABBA Pro Universe.

In the last section of the DVD, Ivan pays tribute to the amazing women of the Universe. 

Ivan also pays tribute to Oscar Heidenstam, who for 34 years ran the Universe shows until he died in 1991.

THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY NABBA UNIVERSE DINNER & POSING HIGHLIGHTS: 1948-1998The complete video footage of the 50th NABBA UNIVERSE ANNIVERSARY DINNER & POSING HIGHLIGHTS has been released as a separate DVD.

Please click here for this DVD which is GMV-294DVD.

60th Anniversary NABBA Universe Dinner: Special Collector’s EditionThe 2010 Universe was preceded on the Friday night by the 60th ANNIVERSARY NABBA UNIVERSE DINNER, GMV-800DVD, and was presented by Bryan Robinson, Michael Sullivan, Tony Sullivan and Dave Wright.

They proudly dedicated this special evening to the many great athletes who have made NABBA #1 and the NABBA Universe the greatest bodybuilding event in the world.

Throughout this massive 60 YEARS 2 DVD set you will see posing clips and photos of many of these great stars as they are mentioned - from Grimek and Arnold right up to present day champions such as Eddy Ellwood, Ed Kawak, Salvatori Orazio, Hassan Alsaka, Tomas Bures to Martin Kasal.

There have been so many great champions it was difficult selecting the cover images. However all champions are included in the PHOTO GALLERY.

As it was not permitted by Oscar Heidenstam to shoot film of the contest in the early years prior to 1970, no Universe film record exists of great champions such as Grimek, Reeves, Mickey Hargitay, Earl Maynard, Enrico Thomas, Bruce Randall, Ray Routledge, Joe Abbenda, Bruce Randall and many more.

In 1970 Wayne broke the mould so to speak and convinced Oscar that it was a good idea to shoot the contest highlights on film for the sake of posterity, and for recording the NABBA Universe history for future generations. He has done this recording on film and video ever since. Read more on how Wayne's Universe filming started by clicking here.

In this DVD set, we have used some old film clips of champions such as Grimek, Reeves, Park and others from various contests in USA to show how these stars looked at the time they won the Universe. We are fortunate to even have some footage of Arnold shot from the NABBA Universe audience in the 60s!
Where possible or where photos were available to us, we have tried to show images of as many of the Universe champions as possible.

2001 NABBA Mr. Universe: The Men - The Show      1975 NABBA MR. UNIVERSE: PREJUDGING & SHOW  1988 NABBA Professional Mr. Universe: Prejudging & Show 
Eddy Ellwood (pictured top row above left) holds the record with 5 successive victories. Ed Kawak (pictured above next to Eddy) also achieved 5 victories over a period of years.
You can see EDDY ELLWOOD in his own DVD. Please click here for GMV-129DVD.

The DVD set covers all the Universe winners from 1948 to 2009 and all winners are listed in the end of disc # 2 for every category for Men and Women.
The first UK run Mr Universe contest was held on Friday, August 13th, 1948 at the Scala Theatre.
The first NABBA Universe was held at the Scala Theatre in London at 7PM on June 24th, 1950.

This DVD set is dedicated to the memory of Ivan Dunbar, RIP.  Without his oral history, help and support, this DVD set probably would not have existed.
We also thanks the current NABBA Council (see list below) for keeping the tradition going and making  the NABBA Universe the longest running and most famous amateur and professional contest in the world.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our first video was originally released as "History of the NABBA Universe: 1948 to the Present - The first 50 years". Reminiscences by Ivan Dunbar, NABBA Chairman as at the time of release of this video and approved by the NABBA Council.

It still includes the 1948 Universe reference of course and this initial version has been retitled to become Disc #1 in the 2 DVD set covering all years from 1948 to 2009 inclusive, see content details below.

The initial  interviews with Ivan were recorded in Birmingham on the 2nd and 3rd of October 1997 on the eve of the 1997 Universe. They cover the Universe contest from 1948 to 1996 inclusive.

We updated the interviews with Ivan at the October 2008 Universe in Southport, taking up from the 1997 Universe onwards.

The special tribute to Ivan Dunbar by Nigel Gordon-Rae at the 2009 NABBA Universe is included in Disc #2, followed by posing clips of all of the 2008 and 2009 Universe winners.

There is also a special tribute to Reg Park by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reg was Arnold's inspiration in his bodybuilding career. (See photo left.) 

Arnold - The Early YearsFor more on Arnold's bodybuilding career on DVD, please click here for GMV-250DVD.


Disc #1:
The First 50 Years  161 mins.  INCLUDES THE PHOTO GALLERY.
Disc #2:
The 10 years to 2009  139 mins
Extra Scenes Disc #2:  66 mins

Total Running Time: 366 mins  OVER 6 HOURS!

(in no particular order)
Photo Gallery
50th Universe Anniversary Dinner intro, 1998
Tribute by Malcolm Whyatt
OHF Award to Ivan Dunbar in 2001
Interviews with Graeme Lancefield and Sammy Ioannidis, 2008
Ivan at the Reg Park OHF Award 1993
David Webster interview
Universe tribute by Bob Kennedy

John Citrone pictured left with Arnold at the 1966 NABBA Universe.

Photos courtesy Ivan Dunbar, Malcolm Whyatt, Lorraine McCune, George Greenwood, H&S, Alex Mac, Wayne Gallasch, Gene Mozee.

For a Complete list of ALL NABBA Universe DVDs, both Men & Women, please click here. (Unfortunately the earliest Universe years were not recorded on movie film.)

For a Complete list of NABBA Universe winners in all classes from 1948 to the present day, please click here.

For a Complete list of Australian winners at the NABBA Universe, both Men & Women, please click here.

Frank Zane – Physical PerfectionFor more on FRANK ZANE'S bodybuilding career on DVD, please click here for GMV-835DVD.

Please click here to read Malcolm Whyatt's Obituary and Tribute to IVAN DUNBAR.

My sincere thanks to all of the members of  the NABBA Council over the last 40 years who have afforded me the honour and privilege to capture on film and now video the Universe contest, every year since 1970.  Wayne Gallasch, GMV Productions.   See for all your NABBA UK contest information.
This DVD is also a tribute to the many NABBA Council members who have organised and worked so hard over the last 60 years to help produce this fantastic contest every year.

Pictured from left to right below: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ivan Dunbar, Dave Draper, Bill Pearl, Victor Terra, Eddy Ellwood, Ed Kawak, Owen Neil, Brian Buchanan, Ronald Matz, Frank Zane with Arnold, Arnold and John Grimek. (The Grimek photo was taken by Lon)


NABBA UK Council Members as at May 2010

Bryan Robinson  Chairman  
Tony Sullivan Judges Chairman 
Paul Jeffreys Vice-Chairman, North East Rep
Mike Richards Treasurer, Wales Rep
Val Charles  Secretary
Jim Charles  Midlands Area Rep NABBA Universe Show Manager
Michael Sullivan North West Area Rep
Eddy Ellwood  North Area Rep
Daniel Breen  South East Area Rep 
Tony Turner  West Area Rep
Ian Lawrence Scotland Area Rep 
Dave Warner N. Ireland Rep

Customer Testimonial

Hi Wayne,

I wanted to thank you for your efforts, your passion and perseverance, energy and determination in recording the NABBA Universe for 40 years and then for sharing  this history with all of us to enjoy on DVD.
You have been a living witness to some of the greatest bodybuilders in history from Grimek, Pearl, Park and Reeves to Arnold, Zane and Chet Yorton to the modern era with guys such as Charles Clairmonte, Eddy Ellwood, John Citrone etc up to Martin Kasal in 2009. You are the man who is our link to the past in recording and storing history for future generations.
Please keep up the good work at the UK Universe for many more years.

Paul Moor,
Texas, USA





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